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Hello everyone is this the chatty thread where people report on their day's activities? Is it rude to butt-in or can newbies join in? 

I thought I would say hello but I think you've all gone to bed! I've only just got home from work but I'm going into the garden to put some primula seedlings into pots. They arrived a few days ago and they are in those tiny weeny little plug things and definitely need to go into pots ASAP.  72 seedlings look so unimpressive until you have to pot up the blimmin things!!!!!!! Luckily I have a floodlight and can happily pot away in the dark.

I will try the Good Morning thread tomorrow and maybe catch the conversation. 


No, we've not gone to bed yet, but the forum is playing up (cache problems) and everyone is fed up, so not posting as usual.

Welcome Phasmid. Hope your seedlings get on well.


Hi Phasmid, welcome on board.

Good luck with the floodlight work, that is keen

The forum is having a few technical probs at minute, so if you don't get replies don't worry. It will be sorted ASAP.


Hi Phasmid! Have gone a bit refresh mad! Can't wait till it's all fixed 

Am getting a bit bored of it now. . . 


Good evening phasmid.  Nice to have you on board.

Emjoy potting those plug plants


I can't tell if anyone's posting on here or not - the last post I can see is the one with my pic of the little viola on it   Even if I refresh nothing happens 


Aha, now I can see you   It seems I have to post in order for things to refresh 


Morning Dove - I couldn't find the Morning thread!

Work today and then a journey later but hopefully get some work outside. Need to get my new raised borders going if I don't want to be planting bulbs in the bath next month!

Daniel said they hope to have the site fixed by this afternoon so fingers crossed. It gets a bit annoying trying to find anything. my brain can't cope even though I'm only 27...

For a few weeks more anyway 

Fairygirl......I bet you eat 3 shredded wheat for brekkie.  Word of caution, don't plant your bulbs in the bath.  Send them to me


test hellooooooooooooo ..   afternoon all  sunny  sunny here

Woodgreen wonderboy

I posted this morning, but it took a while to appear. At first I thought I had forgotten to submit. But it did show eventually.


test sticky toffie pud 



not fixed then  theres life jim  but not as we know it