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I didn't buy anything from East Ruston on Sunday tho did I?


But .............. we have decided to go back in October to see the autumn colour 

Aren't we a funny lot?  Like kids in a sweetshop.  

But I think we give a lot of pleasure by growing things we do....neighbours will often begin talkIng after a comment about a plant


Dove, you sound like me on Saturday! Am currently avoiding a certain stall in our local market as I KNOW I will spend more on their good value plants etc! 

Evening one and all! 

Am planting up a bulb pot for a friend going through a tough time. She's been there for me and I hope to do the same for her.


Meant to add, Welcome back to everyone  


Now all we need is Brumbull.



Welcome back, Punkdoc.

Got loads of bulbs to plant so thought I'd try a bulb planter, of course one can't expect a long handled one from a French GC. I'll be on my mat tomorrow.

It's just occured to me that Verdun never used smileys once upon a time. One day he may even have a picture on his avator. 

Yep, now I've discovered smileys I'm hooked on them.  What picture would you suggest busy?  I can take it 

Been quite a philosophical day nephew arrived and we touched on death of his mum, my sis, when he was 12.  Not wanting to touch on each other's emotions too much we scouted around without actually " touching base".....!!  We are so close,,share the same emotions, etc yet remain "safe".   And a deep conversation at the foodbank too to make me still consider it. 

Wow! Where did that come from?  


Digging deep Verdun? - gardeners are good at it 


Still dark, so maybe counts as evening?? (Can't do any more detentions - not got time!).

just wanted to say welcome back to all who have returned - lovely to "see" you all again.  

Detention - just to say that my smileys (when using phone ) have disappeared.
Story of my life, and it seems others on here.
Verdun, sorry to hear about your sis, must still be difficult after the years, its good you can have conversations with her son and it doesn't matter if they skim the surface or go deep, its the acknowledgement that you both are thinking, hurting, remembering and especially that both of you are there for each other should the need arise. x

I know it's morning, but just want to say that Dove has put the perfect avator for Verdun on Morning Forkers, so go and have a look.

Stacey Docherty

Evening forkers...... I'm exhausted an have to be at work at 5.30 tomorrow... My "firm" is changing its name next week 7th October and we will be all over the news as we have programmes of activity every day almost... I am doing a not very nice job on 22nd October not looking forward to it but I know it's gonna hit the national press... I will wear a flower in my equipment!!! Lol not much gardening today just got the pumpkins in as the stems have all rotted oh and I de-weeviled my pots so verd no purple people eater in my pots... Laters peeps


Oooh we'll keep our eyes open for you Stacey - are you likely to be in the serious papers or the tabloids?  


How exciting - will be watching the news on the 7th!

Will actually be watching it from "abroad" -  coz I am going on a long weekend away with my sisters - to Jersey.  Never been before, so really looking forward to it.  We all leave the partners and kids/dogs behind, and find somewhere new to go every year.  LOTS of cake involved


Making the headlines Stacey.

Made the local press recently myself. And in our local shop.  Nice to be famous ...or infamous...occasionally.  It was nothing really......

Evenimg FORKERS. Have taken on board the advice amd simcere comments about my avatar.  Not something to rush Imto lightly 

Stacey Docherty

I won't be in the papers ( can't be!) ( I'm like one of those pixel people) but certainly the job will be and I'm going to feel very happy at the end of the day.. right early start tomorrow so bed for me night peeps

Stacey Docherty

Chicky love to know what you think of it I have always wanted to go to jersey 


Falling asleep myself now - see you in the morning - I've a feeling I'll be spending another day at home 

Sweet dreams everyone