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Just catching up on last nights posts, what a contrast, such a lovely evening for woody and such sadness for verdun. Verdun I hope your friend and the rest of their family get through this awful time and my thoughts are with you too.


Verdun - so sorry to hear of such sadness - there are no words that will help, but hopefully you and your friend can feel the warmth and love we're sending.


Verdun - so sorry - so very sad



Such sad news,Thinking of you and your friends family.


Verdun, I was so sad to read your news. I really hope the support here makes you feel a bit better. The poor family, I feel for them.


Stacey Docherty

Oh verd how shocking ... Thoughts with you and your friends family.... Evening forkers... Busy day here scarified the lawn theN started to airate the lawn the fork was like a hot knife through butter so I stopped... Trip to GC lo bought (or daddy did) a wheelbarrow lmao so cute seeing her wheel it round the garden... Still haven't planted my bulbs must do tomorrow....

Stacey Docherty

Oh and I think I may be developing a heuchara addiction.. Bought 2 more today, ginger ale and root beer. Root beer has the most amazing flower spikes in an orange/yellow colour..... Think my woodland garden needs to expand a bit more!



Sounds like you had a fab day Stacey. Have to say, plastic flowers, lmao!! And I really did! Did you go for the free bulb offer?

Still have my bulbs to plant, job for tomorrow if it stops with the rain/drizzle. As my oh would say, it was a bit dreich here today! 

Stacey, know what you mean.  You will need a good supply of vine weevil killer or nematodes though.  Heucheras are number one target.  Or, you can dig up your plants now or in very early spring and wash off the soil, inspect the soil and replant. They recover in two or three weeks

Stacey Docherty

Not yet 4thpanda don't know if I can do any more... 5kg of daffs and 240 other assorted gems.....verd nematodes vine weevels WHAT..... Oh jeeeZzzzzz they aren't planted yet and probably won't be till spring so I will ( if I remember) do it then.... Nematodes indeed omg I don't want a science project just a plant!!!! Didn't the borg use nematodes in Star Trek!!!!!!!!

Stacey Docherty

And when u say inspect the soil helpful as that is what exactly am I looking for? I mean I have heard of weevils ( I thought they were cartoon something's...) but will they b like the domestos germs growling at me while clinging onto the roots ( I think you have just pushed me over the edge verd)

Stacey.....they are 5" long, purple red "things" with serrated "teeth" that are supposed to cause blisters if you touch them.  Usually they lie just below the surface of the soil and around the  rootball.  If you see your Heucheras wilting badly in the spring it will be because of these vine weevils or soil dragons, as we call them down here.  They sound scary but if you wear gloves,you will be fine. ,dispose of them in screw top jars. Hope I haven't "pushed you over the edge" Stacey but its best to be aware isn't it? Have you really never come across these weevils/ dragons before?  The nematodes you buy for them are even bigger...usually they come in a mesh box that you bury in the ground next to your infected plants.   I'm amazed at times how these weevils are not more widely publicised.....they are the main reason Im a bit wary of weeding in the spring


Verd, you're a naughty, naughty boy.

Its Ok Stacey, Vine weevil grubs are about 1cm long little white grubs, eating the roots. If you put them on the bird table, the birds will eat them.

Nematodes are tiny. You water them on.


Its the cornish piskies you really have to look out for.

 Thankfully, they can't cross the Tamar, cos they're full of Cornish pasty.


Think I may have nightmares about weeding now. Bad Verdun!


.........why would they want to cross the Tamar, fidgetbones?


Have to admit I was taken in until the nematodes! I'm a garden novice, what more can I say but naughty naughty Verd! 


Its OK , Stacey, you can come out from behind the sofa now.

Evening forkers

Was thinking what a scary bug then, I have had in a hanging basket strange to get up into that but they got eaton by the birds the robin enjoyed them.

Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

I remain in awe of GG's efforts to beautify the world we live in. Where does she get her energy and motivation?


WW - want the front garden to be buzzing with wildlife, energy from weetabix and cake yum not at the same time

Was a bit of a dryish day but cloudy today so that was it after the dry day yesterday going to paint them samples in the station garden

Done it samples painted and litter pick as station in a right mess

here is a pic

samples from left to right, 1 zingy lime, 2 forest pine, 3 silver birch, 4 shadded glen, 5 smooth pebble, 6 lavender, 7 summer damson

What colour do you like?  might go for a few

Planted up a viola in to a pot nice yellow one and was trying to sort out my bug box had to wait for the screwdriver to charge so back out side cleared a bit more pampas grass off the grass cut my finger sore dam pampas grass

Well finally finished my bug box filled using fir cones from garden tree and painted cuprinol garden shades rich berry

here it is  




 ready for the bugs to move in when I put it somewhere in the garden


Evening GG  Loving the bug box. 

So, colours. Zingy lime not as zingy as I would have expected. That said, I like it and Summer Damson. For balance, one of the bluey ones, either shaded glen or smooth pebble. That's my thoughts