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6 frikartii monch on the train?  That aster cost you small fortune in fares Chicky  

Wot miserable day...rain all morn.  nice pm but wet again now  (do love these smilies )

Sorry still poorly Dove.  The thread about pigeon and dove poo had my imagination revving but theN realised you were talking about birds.

Early start Tom so just taken my dog in the dark on the Towans. Bit wet but so warm.  


Stay tucked up Dove. You are lucky having a dishwasher! 

star gaze lily

Live in sussex. Our garden is a good size and backs onto fields then woods,  so only  neighbors either side. Was looking the other day at summer houses and think the one I liked was about 10 x 6ft (could be wrong) many thanks everyone Will look on websites 

Evening forkers

I was looking at the dwarf purple aster in the garden thinking I would like more, pretty. was a bit wet for a while today

Well I got a delivery today was so excited a few bird bits, gloves and more

Woodgreen wonderboy - I got some 2 in 1 autumn lawn food all this from site Sorry not going to SCATS at moment - cheated got it from online

Hilliers have autumn lawn feed and moss killer 360sqm in sale for £19.99 RRP £24.99 -  as you have a large lawn and a really nice lawn, small lawn here so only got up to 100sqm stuff


 and I got this.   what is it you say





A long handled bulb planter great to help with all the bulbs

few more bulbs from order to follow

Stacey Docherty

star check out sanctum garden studios that's who did ours they are fb fab fab

lol they didn't build it upside down!!!!!


Stacey Docherty

Oh yeah and verd re your am post about a bag on your head for coughs and sneezes found this for your avatar.... A little mystery never hurt!!


Stacey - LOL !! Did you make him put a blue t- shirt on specially
Stacey Docherty

I would like to point out this image is copied from the web and not how my husband gets punished for killing plants and general(constant) laziness

Stacey - knew it wasn't your OH - couldn't spot the controller anywhere!
Stacey Docherty

Lmao you got it chicky... Now onto some more serious business that shocked me today at work. Something I think you should all know about incase it's happening in your area. This intel report came in from Cornwall police. A male in blue t shirt and y fronts had been going Into old peoples homes and stripping. Causing severe ( in some cases) distress and in some cases excitement which care workers fear may be too much for residents... He was last seen swaggering out butt cheeks clenched. I am concerned that this behaviour may affect the mental and emotional well being of some of our more vunerable members of society who "don't like to make a fuss" if you hear of any reports like this from friends or family please contact me immediately on 0800 stopverdstripping. This is a confidential hot line you do not need to leave your name. Stay safe and don't have nightmares ( check out neighbour cutting our hedge!!!)

Just checked ! Now understand !!!



Evening all! 

Am late to the party as first Thursday of the month is Bingo! After a few close games, it all came good with a win for me!  Hello Garden Centre! Here I come!!

Have almost migraine strength headache so am off to bed  

Excellent parcels Gg 

Stacey, fab pic - not that Verd will ever post another pic

Dove, hope you feel better soon!

Matty, hope the dog has a good night.

Sorry if I've missed anyone, zzzzzz 

star gaze lily


Hi Stacey, just looked at sanctum , very nice! but lots of pennies.  How can we see your niebours cutting hedge? Wish ours would cut theirs.

star gaze lily

No work tomorrow YAHOO! !!!!! Has everybody gone to sleep? Am I the only nite owl? Oh well nite nite all.

Wot a disrespectful lot you are to,a most 'umble and hamicable man.   

A win on bingo. ,sounds good.   4th panda

Yes Matty....hope dog will be fine.  My dog is such a lovely old ...just turned 10....fella. Such a wonderful right hand to me. do you know my buttock cheeks were clenched?  Em, I mean how do you know that other guy's  were?  Am I, oops, was he caught on CCTV?  I had dark glasses amyway  And besides, I wasn't even in the neighbourhood at the time, if you are referring to me, which you could not be cos I wasn't even there. And blue t shirt and y fronts're having a laugh!  I wore a raincoat.  Its been raining today, see.  Anyway I had loads of mints and custard creams from the old biddy in the corner...still have part of her dentures in my bottom ....em, I mean the other guy would have.........YOU HAVE NO PROOF AMD IM SAYING NUFFINK.