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Good evening folks.  To get forum functioning I submit a blank message and it seems to work after a fashion!  

At foodbank I collared cream donut and a choc bun........and, because I was deemed to have done something "nice" I was given a bag of buns as I left.  Hee hee hee.  (I may have dropped hints that I like buns....)

Been glorious day for most part. Potted up few more plants and took more cuttings.  But, everything is so "summery" it doesnt feel like a............ ( didn't say that word so I'm ok, right?) ..........  I reckon there are more flowers now than in mid summer, well, loads more.  

My order for more heleniums was confirmed today but won't receive them until April I think.  Suits me. ,more space to overwimter stuff

Oh, bit of humour!  Got another sales pitch call today...already told them not to ring again.  So I just sang a jingle in a silly voice followed by "please leave your message now" in an equally silly voice. The caller tried repeatedly to leave a message but my repeated jingle etc. left him no time to leave a message.  Had to stop though as I and friend in the kitchen started to giggle.   Childish I know!  It was fun and it cost the caller  more too.  I think they won't call again   

Right!  Let's see if this works............




Not got f5 on phone, do try refresh but will try repeatedly to see if that helps

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hey Verd your supposed to give out the food to others?

Lovely neighbours gave me loads, and I mean loads, of antique clay pots today. Have plans to increase the number of alpines/small spring bulbs in the Alpine/GH from now, and they will look great in those. Alpine bug is hard to resist. Malvern here I come.


if anyone's there...

Got an 'English Garden' magazine, first time and I love it. I have now decided I need a long handle bulb planter as on page 24! Any advice? I've decided on probably the Joseph Bentley (ebay) will cost me about £30. Consider cheaper option of Darlac. I'll go to GC tomorrow to have touchy feel at what they have then out it on my birthday list.

Tried to turn the awful Dalek compost bin, ended up in a real heap of a mess.

Decided to change jobs so did some shredding and jammed the machine so hands in, as you shouldn't, (plug out!), got some nice mulch now, hope it's ok, buddlea and laural.

Anyway I'm posting to my lonely self so good night all.

You sure woody?  It makes sense to me now......

I met a guy with 3 greenhouses dedicated to alpines.  Like you, woody, I want grow some too like that and clay pots are perfect, aren't they?  I have grown a few in troughs and want to create a scree garden sometime.  Some photos Woody?


Woodgreen wonderboy

Verd. I can't do photos at present due to unsuitable technology. but hope to right this by the Spring when alpines should look good. Here's hoping. 

Mrs.G. am getting lots of posts from you if you can hear me, mother!  

Unless someone is impersonating you.




Hahaha Archiepem! I see you! Or were you hoping to catch Verd with the free cake offer? 


There you all are.

 I cant find you on the kindle or laptop, but here you are hidng on the desktop.I know we have a lot of techno. blame OH.

Maybe it'll get sorted tomorrow. Night all


Took several goes to find the latest posts.

WW they weren't my autumn trees, I haven't seen any, they were in the quote I'm about to send if it works.

Stacey Docherty wrote (see)

See the sites playing up still..... Evening formers if u can see this....

Proof autumn is here if we need it!! 


Stacey Docherty

hurrah can see last nights posts at last! Woody I'm ascot these wonderful red orange and russet trees are at my work... But it was a lovely day yesterday... Now to morning forkers to see if it works!!


Misty here. Can't see a lot. I had a note pushed through the door last night, asking if I had seen anything as a neighbour has been burgled in the last few days. But it doesn't say which one. So do I report the free paper boy, or the  postman who did his round in strict numerical order,even though we're on a main road , with even numbers one side and odd the other.or the man creeping out to go back to his wife at 3in the morning.?


Hello folks, think I'm sticking with the morning thread til we are sorted out, I quite like sitting under Stacey's bee ( not that I will be when this appears...)


Evening all. Bit early but...... will it post?



evening all  warm  and dull here . website still poorly lemsip


I'm learning more about computers than gardening on here at the moment.

Clearing cache indeed.

 But I have to do it every time....


I can currently gain access, but not working as it should, hello all. Poor day here, never got light & chilly.

Have a good evening all. Think a few drinks in order here, to ward off the cold.


Also a couple of drinks so I don't put my size 5 through the frustrating...after 3 hrs in Morrison's with Mum I really wanted some gardening fun.

Not fussed about pizza with extra chillies / garlic, and heaven help my gallbladder. Maybe a nice red will slip down well and ease the discomfort ...well at least it's not more courgettes & beans..saving them for tomoz..with lashings of tomatoes.