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All the best people see their psychiatrists.  It's the latest "must have"

No need to be scared 4 th panda....just be yourself.  And reeeelax.

Evening forkers

got some seeds from seed swap today nice in the post.

When to the GC or nursery up the road got some plants as need them for the front garden so many nice plants there so tempting to get more, nice garden indoors now with all the plants.

And also been up the station planting out a few plants in the rain not that great but they are planted out now still lots of bulbs to go and paint testing when the rain drys up for a few days


Just got the last lot of plums off the Victoria tree - been our first crop this year and they taste lovely!  Also found my Queen Charlottes (see morning thread) from a GC at lunchtime - I didn't really expect them to have exactly what I was looking for, so was delighted (actually squealed - but that was ok because it was raining and I was the only one mad enough to be amongst the plants - everyone else was in the cafe).

[hello from chicky's daughter   ] - just momentarily lost control of my keyboard there !!


Hello folks   spending the evening drooling over seed catalogues 

Better than me dribbling over doughnuts 

Me too.....checking out veg seeds 



Plant World Seeds and Derry Watkins Special Plants have some good stuff as well for anyone wanted a drool


My other half always refers to seed and plant catalogues as garden porn. He says they're totally unrealistic, but I  sit and drool just the same.

Good evening FORKERS.  Here I am at my rightful place.....first in the queue.  Been lovely day here weather wise and personal wise.  ( well, I am a wise person).

Did I say I'm expecting a parcel of plants tomorrow?  No!  Well, I am and one is quietly exciiiiiiiiiiited

How did the psychiatrist's appointment go 4thPanda?   

Stacey Docherty

Evening all .... Well a horrid day for me ... Been in soooo much pain all day had to go to bed when I got in.... Played find the chicky on the train into London this morning 

 I reckon I found you chicky!!!! Lol  checked my seeds tonight the weeds are growing nicely on them!!! Grrrrr right going to lie down in a dark room now.... Have a nice night all .... Verd where's ur parcel now then?

Is that you Stacey?  Bright yellow amongst other black clothed peeps?  I guess you don't want to be noticed! 

Parcel due excited too Stacey?

Could be an interesting going about various everyday duties.  Could be me at the foodbank scoffing all the donuts, for example.


Stacey Docherty

Lol no verd it is not me i reckon seeing as she is yellow and bright it must be chicky! I know she brightened the tube up its normally so drab.... I'm brunette!

Stacey Docherty

I would have to shoot you if I told you my daily duties....


Hi all. Good spot Stacey, that must be Chicky 

Thanks for asking Verd, Psychiatrist was, well, interesting! Not sure what I was worried about. He confirmed I am normal, in fact the most normal person he's seen in a long time! (Slight relief felt at this point!) That said, he has referred me to a psychologist for CBT to help with the issues that make me anxious. 

Not a celeb in sight btw 

Didn't realise the parcel wasn't due till tomorrow! You'd better remember to keep us updated 


Well that's my cover blown

As you can see, I was posting on here at the time


Well done panda, hope next stage goes well.

Evening all.

Excited about my new clematis earnest Markham from aldi. Velvet crimson according to rhs website, that's if label is right! sounds lurvleeeee.



Mrs G - I have an Ernest Markham and it is lovvvvely !  Its one of the ones you chop down to the ground (well leave about 6 inches of stem) every spring, then it grows enough to smother a wigwam every year. 

4thpanda...reassuring news but.....none of us is normal really.  Today's stresses make anxiety par for the course.  Used to be a Samaritan and anxiety......just sheer worry about the worries that exist or might exist......was very common.  I think when something serious strikes us we become vulnerable to a whole bunch of issues.  Before then ...prob as kids...we were carefree, relatively.

Somehow we need to find ways to chill helps me with that to an extent.


Hello folks!   I'm nearly ready to fall asleep on the sofa  


I have to say Verd I know what you mean. I still have problems which the psychologist will help me with. Can't remember the last time I felt carefree! I find respite in my garden too, can't wait for the weekends