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muddy mare

evening all did try to sow parsnip seeds managed fifty before the wind and rain got too much lol parsnips probably now growing every where apart from where i want them

Thanks chicky the Station was started in September planted a lot of plants grown from cuttings/ seeds and brought and bulbs still got a lot of digging yet and wild flower to sow but getting there.

Muddy mare you might end  up with you seeds anywhere but nice if they come up where you sowed them.

Verdun blue and yellow nice planting great combo of plants

Yep it was starting to rain here earlier thought it was getting colder


Why don't you all move down South. It's lovely down here.  I could pitch a few tents in the garden and wouldn't charge you too much for tending my garden.  Might even throw a bacon buttie and tea in.

Let me know what you think. 

As Verdun would say, .........I'll get me coat.

Having a really early night to rest my weary bones. Night all.


Hello folks  I'm late on parade this evening - trying to explain stuff on the phone to confused elderly parent who has forgotten that their 65 Wedding Anniversary was 6 weeks ago - she think's it's on Friday, but that's her 89th birthday 

Lots of lovely things happening in the garden - when I got home from work I saw that several clematis are covered with buds, and the broad beans are covered in flowers, all the hostas have peeked through the soil now and the raspberry canes I planted just a few weeks ago have new shoots 

Gardening Grandma

MM, perhaps you've started a new colony of wild parsnips that will puzzle botanists of the future!

Verdun, you must be a lot further on than us there in Devon. Your colour combination sounds fab.

TT, I could offer you a full-time job clearing out cupboards. Pay, terrible. Employer, absolutely lovely. Hours, flexible.



Thought I would be first for a change, unless Verdun beats me to it.

Cleaned out another cupboard today (what's wrong with me), scrubbbed bathroom from ceiling to floor and finished off digging the rubble down the end.  Can't explain how I feel.  Well I can kn...ered.  Going to be raining tomorrow so pleased I forced myself to finish.  14 half bags of rubble, which I can't lift.  Hoping dear son will be in a good mood on Saturday,

GG, if I turned up to clear your cupboards I know nothing would get done as we would sit and sup, eating cake and nattering all day. Do you think I could use my bus pass to get there?

Dag nam it.  Tina beat me to it.  

Got lawns.....sounds grand, doesn't it?  Medium front lawn and smallish back........cut today, pulled few weeds, considered where some of my tender perennials can go,  and tidied up emerging plants .  Got lumbered into helping a friend in her garden for a while, despite my haste to get on.

Hope everyone's had good day

You put me to shame TT!

I've had a waste of a day, was woken with a migraine so spent the morning in bed but couldn't sleep or get comfy with the pain. Eventually got mobile about 2pm but feel completely drained. The annoying thing is i will have to work later tomorrow and Saturday to catch up with my clients treatments which of course cuts into my planned gardening time grrrrrrr!!!

ok moaning over, hope you've all had a good day 

We posted at exactly the same time Verdun, sounds as if you've been busy and got lots done, nice one 

muddy mare

finaly finished sowing parsnips today a hundred plus all the wild onesthat should be enough lol weeded the asparagus bed and fed light rain now falling perfect another row of carots and spinach cant wait for the yummy bit achy and tired now but well worth the efforts i hope


Woo, never suffered from migraine, but have a son that does.  At one time, it completely took over his life.  So you shouldn't feel bad about not doing anything today.  I haven't done anything for the past 5 months!  When you have all day, every day to do things, there's always tomorrow. Just sat and thought about it all the time. Don't worry, it won't last.

Never feel I have had a wasted day. Always look on it as being good to myself. That way, no guilt.


Quite right Tina. I think you've been doing plenty recently.

Woo - I work with someone who has suffered them for years-has to take injections when they come on. It's awful and it makes me angry when you hear people say 'oh I have a migraine' when they have a headache. They have no idea how debilitating a migraine is.

Put washing out after work, put babies out to harden off, took girls to hairdresser and watched the hail and torrential rain come down...

Not too much damage when I got back fortunately.

Plants have survived- and pants too! 

Gardening Grandma

Evenin' all. TT, you were right yesterday about the nattering. Would be fun, though!

Woo, I synmpathise. My mother, husband and son all suffer or suffered from migraine. Son went to doc today about it. Doc told him migraine is high blood pressure in the head so BP medication can be given for it. He wouldn't give son any because he gets occasional summer asthma. Take codeine for it and laxatives to counteract the effects of the codeine, he said! Mother and OH got better as they got older, son has yet to find out if his will do so.


TT, FG and GG, thank you very much for your understanding

GG I was on betablockers for 2 years which did help, I was getting around 3 migraines a week at the time and they certainly helped reduce them. I'm afraid it's the hormonal age which started them off ( sorry any guys lol). I get on average a couple a month now and I'm now off the betablockers, I didn't want to stay on them forever. Tell your son to ask his Gp for Naramig, they have to be taken as soon as a headache is felt and it stops it developing into a migraine, they are marvellous but if like me your head starts during the night then it's the pain that wakes you and sometimes a little too late to halt the development, but I wouldn't be without it! It is expensive which is why it's not always offered straight off, Imigran which works in a similar way worked for me for a while too. He would need to see if these were ok to take re his asthma.

Catch up later 

Hello woo

I can't imagine how bad a migraine is.  Don't really get headaches .  But I know people who get them quite badly so understand a little

Hope you are feeliNg better now


Gardening Grandma

OH and son definitely get them when stressed. Both are very highly strung, though seem gentle and calm. This ties in with the idea of migraines as high bp in the head. Strangely, their general bp is on the lowish side. Mine is much higher yet I virtually never get a headache.

Woo, I will pass on your message.

The potty gardener

Evening all. Had to go and see occupational therapist today. All she came up with was that I wasn't ready to go back to work and no one could tell when I would be.

On the way home popped to GC where I managed to find a baby fuchsia which hadn't been pinched out, so I shall try to grow that as a standard.

Hope you are feeling better Woo.

TT why do we garden if we don't spend time sitting out enjoying it?

FG your heart must have sunk when the hail started but thank goodess your pants are ok.

Dove- you are lucky to have buds on your clematis. Mine are just starting to grow.

MM I don't ever remember sowing 100 of anything. But do love parsnips.

Gardengirl you have much more sucess with your cuttings than I do.

GG I always thought that the south west was supposed to have better weather than us in the south east but this week doesn't seem to have been the case.

Verdun thought about you as I unwrapped my new baby hellebore.

Have a good evening everyone


"FG your heart must have sunk when the hail started but thank goodess your pants are ok."



Must say that's a big relief to us all 





 My new edible bed (well probably not the lavender)

parsley, sage, rosemary ,thyme, heather , mint , chives, oregano, curry plant,

 Cloche starting to be planted.

 Starting to plant the front half two the ground is full of blue flower seeds so should get interesting after the tete-i-tete die back, nice for 40 cents of bulbs.

Loads more to go in yet.

Looking good Blackest! Had a beautiful warm day here today, and I spent a few hours trying to catch up on planting at the allotment - your cloches look like mine; so far planted with cauliflowers, broccoli and Primo cabbages. 

Hope tomorrow's weather is not too bad - I might get some more parsnip seeds in.