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Punkdoc, hello. Sorry about the black dog, I know how it takes over when it arrives, Welcome back to the world

welcome back punkdoc, glade you have kept up reading, lots of things go on here and so many posts if you tried to read at once

I got hillier's mag through post today great stuff in there, top dressing for the grass will need that to improve the dranage and sow grass seed soonish - still learning grass care wise, does not look good at min I think I have made a right mess.  Container talks and workshop like that

Been out planted in front garden lots of small allium bulbs 25 allium spaerocephalon, 15 allium caeruleum, 20 allium neapolitanum, 30 crocus and 20 muscari bulbs did not take too long as small bulbs that's 110 bulbs down lots to go yet bit, of a cold grey day today


Hi all. Hi Puncdoc - I have a black dog as well but is nowhere near as big as it used to be - thank goodness - and doesn't visit very often

Real dog has been to vet, ears are Ok so deafness is old age but he thinks that problem may be joint related, as he has been lying strangely, so has put him on anti-inflammatory drops for a week as a trial. have to take him back next week

Miserable day all day today, wet, and forecast tomorrow is worse - autumn has come in like a lion

star gaze lily

Been quite nice here in Sussex,  got a lot done in garden and now I ache everywhere.  Still its looking  really good now and the rest of the week looks like  its gonna rain every day, so glad I got everything done. Work again tomorrow,  yuk!!    

   I'm quite new on here Punkdoc, so sorry to hear you've been poorly hope you're on the mend,  best wishes 


Hello all   Good to see you Punkdoc  take care of yourself.

Whoops, the kitchen buzzer is going .... I'll have to see to the Toad in the Hole (blame Verdun ) and make my GC confession after supper 


Yes, me too punkdoc .  Have to keep cheerful for others sometimes so can't afford to get too low.  Don't really have the answers but good to have you back.

Matty, good your dog is ok.  Can sense your relief.  

Foodbank today so busy but, as always, I guess I dominated the discussions.    Cadged some free buns tho 

Wet day but still,very warm, even hot.   

Been a hectic day sorting stuff, etc.

Lawns badly need cutting....looks like tomorrow will be suitable

Venison a success, thanks chef dove n fairy. OH said best home cooked meat he's ever had ! Woo hoo! Must tell his mum (no smileys -wink), but hey what does that say about my cooking? Hmmm as I said im not much of a chef.! Have to say sauce was a bit tart (not sure how to change that) and I will put less peppercorns on next time (Have been told to get to asda tomorrow and buy more while its on offer).

Nice to meet you StarGL.

Evening all. 

Welcome home punkdoc 

I think I can speak for virtually everyone here in saying we've missed your input.  You'll have that lovely garden looking beautiful again in no time. Much love to you x


Evening everyone

Oh, MrsG, how much port went in to that meal? Will probably find out later.

Yes, that is Eva.  That was her first smile at Grandma and, no, it wasn't wind as after having 4 children, I can tell the difference.  Son is a bit put out because she cries a lot!  Was expecting her to be the same as his 18 year old who truly never cried. Never known such a placid baby and he's the same now.

Back to more important things, good to have you back Puncdoc and I hope you keep making progress.  Know what it's like, as many here do, so keep coming back and sharing with us.

After being a domestic goddess yesterday, when everything in sight was hoovered, dusted and cleaned,  today I got the paintbrush out and did a bit of 'touching up'.   Top coat tomorrow.  As most of it was the skirting board in the hallway, you would have to get on your hands and knees to see the bodged job. 

Now going to watch the very last episode of Breaking Bad.  Do hope it's not a let down.

star gaze lily

Nice to meet you too MrsGarden . Best go get the dinner out of oven! Bit late tonight.

Its not the port which went IN the meal we need to worry about, just call me Floyd!

OH just informed me ( after perfect meal) he doesn't want go buy cold frame / greenhouse thing for my birthday, he wants to make a bespoke one for me. Sounds lovely....1, I don't know what I want and where it will go if bespoke. 2, it won't get done , 3, if it does it won't get finished and I'll have to stain/paint it. HELP.
ALSO not keen on getting my bulb planter! Ouch! Any divorce lawyers in the audience?

Yep thanks Verdun - when they get to 13 all sorts of things go round your mind - not helped by people saying they've heard of this dog, this new litter of puppies - not before Oscar doesn't need us anymore


Why can't I edit last post??


weather forecast here tomorrow is dire - first time for weeks 


Oh MrsG - that is my, yet to be received birthday pressie as well. At least he's not suggested making it, just finding one we can afford that OH reckons will 'last' is the problem

Matty do you mean a divorce lawyer that you can afford? ...



Hello folks - Toad in the Hole has gone down the hatch 

Now for my confession  .... I went to the GC in my lunch half-hour (and a little bit) armed with my voucher and stood and gazed at the serried ranks of bulbs.  

Quite quickly I decided on species tulips,  First I picked up a bag of Little Beauty - pink stars with blue and white centres; then I put them down because I saw the gorgeous gold of the Praestans Shogun with the lovely dark stamens, those were the ones for me, and then I saw the pink and whie Ancilla ..... I stood for ages contemplating, until I decided - the Praestans Shoguns were to be mine!  

Where am I going to plant them? I asked myself as I walked towards the checkout. There's no room on The Shady Bank at the moment, and I've not dug the border in the front garden yet .... they'll have to go in a pot.  

BUT ...............  I've already filled all my nice pots with crocus, hyacinths, tulips, narcissus, muscari and violas .... I turned around and walked towards the terracotta bulb bowls - £4.49 each    


OR 3 for £10!!! 


What's a girl to do?  That was too good a bargain to miss wasn't it?  


Only one thing for it ... back I went to the bulbs and picked up the Little Beauties and the Ancillas as well .... 3 bowls and 3 packs of bulbs 


Just as well I also had £7.50 in vouchers as well wasn't it?  


Nicely rationalised Dove

No willpower Dove 

I didnt buy anything. 

But I might tomorrow 



were they shut today Verdun?