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Gardening Grandma

Hi. PB! They are mostly abbreviations of people's pseudonyms - TT is Tina Turner, for example. As an OAP, don't you remember the ad for Cadbury's Dairy Milk - 'Award Yourself the CDM'?


Oh, GG, I had forgotten that.  Wish I could.  Not a hint of chocolate has passed my lips since I ate 5 chocolates at Christmas.  I stared at a 'Twirl' whilst at the checkout last week, but had a chat with myself and it stayed on the shelf.  I am hoping it's going to be like smoking, if and when I do try it again, I won't like it any more.

Did you see those pigs just fly over,

The potty gardener

Well done TT that's one Twirl you didn't eat.

Having that terrible bug last week at least meant that I'd lost 6lb when I was weighed today.


Yes, Bev, but I wanted to eat it!  I do know though, that if I start again, I won't stop.  Bit like an alcoholic but a chocoholic.  One piece too much, whole bar not enough.

Not a good way to lose weight is it. Hope you are OK now.


Hello folks!  I'm nearly asleep on the sofa before I've signed in here - but I've no gardening to report - except I forgot to tell you yesterday that I'd found two Lily beetles in amorous embrace on my Crown Imperials  

They were squidged immediately - they didn't know what hit them 


The potty gardener

I've got some seeds sown at last. Fingers crossed that most germinate. There was just enough room left in the kitchen for them- don't know quite what I'll do when they need potting up- will have to risk some in my mini greenhouse.

Has anyone heard anything from Brumbull today?

No Bev. Am sure he will be back with a vengeance soon

Just looked at the weather for my area tomorrow.  Looks like the housework won't get done Bev.

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho,  It's off to work I go, with a shovel and a pick and a ruhbarb stick, Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho. 

Not the right words, but it will do. Think I need to go to bed.

Hey ho....I'm first today on evening FORKERS. I get the prize
Hope everyone had good day gardening or otherwise.
Warm here albeit not too much sun.
Got peas planted and perennials scores of large plants and I dont seem to have had any winter losses
Expecting geum Tamgerine Dream tomorrow to add to my to-be-planted perennials. I get plants ...know I want them....but then have to work out,where to put them

You can always plant them in my garden Verdun.

Beautiful day with non-stop sunshine.  Apparently reached 20 degrees.  Hot.  Same again tomorrow. Don't you quickly forget the awful weather we have had. 

Did what I could today, but didn't have too much energy.  Tomorrow's another day, as they say.

Didn't get 20 degrees here Tina.

Did you get 3 degrees Verdun


20 degrees! Not even that in my house just now 

And it's to be p***ing down tomorrow here

Don't get carried away with that shovel Tina!


Hmm, might get carried away with something.  Just changed their minds and it's not going to be quite so hot tomorrow.  As long as it's dry, that's OK.



Here's your prize, Verdun.


Aaaaaah! Thank you lizzie. I deserve that

Just in from my greenhouse and it got to 36 today - and that was with 4 window vents and the door open.  And frost forecast for Sat night.  I think they call this volatile.

My computer has come back virus free - so I now have access to all smileys.  So by way of celebration:

A whirlwind of emotions !

Evening all!
TT thank you for the nudge in this direction, easy when you read the thread titles lol!
Managed to get in the garden after work and one area of garden is now weed free ready for turfing soon. My back is now protesting very loudly so will pop my heat pad in the microwave, put my feet up and peruse my GW magazine which arrived today.
It's amazing what 12 hours of sunshine can achieve, my runner beans are poking their heads through the compost rather proudly. My car registered 16 degrees today, bliss.
Still have lots of seeds to sow but only have to work for a few hours on Saturday so there will be a busy production line on the go.

Lovely day 20C. watered all the babies, nursed the sick (OH with a cough) tea breaks outside.

still 14C out there and the bats are out.