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Evening all,

Beautiful afternoon after a wet morning.

Went to GC and claimed my free bulbs.also I have to confess spent extra as well,but only on a pot and that was reduded,so that does,nt count does it?  

Woodgreen wonderboy

GardenGirl... lawn fertiliser should be Autumn feed now, which will strengthen the grass, kill moss and stuff but not produce too much lush green growth which is not good at this time of year. Best bet for you is to go to SCATS in Romsey(shares the carpark with Waitrose) and buy it there. Usually lowish prices. Scats also have oulet in Salisbury. Might see you there as need to get mine too.

p.s the great Flowerdew once declared he uses Autumn feed all year round as it focuses on plant/root strength, not just nice looking "greenness"


Evening all- been outside all day as it's been glorious after a cold dewy start.

II'd like to know why the free bulbs offer is only available in England and Wales...

Rather poor..

Did you eat a lot of cake at the show Woody?


Hi Gilly, got my free bulbs too - GG.., there was a vast selection of bulbs. I stood for an age in front of the wall. Everything from Daffs, Tulips, Crocuses, all the spring bulbs! Number of bulbs in pack depended on which you wanted. I got tulips. . . 6 new pots, 5 violas, thymus silver posie, 6 more violas, some wallflowers and a bargain corner plant (can't remember what though 

Planted up some of the pots, cleared out my placcy greenhouse, planted the wallflowers and did some weeding. Busy day for me!


Must remember my free bulbs on Monday - my nearest Wyevale is near work.  I guess they depend on people spending extra whilst they are there.

Glad Woody and Matty enjoyed the Malvern show  - and great to hear it was well supported.

OH spent the day creating a gate in my flowercage which will lead in to our soon to be created veg patch ( the fences to keep the critters out are going up soon.).  It is looking great already - makes you curious what is on the other side that needs exploring.  It is all part of the grand garden plan - a bit gets added each year as time and funds allow.  Means i am in a constant state of anticipation - who needs instant makeovers



I went to Ashwood nurseries for the NGS opening of John Masseys garden.

The weather was good, and we were entertained by Morris dancers. I expected it to be very much a Spring garden, with the nursery majoring on hellebores and lewisias, but if someone had told me it was planned as an autumn garden, I would not have disagreed. I will post some pics later on the garden visted thread.

 I also popped into the nursery, and picked up a plant or twelve. I started with a basket and ended up with a trolley. Weather permitting,  I will go back for the February open day.


Patience is a virtue we gardeners are supposed to have in abundance chicky  - difficult sometimes though! Right now I'd be quite happy if someone would come in and build the rest of the raised beds and everything else I need 

Starting to get some plants in now. Need loads more for the borders on the shady fences but I have plenty for the sunny ones. The bulbs I've ordered will go in these new areas too. It's amazing how much soil and compost you need even for narrow borders which are only 6 inches high.

Awaiting dinner now 

If anyone wants my bulb vouchers just pm me the address and I'll send them - they're no use to me!



Had two tonne bags of chipped blue slate delivered this morning so have been busy spreading it on the drive and raised-bed surrounds of my re-vamped front garden - before and after pics tomorrow, when it's done.

In between the bouts of heavy labour I potted on two dozen wallflower cuttings which were taken a few weeks ago, did some cosmos and dahlia dead-heading and cut back a few dead annuals (only those without seeds - anything bird-friendly I usually leave until Spring.)  Managed to grab a few cupfuls of hazlenuts before the squirrels got them, too - they must be eating other stuff or have forgotten about my tree - I usually get left about 3!  It's already covered in tiny catkins and should look amazing in late Winter.  All in all a very enjoyable day.  Plus the forum back working!  


Hello folks - not a lot of gardening done here today - visiting Aged Ps instead - but lots of washing got blown dry in the sunshine, raspberries and runner beans have been picked, hedgehog food has been put out, bird feeders filled and the lid on the grow house has been closed a bit more than it was.

And a glass of wine has been drunk 

Hiya bob, that sounds exciting.  Yep, want to see the pics.


Rained this morning. Went for walk in the woods with dog this afternoon to look for ceps. Didn't find any, but lost my glasses. OH made the flat pack cold frame he bought me when we went to England recently, part birthday present. He gave me a black coctail dress as well for going to the opera in Venice. Perhaps I mentioned that before.

Huge thunderstorm this evening, missed Fiona Fullerton and most of the Hairy Biker in Strictly this evening as lost the satellite signal. Poor dog was very frightened.


You didn't miss much. .  can you catch them on iPlayer?


Lizzie - a cold frame AND a little black dress.  What more could a girl dream of .  Well done OH!!

Evening forkers

Thanks Woodgreen wonderboy - was not sure what to use will have to take a look  in SCATS sometimes - Romsey one,     

Thanks 4thPanda lots of bulbs to choose from thats great, what colour your tulips?  when I go that way to the gc as well as free bulbs I have vouchers to use as gained lots of points on my garden centre card last time I went

Well today saw that Homebase having 15% off everything so that was it had to go get paint got 2.5 ltr of summer damson paint great, also got a whole lot of sale plants a ceanothus, box hedging plants, dianthus, verbena rigida and a passion flower -  that discount helped with it all,  got all of that on my nectar card points as I had £25 worth so FREE

Then later took all plants to the station garden and more plants from which I have donated from the garden and planted them out took a few hours but they are planted and watered in

Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... Missed the forum but been so hectic te past couple of days and a lititle stressed... My face has gone numb again I'm hoping that doesn't mean I have another tumour well got another MRI in November so guess I will soon find out! Been manic in the garden today. Planted my 5 kilos if daffs under the front lawn today. That should top up the load that's already there... Cleared some if the crocosmia. Hubby harvested his grapes 3kilos in total so he's happy... Grape jelly anyone? I would start makin today but I have no jam jars after making the mincemeat!!! Gonna have to take a trip to the pyo farm as they sell them for 10p each!!! Well got go do dishes .... Laters peeps.....





Thats much better grapes than mine. I had lots of bunches, I even thinned them, but  most of the grapes split with irregular water supply, and then went mouldy. I got about two bunches inthe end.  Oh well, lots of plums instead.

 I don't think you should wait until November stacey, if its still numb tomorrow, give the doc a ring.


Waiting doesn't seem a good idea to me either Stacey


Ditto from me too Stacey - and you know we talk sense! Well done for the Daffs under the lawn, something for me to look at next weekend!

No gardening done from me today, Church Parade and then supporting my work team competing in a dragon boat race - sadly they didn't make the semis, but good effort by all.

Gg.. My tulips are Little Beauty - not a classic tulip head, but they look pretty in the picture.

Evening folkers 


Stacey - that's a month away - RING TOMORROW!!!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease 

We're back from East Ruston 

  Gorgeous day, gorgeous gardens, gorgeous plants 

I know you won't believe this, but I didn't buy any plants!!!  However, I've not suddenly turned over a new leaf - lots have been jotted down for consideration for the new bed I'm going to dig in front of the house.  If I'd bought anything today I'd have been cramming things into the Shady Bank, and that's full enough already - in fact it needs a sort out next  spring (when a retired person will have more time).

What I did do was take lots of photos 

 So I'll put them on the Gardens we have Visitiied thread in a bit.  And we did remember to measure the silver birches Chicky.  We measured several and they varied between 5 and 7 ft apart.  That slight variation was apparent when you looked at them, and it was just enough to stop them looking regimented.  I'lll post a pic 


Evening forkers

Can you ID this caterpillar?   

It looks so fluffy and bright me like

Been around garden digging up some plants for the station garden, which will stay in the pots for a while till rooted a bit more. sorted out bit more grass

Stacey planted out your donation plants yesterday up the station, great that you got your daffs out

4th panda what colour your tulips?