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The potty gardener

Evening all.

At last I got some time to get out in the garden today. Really beautiful. I planted up winter baskets with viola and primroses. The begonia ones are still looking good as are the fuchsias.

Took out the sweet peas which immediately made lots of space. Think I'm going to try growing a fuchsia up through an oblisk next year- I've a lady boothby and it's looking really good.

Once I came in and got school work ( swearing just like h**** work) done I sorted my bulbs. Think I must get snowdrops in pdq and then hyacinths and daffs. Then alliums and leave tulips 'till end of october.

Quick question-when I find caterpillars on things how do I know which to leave as goodies and which to squish as baddies?

Hope everyone has enjoyed their day as much as I have most of mine. Now X factor


GG, they (should) look like this:

Potty, watching X Factor too 




Dove - thank you so much for measuring - I have noted it down in my garden notebook - and the photo confirms that it looks just as good as I remembered.

Stacey - echo the others - don't wait, ring tomorrow

Did far more weeding than I thought I could get done.  Does anyone else get sorrel coming up everywhere - its such a pain and has roots that run all over the place.  Still, to look on the bright side, at least I've no bindweed.

Tied in some of my climbing roses - think they will make the top of the pergolas next year


Just googled sorrel - mine is Sheeps Sorrel.

Apparently, according to a 17th century physician, it is "of great use against the scurvy, if eaten in spring as a salad".  Will bear that in mind next time I fill another wheelbarrow with the stuff.



GG it's the Sycamore Moth caterpillar - 

Isn't it amazing?!!!

not poisonous although the hairs may be an irritant.  Feeds on Horse chestnut, Large leaved lime, mulberry and oak.  It will overwinter as a pupa.

There are very few caterpillars that I would squidge - cabbage whites on my brassicas possibly 

Stacey , a phone call and visit is better than a month plus of worry. Hope alls ok for you.
Panda (I think) - saw famous five annual for sale in asda today, thought of you.
Xfactor... Ok see ya later. But didn't like the new format as last night.
Oh just remembered did the lawn as well, intended to rake up cut conifer bits but decided to follow you lot and give it a full rake over, not quite scafifiing (?) but my novice version , its a start! was almost dark as well dedication!

Spent the day in the front garden - caught up with all the neighbours - had a very chatty time.

Also found that my front borders, as suggested by forum members, are becoming easy to keep and should I think only need care a couple of times a year once they are more mature. very pleased with the results so thanks especially verdun. Will post photo tomorrow when i have taken it 

Oscar did sleep last night (son's bedroom) but will be vets next week

4thPanda beautiful think I had those tulips come up in the garden

Chicky less weeds in your garden

Thanks Dove, could not find it, me leave caterpillars alone

Mrs Garden did you go and find a long handled bulb planter think I will get the yeomans one on that website- saw one on qvc this morning made me think it would be easy to use if it picks the soil up properly

I was listening to the buzzing of bees and wasps on the daisy flower to day and watching they were loving the plant and spotted a slowworm was very fast to hold

One of my autumn crocus was in flower today

Gg think im going for the Joseph Bentley on amazon reviews but buying from ebay. Bit more expensive than yeoman but hopefully its a birthday present (frustrating waiting til mid Oct to plant dafs though). Also a tip in The Englisg Garden liking the t-bar handle which makes sense for me.
Although the guy on beechgrove had no probs with triangle type handle...

Mrs G, it is me, Famous Five! May have to look into the annual! I've got a bulb planter like you looking at. Tried it last year but got nowhere with it. May give it another go this year  I'm not sure of the boot camp format either, but it's all over now!


Stacey Docherty

I borrowed. My neighbours planter he made it from a few things it's fab fab fab I was going round pulling out plugs and oh an lo went round putting the bulbs in and stamping the plugs back in..... Saw some huge caterpillars today my lo delight.... Ok ok I will ring the consultant tomorrow but I know I won't get an MRI any sooner and they did say I would never get feeling back in my face it's never come back 100% but has got worse but I will call tomorrow promise I booked next years holiday hurrah off to Corfu ..... Watched monty Dons around the world in 80 days... Now I went to Bali  5 years ago and am glad he found some inspiration there I hated it!!!


I don't like the format of boot camp either. I thought we were going to have less ritual humilation of the acts that don't go through, only its been replaced by  torture. The first six sit worrying they are going to be chucked off after they thought they were safe, the last ones to sing think there are no places left.




I agree fidget. Not sure I agreed with some of the choices, but then that is why I garden rather than have a successful music career 

Just to say Stacey I hope everything is ok.  Only know the people on here via their writings but still feel for you.  Clearly ??ou  have great support here.  We all have to take days as they come I guess

Maybe your scan is a month away but a visit to GP tomorrow is a sensible thing?


Matty, hope your trip to the vet goes well. Glad your dog slept better x


Glad you are going to ring the doc tomorrow, Stacey. Don't put it off. I went to Corfu for my Honeymoon in 1973. It was super.

What pretty tulips in the above photo.

Watched Downton Abbey tonight. Love it.

Downton Abbey!!!!  It just emphasizes the class system in this country.  Why would anyone want to see offensively wealthy and pompous people lording it over the poor? The poor knew their place was at the bottom and the rich knew theirs to be at the top. Such a relationship is not entertainment