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Good,ain't I?"

Lovely sunny afternoon and evening. ,temp hit 20 today.  

Spent hours getting Open Reach to activate a broadband connection for my niece.  Done, at last, after a reluctant "boss" came to the phone.   Open Reach is the perfect example of why monopolies should not be allowed.  Next week it will be about compensation....well I need money for more plants. 

Weekend looking good but I've promised a friend I'd help with her garden in the morn. However, decided to move helenium Double  trouble to foreground of a tall aconitum Stainless Steel amd hopefully I'll get that  done  in the afternoon.  (of all the aconitums I think this is the best, albeit a bit later than most)


star gaze lily


This morning was horrible, but mid afternoon the sun was out and it turned out to be a lovely afternoon.  Tea and doves cake yummy. Now its time to get the tea. Saturday tomorrow no work yippee!!!


Dog seems better - not sure about going through night though. He is 13 a good age I'm being told and is the BEST companion.


Evening Verdun and lily.

Verdun, "double trouble" and "stainless steel"?! Thought you were making a joke, but have just looked them up and they are real and lovely they are too.

Stacey Docherty

evening all.... Went to Wisley got soaked although lo loved loved loved jumping in muddy puddles and picking apples( you are allowed for an hour) £3.50 for a huge all sorts bag.... Bargin. Didn't make it to the plant centre as lo was attracted to all the Xmas decorations!!! Right who has infected me? I feel awful head aches, back aches throat sore and cold and shivering yuck... Off to bed for me in a min..... Have To say verd I think RHS could do with some hellebore advice theirs looked shocking But I'm sure when they are cut back they will be fine... Nice to see the phlomis looks the same as mine and their anenome look spectacular oh I love Wisley.... Right duvet calls....



Oh no Stacey - another one succumbs to flu. And just as Dove is turning the corner too.  Don't forget the cake to aid a speedy recovery.

Verdun - the varieties you have in your garden sound fabulous.  I can picture them in my minds eye - if only we had pics .

Suitcase packed and ready to go.  Weather fcast is for sunshine.  See you all in a couple of days

star gaze lily

Sorry to hear you feel poorly,  hope you feel better soon. But glad you had a  lovely day. Sleep tight  

Ecky  thump Stacey. ,hope you are up and about soon

Hiya Sue, yes real plants.  It's trial and error putting them together cos stainless steel, although absolutely stunning, is an unusual blue/off colour.  That's why I want to move double trouble now ...both in full see how they look together.  Unusually, for heleniums, double trouble is yellow all through.  Think it will look good

Good news about your dog Matty. Bet  you're relieved and happier now 


Sorry, Matty.  Have I got that right?  Your dog is ok?  Looked back on your last post andI ??ou seemed unsure........?

star gaze lily

Have a great wkend chicky lets hope the sun shines. Had a lovely red sky tonite, red sky at nite shepherds delight etc. Enjoy and relax


I am unsure - I thought he had gone through night only to find Son had had him in his room - he loves going there. Have pointed out that I need to know really what is happening. BUT he did jump on top of me on settee earlier - he's not alittlecute dog he is a bit large!! and he hasn't done that for ages  (fingers ctossed)

Bought 2 lovely Michaelmas Daisies today - in fact have had a plant collecting week - will plant on Sunday as am off to where we used to live. A birthday lunch for an old friend tomorrow


Hiya Dove.......didn't he do well?

Stainless Steel flowers at least a month later than others, poss even more than that.  Mine started 2 weeks ago and it flowers for ages.  Its the latest it's been this year...usually it would be end of august when it starts.  Mine is In a slightly shady spot. The colours would match I think and if grown together should coincide.  Anyway, I find they are easy plants to move and divide so you could try different combinations.  


The spot I'm thinking of is the new bed I'm going to create at the front of the house - it's west facing and shaded from the south by the neighbour's house and garage which, as the slope is terraced, are slightly higher and slightly forward of ours, therefore it gets reasonable light but the only direct sunlight it gets is in the afternoon.  

A plant from steel city - sounds like one should be in my garden! And punkdocs.
Dove, how could you? A picture of that awful irritating man invading garden space - give me the hedge man and his friend any day! (tea thread)



It's ok Mrs G, you can watch Strictly tomorrow - he's off with the 'flu!

Oh goody, might have a look then
star gaze lily

Love strictly, tho this year we haven't got the Italian guy whose name I can't remember.  But we still have Artem,  rather cute


Back from Guides, hope everyone feels better. My OH was fine today after last nights 'fun'  At least the sun came out so the sheets could dry 

Bought some winter pansies today to finish off my cheer you up pot for my friend. Decided that a pot full of earth and bulbs wasn't terribly cheery at the moment, but will be smashing come the spring  Will give it to her before she helps with The Great Bulb Planting!


Evening forkers

Been a busy day sorting out bits at station, have used long handled bulb planter today at the station garden, ok what do I say - well the only thing is if you have stoney soil not so easy to use - only went in ground a small bit, some areas ok to use but most only went in about 1 inch or 2 - so it was back to small bulb planter and trowel.

Planted all large 5kg bag of daffs and some tulips still more to go just don't want to end up digging up bulbs planted already when planting more

Will try long handled bulb planter at home and maybe in grass area. will try again

Monty mad it look so easy with his soil on GW and Chris B made it look ok on Beechgrove gardens maybe because it was on lawn and good soil