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Excited much Stacey? 

Well done Woodgreen, and I'm with Nut, keep the booze at home and have a house slave to bring it to you. . . . Unless you have a driving slave and a bar slave? 

Stacey Docherty

I tell you I was trying to stay calm and not grab it and run its huuuugeeeeeee as well. It's planted up in a 7l pot and it's a snug fit... gonna go GC tomorrow to get it a bigger pot to live in overwinter !!! I'm a happy bunny


Stacey - really? Photo evidence please or ill have to put it on to the wind up file. Reminds me, has Verdun found his camera yet?


Evening all.

Hello newbies...enjoy the forum.

Nothing of interest to report, off for a vino and early night.

Hi, to posters on morning thread who mentioned me, will catch up later. Lizzie, posted a couple of pics on morning thread.

Back soon.



Well deserved Woody- but nut's right- you shouldn't have to be moving! You'll be full of that cake Dove made for you too 

chicky if you're on here tonight- I've got some White Imperial tulips, Allium sphaerocephalon (some of which are already planted in pots with Verb. bonariensis) and some Tresamble narcissus and I want to order white Joan of Arc crocus and a selection of purple and white tulips, narcissus and crocus plus some of the dwarf Iris. Shouldn't really be buying anything but youknow what it's like! 

Feeling weary from my slab lifting so having a rest just now.


no rain today here . a tad warmer  cut the crass front and back , might have  a bar b q on sunday , but could be sunday dinner for two in the summerhouseand  bottle of house white


We cleaned our BBQ last weekend and stored it away - that's why we've got this lovely Indian Summer   

Say thank you everyone 


thank you Dove.

I love this time of year as long as I don't think about what comes next. All that darkness


OH snoring on sofa, after horrendous journey back from glasgow via manchester.

He says the house smells like xmas, and got upset because he couldn't have a slice of fruit cake. Its not cold yet. ...and he wanted it with custard.

Dove , can you send sunshine this way please. Lots of bulbs to plant next week.


Church charity BBQ here tomorrow so been busy preparing. Sun for next week.

Saw the lovely pics, KEF, and enlarged them. Brings back happy memories.

I have lots of bulbs to plant too and masses of dead heading. Don't think housesitters do dead heading. I always say I don't do much, but I must do because it sure shows when I've been away! I tend to nip them off when I do the watering.

Evening Forkers.   Lovely day here today, so did rest of planting in front garden after buying just a few more plants at the GC.  Planted out violas and pansies that I already had, then sorted out most areas.  Bought some beautiful blue grasses.

Got in earlier tonight, before the street lights came on.  Will have to wait for GC to restock before garden is complete, but nearly there.

Watched Gardeners World and enjoyed it. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Lovely evening with the best of friends in pub. One of them is delivering some antique flower pots tomorrow morning. The other friends have a 40th anniversary in the offing and we must make sure that it is special for them. If I had stayed at home, none of this would have transpired. Rubbing alcohol however may kick in tomorrow.

I remain in awe of GG's efforts to beautify the world we live in. Where does she get her energy and motivation?

Wot a day!  More haste less speed.

Filled up my diesel with unleaded petrol this morning.  Had so much to do and I grabbed the unleaded holstered gun with no thought at all.  Had to arrange recovery, a garage to drain £80 of fuel.  The AA were useless ....just intent on moving me onto their specialist fuel draining service.  I just needed recovery to a garage one mile away. Already made a complaint to them.  Cost me most of the day, a wad of money and more walking than I have done in ages.  Frustrating, infuriating wasteful day.

Weather has been perfect....plenty of warm when I got home I just sat in the garden and tried to relax.  However, then heard a friend of mine got news her niece had jumped off a cliff today.  My petrol issues were then put into perspective.

Tomorrow has to be a better day.................

Woodgreen wonderboy

VERD. my heart aches for you; your garden must be a place of peace at this diifficult time . Just sit and get through tomorrow.What can I say? 

There is a saying..." don't sweat the small stuff"... but even this seems so pathetic in your circumstances.  


Thanks woody


Oh Verd, sorry to hear you've had a bad day, with such sad news. 

I hope you have a better day tomorrow x

Thanks 4thPanda.  Everything is relative though, isn't it?  



Verd, I have no words. Have been sat here for a while thinking of what to say. I send, instead, a hug, for you. And one for the family of your friend. xxx