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My regret FG, not to be made next year - mixed bulb pots. Layered all sorts , cant remember if they flower at different or same times.

Lots of jobs done today. manureing, potting, planning, cutting, pruning, head shaking.

gotta go 


I layered a pot today. Tulips, tete a tete daffs and anemone blanda. Don't know if it will work or not.

 I also did pots with just one thing in. I can always swap them around then.

 If tomorrow is good, I will dig out a buddlei in the wrong place to make room for hellebores.

star gaze lily

Yummy Chinese,  so glad I didn't have to cook tonite. Pud was yummy too dove, any left? 


I've got some mixed tubs, one has hyacinths, tete a tetes, primroses, ivies, pansies and a little 'spire' of a fir tree and it will sit on the front porch all winter, with something of interest happening all the time.  

I've planted some pots with pink tulips and pale blue muscari, both of which should flower at about the same time, and some pots of just one variety of bulb -  a terracotta trough filled with creamy white crocuses with golden stamens, and another with large stripey purple ones,and I've got some pots of violas and yet more just of pansies.  And next weekend I'll be potting up three different bowls of specie tulips.

Oh, and there's a big pot with two big bulbs of Fritillaria Imperalis waiting for spring.


Thanks for the info Forkers  Think I'll do a mixture of both. Some layered with diff bulbs for onward progression and some with single type bulbs 


star gaze lily

Sky plused strictly, watched white chapel, bit weird.  Then watched strictly.  Dozed off now I'm off to the land of nod. Boy do my arms ache, having a lazy day tomorrow.  Nite nite everyone.  

star gaze lily

Evening everyone,  what a beautiful sunny today. I've been very lazy today, just the food shop this morning,  which was chaos think the world and his wife were there!  Then a lovely lazy sunday afternoon.  Sun going down very quickly now and a mist coming over the fields.  One more cuppa I think before I get tea ready.   

The potty gardener

Evening all.

BF came this weekend so no gardening done but did have lovely walk along by the sea yesterday. My poor bulbs are still waiting to be planted.

Today has been really sunny and hot but I had school work to catch up with.

Now catching up on here and Beechrove and GW. Then a bit of judges houses on X factor.

Enjoy your evening all 


Dinner cooking- still a few french beans, may this weather keep going for a couple of weeks, there are still flowers on.

Buddleja out, 2 bags compost added, hellebores, and pulmonarias  and foxgloves planted, daffs, snowflakes and snowdrops split up and moved,  cyclamen planted.

It doesn't look like you've done much, says OH. .... but wait until Spring.

Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... What a fab fab day it's been today. I still have lurgy but got out earlier to do a little harvesting and clearing. I'm now at work till at least midnight 



Evening - already posted on wrong thread 

Now cooking dinner - gammonin cider with potatoes from garden and runner beans - thsame. Home made chutney sauce - last years courgette and tomato.

back later

Got three sorts of seeds in the propagation, Lambs Lettuce, Rocket and Radishes.   I know it seems madness but if they germinate it will be good fun.  If not, it will be educational so a win, win situation.  In about three weeks I will repeat this so if successful, I will get a bit of continuation.  If I keep this up and record conditions then if some germinate and later ones don't, I will have an idea how far I can push these next year.

most importantly, the ball has started to roll

Stacey Docherty

Wooooohooooo mail on Sunday page 36... Apparently I'm "super!!!" Don't feel it right now!!!

Had a great garden day, well weekend after ages doing nothing. Very satisfying. Very enjoyable. Even got son to watch half of beechgrove.
Stacey- still no idea what you are talking about but will try and watch news tonight!
Seems like many of you have had good day too. Lovely reading threads but lost track who's done what! My bulbs will be waiting until mid Oct for planting , great expectations for bulb planter for birthday...but could be a home made one if OH keeps on same path as with growhouse earlier today!

Ooh er Stacey......It wasn't me, honest.

(Can tea borrow a taser to deal with dilbert.)

Advertisement part of our wonderful postal service?  

I might make the papers again this week.....

Stacey Docherty

Stacey Docherty

Lol fidget I don't even get one but when I eventually do yes!


Evening all! No morning post from me, too busy prepping for a visit from the olds  Haven't had them round since Fathers Day so felt it was about time! Weather was glorious here so a GnT was had on the patio before roast pork! Never done roast pork before and may I just say the crackling was rather fabulous  3 bottles of wine later and I thought it would be a great idea to make cheese scones to go with the afternoon tea. Not sure if drunken baking is a good idea, but the results were good! Eaten warm with melting butter . . . yummy 

Stacey, we all know you are super, but I am still none the wiser to the upcoming change!


You've got super pumpkins too.   OH very impressed.  He thinks we should grow some next year.