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This old bat is indoors nutcutlet. 


So's this one TT. But if I felt more energetic I'd be out there with the bat detector.


Hello folks - one of those days at work again, but I drove home and went straight out into the garden - OH has been working at home today, so the little tomato plants spent the day out in the garden in the sunshine and the breezelearning to grow up big and strong. 

I checked the seed trays in the mini greenhouse - no seedlings yet, but I don't think it'll be too long.

Plants on the Shady Bank are beginning to green up and fill out and are full of promise, and the clematis alpina Pamela Jackman has lots of buds - I only planted it about 12 months ago and it's up to the top of a 6' fence and spreading out well - and lots of other perennials are peeking out of the ground 


hi gardening friends been hot today dug over a ten foot bed planted all my clematis solanium alba looked at all the plants that i ordered from the catalogue in my mini greenhouse to find all the labels missing so dont know what they are great

Hi Chica - don't worry, I am sure the folk on here will enjoy helping to identify them from photos !



Too true chicky, I'm ready. As long as they're hardy perennials. Can't do annuals.

Gardening Grandma

Evening all! Quick hello before falling into bed. OH and I have worked all evening, laying a path, digging beds around it and adding home-made compost, I've started planting them up and I've also done yet more potting on. I now have that nice sense of achievement and virtue.

Fat Club did not go well today! Scales lied and said that I put on half a pound while on hol.

Sorry you had a bad day, Dove. Just hold on. Retirement is a very nice escape from all that.



hi all, didn't get anything done today as at the hospital getting my eyes examined and prodded, all good left eye better than 20/20 20/20 on the right pressure in my eyes is excellent, no damage observed come back in 18 months. Got told my eyes are good for my age, maybe as an eye specialist he's expecting people with dodgy eyes  interesting experience as he gave me an orange tint to my vision and drops to mess with my focusing ability unable to read small print for about 4 hours without strong reading glasses. luckily my natural focus is fine for getting around

hopefully tomorrow i can get something done, rain is forecast but it was forecast for 9 this evening and it didn't appear.



Blackest, that reminds me of when the dentist said my teeth were holding up well for my age. I thought, bl..dy cheek. Was quite put out. Good news re your eyes though.  So very precious.

I'm having an early night.  Would have gone up half hour ago, but son fiddled about wanting an invoice done.  So night all.

The potty gardener

Evening all. No gardening done today except to order the 'free' lavenders in the latest Gardeners' World. Also  did a bit in my planning/scrap book. The garden is taking shape for summer in there at least.

Still no sign of Brumbull, also haven't seen a post from David K for a while.

Evening All,  Yesterday I was sorting out plants in the garden to donate to Glamis Castle for Scotkat from the forum to plant out

Then I was doing a lot more pricking out of my seedlings in the evening that takes a while - the forum would not let me read anyone's posts or put my own on here

Well Today been doing a bit of planting out where I volunteer photo below and at home filling bird feeders  


Indoors now getting a bit cold out - think it might rain


Sowed runner beans in the GH today, and the French ones. Sowed peas, mangetout peas and perpetual spinach outside. Moved lots of plants into the cold frames. Did I say all this on the Morning Forkers thread? Had lunch in the garden, it was warm and sunny. Chicken salad with fresh herbs in it at last.

Gardening Grandma

Evening, Bev, and anyone else who is online right now. Rain today and getting colder towards weekend! Am prowling the kitchen and conservatory staring at my lovely seedlings, willing them to grow and checking for growth every hour.  May start picking up each tray and talking to them, if I don't get the chance to work outside soon!


Evening.  Lazy day today as I just had no energy.  Did tidy a kitchen cupboard. That was exciting.  Managed to find 2 calculators. Were son's from when he was at school 17 years ago.  They were on the very top shelf.

Not been as hot but very sunny and I did sit out for quite a while. Lovely to be able to do that after so long sitting indoors. 

Just going to watch ridiculous Emmerdale.

Hiya everyone
Not too much in garden today....planted out lettuce
Planted out group of blue flax and yellow osteospermum..corny I know but looks good with purple berberis that is now in full colour. It's like I'm trying to hurry up summer!
A couple of my delphiniums are 3' tall with flower spikes. Will have to start staking them soon. Many perennials like lupins are quite big now too and everything seems to be moving.
Still no sign of Brum....anyone know anything?. He usually pms me but not for few days now so hope he's not poorly


Evening peeps, seems that you have all been very productive, I envy those of you that have been at home, can't retire for a few years yet so have to keep going with the lottery tickets......dream dream dream!
Fairy girl, hope you had a good day at work


Evening all. Hope everyone that's been a bit below par is feeling a bit better.

thanks Woo-not too bad- busy. Not done much outside today apart from putting out stuff to harden off as it cleared up. To be wet tomorrow. Didn't sleep well last night so a bit knackd. Maybe I should start playing the lottery...

Tina-I hope that's all that was on the top shelf... 

Very jealous of all you lot in the south with your high-falutin hot weather! Verd my purple berberis is only just starting to look like one!

Made lasagne and shepherd's pie for dinner so that's me sorted for lunch and dinner tomorrow with the leftovers!


Gardengirl - love your station !  Always makes me smile when I see people making an effort where previously there was nothing

Gardening Grandma

It's only the south east, FG. In the west, it is just wet and cloudy.


I know GG-saw on the forecast you're having rubbish weather too! It's the wind that's the problem and I have no shelter here. Won't have until I add on to building as the wind comes hurtling in where it's going. No point putting a hedge in at the moment