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Daniel says maybe it will be fixed tomorrow.


maybe i will run out of puds . bakewell tart

Good evening forkers

I'll test that treacle pud Archie.

Not,the heatwave forecast today.....very warm though.  Supposed to be 16 overnight.

Good day one way and nephew just qualified as paramedic so if I stick a fork into my foot I will know who to call.  He's done well...his mum died when he was 12 and it hit him hard.  We are all so proud of him.  

Forum is still misbehaving  

Hope everyone is well 




Handy to have a paramedic on call. How far away does he live?

When OH had a heart attack, I had a paramedic in 3 mins and an ambulance  in 5.

 8 miles in 8 minutes straight through all the red lights, straight into cardiac intensive care. Sometimes there are advantages in living right next to  M1.



I hope I'll never need them again.


well done to the young man..i lost my mother at 13 so  i can feel for him . . sunny day here and warm . dug the  bulb pots out will top up with compost and give  a good water and feed


Tomorrow I will dig on the front. Today I went up the garden and missed the man from Yodel, who took the bird food back to the depot in Loughborough. Usually they leave it by the dustbin.


Hello folks   Found you   

Wonder how Alan4711 is?  Think he was moving over here to Norfolk today - hope it's all gone according to plan 


welcome to our lifeboat , watch you dont stand on the cakes

Hello Archie.   Is that something you ever get over?  Although my nephew and I are very close he doesn't betray his innermost.  He has now turned 30 but I can see pain is as it always was.


archie that's way too  much cake and pudding for you - send it all up here. I ran out of shredded wheat so pud will be the ideal substitute 

Well done to  nephew  Verd - a b****y tough job.Good chance for you to practice your little smileys!  I'd better not send you any bulbs  - you might eat them by mistake and have to dial 999...

fidget  - I had a similar situation with my ex partner when he had a heart attack.  I can't fault the speed of arrival or the care given by all of them. Terrific. The best care I ever experienced though was when my Mum died. The way the doctor dealt with my Dad ( 89 at the time)  was outstanding and I think of him often and what a credit he is to the medical profession. Dad would have been 95 today.


Aren't kids amazing?  They cope with stuff that knocks adults for six - but you're right - it does mark them for life - I remember hearing comedian Robert Webb talking about losing his mother in his teens -  broke my heart

Hiya fairygirl

Always most sad on birthdays isn't it?  Bet he would  be proud of you though.  


Evening refreshers 

My dad lost his dad when he was 14, I can remember being so scared that I may lose him when I was the same age. Couldn't wait to be 15. He's still with me, they both are. I am so lucky.

Am feeling full, must be all of Archie's puds  Tomorrow is a bake sale for Macmillan so more cake for me 



Doesn't get any easier Verdi. Bought some little violas at the nursery and planted them at cemetery. 

Panda- I understand that too. Lost my niece at ten months and panicked constantly when my first daughter was the same age.

Got some more plants today but managed to resist the bulbs 

Will take some pix tomorrow weather permitting. 

Off to put my feet up. Very tired tonight. 

Night all 


We were going to have a 'Team Lunch' on my last day at work, where everyone brings a dish in, but I've changed the plans.  

We're going to have hot dogs to eat (proper sausages, baps and fried onions done in the slow cooker) and also a Bring and Buy Cake Stall, 'cos it's going to be Children in Need week  


'Scuse me folks - just need to test my ability to access this thread To evaluate one the forum problems we are still experiencing.



bakewell pudding is better then Bakewell tart.  Imo.



I just posted on Morning Forkers as I had an email notification. As site has been playing up I didn't feel like searching for Evening Forkers. But site seemed to be working better. However when I came here I still had to refresh.

Bought lots of tulips in garden centre this morning, stacked logs this afternoon.