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I agree Verdun - only in the UK do people enjoy watching their great grandparents being treated like lesser beings 


Whoops!  That was the Evening Thread - sorreeeeeeeee  - I'll make a cake 

Oooooooo.  Cake 


You have obviously never watched it. Now I know my place (along with over 10 million others I think I'll stick to gardening threads in future.


I have watched it - I watched the whole of the first series- it made me feel distinctly uncomfortable   One of my great aunts was head housekeeper in a stately home.  Her sister 'married above her station' and was treated abysmally by her affluent and ambitious inlaws.  My mother was taken out of school and sent to skivvy for her grandmother when her housemaid was away with her sick mother as the grandmother wouldn't pay for another housemaid but wouldn't manage without as she had her position in society to keep up.  

But each to their own of course  Just explaining my take on it. 

Downton's no more real than Eastenders is.

Gingercake for teatime today I think 



I know it's not real, it's fiction, but it's based on history. It's a good story and the people seem real. Lots of awful things happened in history and are still happening today, but so did good things. Does that mean we shouldn't watch programmes like "The Tudors" or "The White Queen" or "Downton Abbey"?


I had a great grandmother on my mothers side , who was orphaned and then went into service in a big house, as a ladies maid to a duchess. On the other side , my great grandfather was orphaned at the age of eight, didn't go down the mines as expected, started selling pots door to door, and eventually ended up with a 7 bedroom house, 12 kids, and a live in maid. (and a stained glass window to his memory in the methodist chapel next door) Its history. It makes no difference to who I am now. We are all self made men or women. These days class seems to depend on how much money you have.  Rich people become poor, and poor people can become rich.

 Any television fiction that you don't like, just hit the off button.


My OH came from a Yorkshire mining family, but he won a scholarship and got a degree in physics and another in something to do with computers. He had a very successful career, now retired.


Education and hard work has always been a way out of poverty.

Good Morning to everybody!!!!

I am new in the forum.. happy and glad to be here. 


Best we ditch the Shakespeare too then.

If historical shows are done properly it can emphasise how different life used to be (not so long ago) and remind us how important it is not to go back. Some countries in the world still operate like that. I'm glad my children get a reference point that is not just a text book.

I wouldn't want a 12 year old going down a mine as a pit pony driver, but they did. 

 Time has moved on. My friends kids can't comprehend a house without double glazing and central heating. Historical dramas give a feel of what was, and make me feel grateful that we have moved on.

Evening Forkers

Bit of a exciting day got my bulb delivery of 200 spring bulbs from gw mag and then later got a plant from T&M a lonicera chic choc

Here is a pic of all the bulbs so many that need planting

That's 577 bulbs

Been in garden for a little while trying to sort out pond area ready so that eventually a plastic pond liner, clearing brambles and a load of ivy and a small bit of digging - rest for another time

also been ordering a few garden bits online


Evening all. Looks like evening has been going all many detentions !

Also looks like a lot of money is being spent at the moment...send it my way, I'm waiting til I get paid on Friday, then it'll have to be put aside for the bigC , not for the garden .

Lots of garden visits as well over the weekend, everyone seems to be having a lovely time  (thats green for envy not vomit).

Son off tomorrow for teacher's strike.




Stacey Docherty

Wow gg that's some good going lol.... Neuro surgeon never called me back today( typical) so at 4pm I called my first neurosurgeon who said it is probably just deep tissue swelling reducing and the numbness returning is to be expected! He agreed I wouldn't get an MRI @charring cross much b4 my appointment so..... Anyway no gardening but 5kilos of cooking apples did get deposited at my front door by a friend so made apple,chilli and thyme jelly.... Just got some grapes for grape jelly filtering through the jam bag.... Just as well I like jam lmao.... Hope your all good....





Well Mrs garden did not spend money on half the bulbs as station gets funding, so I got the money back from main man,  the plant I got was what I ordered last year september but they were behind earlier in year

Do I have the most bulbs or has some one else got more?

I know there are not all for the garden as quite a few for the train station garden

was a bit of a grey day today

Just found on BBC Four that there is a programe on Gardens in Snowdonia - Bodnant Gardens.  Looks like it might be worth watching.  On NOW!!!  


Went there as a young child Ggirl and didn't remember anything about it till I was doing a design course 10 years ago and there was a section in a book devoted to it with lots of pix. I had this weird feeling of deja vu. I remembered vividly sitting on the edge of the formal lily pond. 

The potty gardener

Evening all. Been lovely here today but I was stuck in school. Then on way shopping went to get my free bulbs from GW mag. What an enormous choice they had.

GG you must win the  prize for most bulbs.

Talking of winning I found  I had got bronzein the Best balcony/ Pots/ Containers and silver in the Best front garden in Newhaven in bloom. I was really chuffed. 

Have a good evening all- it's tv and sleep for me