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one less day to retirement Dove, The more spent at home the better


Evening all! 

Bought some more bulbs today - oops! I'm no where near Gardengirl and Bob but am now over 300 and I think I may need more Daffs 

Hope you feel better Dove x 

5.30 Stacey, eek! Too early for me  Will look for the changes too! Hope your bits go well.

Verd, how is Mrs G's list from this morning going? 


I'd say not much visible progress on Verdun's list.

Must try harder ....

The potty gardener

Evening anyone who is still awake. I've spent evening trying to sort bank accounts out- why must everything be so complicated?

Like everyone else I've got a long day tomorrow.It's open evening so I will be in school from 6.30 to 8.30- that's 14 hours not two.

It sounds as if the west will be very wet tomorrow, not sure how much we will have over here in the east.

I'm going to have aquick catch up then it's bed for me- night all


I'm hoping for a happy dog night, not sure though


thanks for the cold frame Chicky


star gaze lily

Feeling tired tonight, must be the busy day in the garden yesterday and a hectic day at work today Rather spend time at home in the garden, still need the pennies to do my garden! My project for next year is a summerhouse so loads of pennies needed!! Do you need planning permission?6

star gaze lily

Have you all gone to bed? Oh well I'll just have a quick game of patience  and perhaps  I'll go too nite nite  everyone 

Hey lily   I'm fast asleep 


Good evening, and it is evening - dark already.

is it the weekend yet? I'm getting nowhere in the garden and only got Saturday this weekend so hope the weather's ok.

OH not really commented on greenhouse building plans (greenhouse is probably a bit of an overstatement, should go back to calling it a grow house). But at least I've got some good ideas both on growhouse (should it appear) and general overwintering now.

It's not even Friday is it? No GW. Might try to watch Educating Yorkshire again.

Might catch up later or see y'all in the morning.



Hello Mrs G - got my feet up weatching Last of the Summer Wine - sun setting pale pink - don't know what that means for toorrow 


Evening MrsG and anyone else who comes on later. Getting dark here as the weather turned back to rain almost as soon as I decided to go outside and get something done!

And are you by any chance wishing it was Friday? 

Guess what - i'm on a train again ! Just had email to say 6x Aster Monch are on their way. My fellow commuters don't look like they would appreciate the excitement of that news - so am sharing here instead!
star gaze lily

Its dark and pouring down here. Last nite I asked if you needed planning permission for a summer house, but I think you had all gone to sleep. So does anybody know? Many thanks



Think it depends on the size and where it is sgl. Worth giving your council a phone just to clarify, or take a look on their website- it might give basic info on there. Up here I think 3m x 3m or less doesn't need it but if it was high and overlooking a neighbour's wall or something it may be an issue.

Are you feeling better Dove? You weren't there when I posted a few mins ago 

chicky - 

Stacey Docherty

evening all.... Just in and I'm whacked .... Scarfed down some pizza having a cup of tea then bed for me.... No work tomorrow hurrah and oh has said lets go to Wisley hurrah hurrah!!!!! Star under 3m is allowed under permitted development but check your local council website it will tell you what height permitted development is. it depends where you are my friend even had to get planning to put a fence up!!!! Night all zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Hi FG, still feeling shivery and floppy I'm afraid, and my skin's so sensitive - brusing my hair felt painful   weird   

Supper has been eaten - it doesn't seem to affect my appetite    I started a ragú Bolognese off after lunch, and OH has been keeping an eye on it and stirring occasionally and he cooked the fettucine and served it and is washing up.  He always washes up every night except Saturdays 

Chicky - I've been sitting on my hands to stop myself ordering Aster Frikartii Monch -  I've absolutely nowhere to put them until I've dug the big new border in the front garden - but next summer I'll be looking for them 


My friend had to get permission to cut down a leylandii hedge and wall and replace with a new wall

Woodgreen wonderboy

Star gazey, my local council has a usuable interactive on-line thingy which you can use to check if you are likely to need PP. Go to your local website and drill down through planning etc. Will probably answer your questions before you speak to officialdom.