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Brilliant bev! Award yourself cake and tea as well 

Forgot to say evening all. Been to nursery and spent more money 

Cut all the grass and tidied front border etc while daughter made dinner. Very good it was too!

Think you're getting the prize at the moment for the most bulbs Ggirl - although I have the feeling Bob has a lot ordered /bought as well!

That was good news Stacey- worth it to get a bit of peace of mind 

Potty, well done but im not surprised as I can still remember the photo you posted of your front gaarden - amazing. Well done ! Huh smileys have disappeared, party one sent anyway

Hello again - I'm flollopping on the sofa watching Dinnerladies - the friend who came to stay earlier in the year used to be Head Chef at Bodnant before she retired - she often speaks about sitting on the edge of that pool watching the goldfish.   I'll watch the garden prog on catch-up. 

Good evening folks.  Been good day...met up with people not seen for a while.  Weather has been nice but not sunny. 

Stacey,,that sounds reasonable explanation, doesn't it?  Sure you will be fine. 

Fairy.....buying at GC again.   You must resist temptation like wot I do 

Is Tina still about?  



Evening Verdi. Last day of 25% off at the nursery- would have been very wrong of me not to buy more.  Bought another cimcifuga and lots of bits and pieces for the shady bits. Managed to resist the entire stand  (about 70/80') of Hellebores. No more room in the trolley anyway!

Tina's not been on for a while. Neither has GGrandma or Andy. Expect they're busy or away.


i didn't resist hellebores. I got a single yellow with yellow stamens and a double red.



Congratulations Bev - well deserved, but still nice to get the recognition.  You should know, however, that you are famous beyond Newhaven - my niece has just moved into her first house with a courtyard garden - i showed her some of your pictures to show her what she could aspire to.  Guess what's on her Christmas list?  Pots galore!!

Stacey - great to hear what you're feeling has an explanation - weight off your shoulders.

Fairy - those borders must be filling up.  At 25% off it would be rude not to .....

been missing some of the others too - hope they pop back in soon.

Stacey Docherty

Yes verd it is what I expected... They said it can take up to 2 years for the swelling in my brain to go down aa they had a good old rummage lol..... Garden girl wow 500+!!! I had 270 and 5kilos but 500 is much much more....


Evening all. Wobbly day today and am becoming a Bridge widow! OH plays and has found some friends who have realised how good he is so he gets asked to sub for their partners when they can't play  Meant I got to watch Beechgrove, so not all bad!

Gg.. that is a lot of bulbs! 

Fairy, a 25% discount is not to be turned down! It would be rude to not take advantage 

Glad the dr made sense Stacey.

Bed soon for me. . . . maybe!

Stacey that is including the large bags of daffs and tulips, I counted them - got 96 daffs in the bag just wondered how many you get in one of those bags

Great - Potty Gardener Bev for you garden of beautiful of flowers

Fairygirl good to get plants with money off


Going to snooze now - night night, see you tomorrow 


Just a quick congratulations to Bev. You are inspired about what to do with a small space and obviously others feel the same 



Hi everyone. Ive not been posting on the site for a couple of months. Sadly the "black dog" struck again and I took to my bed. I have however managed to keep up with what you are all up to and that has been a comfort to me. I hope that I shall now be able to start tackling the wilderness. It does not take long for the garden to return to its wild state. Hope I will be posting regularly again soon.


I hope you are feeling better punkdoc.

Strange things happening today, I was thinking of you today puncdoc ( maybe not psychic just looking at a thread about a bruise on a girls arm). Good to see you back. I didn't realised you were ill and wish you good health now. Its always nice to know our forum friends are reading the posts even if not contributing. X