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My goodness, neither morning nor evening thread on first page of latest posts!
What ha be you all been doing?
Good evening by the way.
Back in few mins gotta finish ice cream...

Evening Mrs.G. I had a bit of bother getting here, page wouldn't show.

We had a lovely weekend. Granddaughter's christening. 22 adults and 9 small children - 6 were my granchildren - all close family. During Sunday lunch my son No.2 and DIL announced that they are expecting their first baby. Hope all goes well. Granddaughter (21 months) was very excited and looked cute with her blond hair in her white dress. 2 1/2 year old grandson was very taken with her and kept trying to kiss her, only to be rejected!

star gaze lily

I've been at work all day today mrsgarden and what a grotty day it was too. Day off tomorrow thank goodness  Ice cream yummy Just having a cuppa and then i'll get the tea. See you all later.


Ice cream was lovely, mint cornetto.

Have watered the plants I moved about yesterday, snowberry drooping a bit but will be ok.

Also saw lots of lovely red roots / runners coming from monarda, promising for next year.  BUT if I've uncovered them WHAT do I do now? How much earth should go over them, they look like they should lie close to the surface but I'm not sure as did quite a lot of digging nearby yesterday ?????? 

Oh yes - xfactor last night - was that a straggly hydrangea behind Gary? The grasses in tall planters looked nice too. 

Hope you've all had a good day.


Ah busy, that's great news, love a christening but a new announcement is even better!



Busy day at the allotment - dug up 3 rows of carrots, which after drying off, will go into barrels of sandy compost over the next couple of days - they should last me until March. Also picked some lovely Brussel sprouts, which I will have with my cottage pie tonight. Did a fair bit of digging-over the empty beds, and the plot is looking fairly good for winter.

Busy day tomorrow - going to my Daughter's to drop off and pick up her little'uns whilst she undergoes her latest session of treatment. Today's work at the allotment helps me mentally at times like this - good old gardening! 

Evening all

Been messing around with compost, cleared the good compost put into buckets ready to use and then turned the next one over and turned the smallest one next so much effort just turning compost,  back a bit sore

weather not to bad a was warm and dry 

Yesterday I planted a lot of bulbs in pots, moved plants around from pots to ground and clearing of garden

just been having cake yum

star gaze lily

Just watched the news, they showed the best roundabout its  in Otford. It has a pond with weeping willow and ducks looked great. Hope no one speeds tho and goes across instead of round!!

Hello there posted at same time as you Pentillie

Hi GG - hope you enjoyed your cake. Hope it's not a pre-dinner snack?


Not long in but having prepared goulash earlier for dinner, I'm just awaiting the potatoes. Yumm. 

You're right Pentillie- good old gardening. Hope all goes well with your daughter. Always a worrying time. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Greenhouse now cleaned up inside (will clean outside in Spring... not much point doing it as bad weather starts?). All alpines now tucked up indoors... a collection of succulents and another of saxifrages etc. Next job to pot up tiny spring bulbs, collected from local alpine group, Malvern, and last year's repeaters. Hope to do that tomorrow although I have to be in the local community shop in the afternoon for my training session.I am going to be a voluntary reservist ( sounds like the army ) so I can cover vacancies among the paid staff. We have 14 part-timers and loads of volunteers, as well as a committee of 8 local worthies.... a real village community effort and lots of laughs and hugs as well.

This evening is the grand reopening of the village pub... new landlord who we all hope will be more successful than before. He runs another pub locally which has been very good so we have high hopes. Tonight is the local gentleman's dining society, ladies invited too, so should be fun.

So, I am going outside and may be a little while. If you don't hear from me send a search party.


Pen- sending love,
Gg - did you try the bulb planter in grass? Gotta wait til mid Oct for mine.
FG - goulash, will need one of those dlsoon now you've put my mind to it.
Ww - another busy day and fun eve Ing for you then
StarGL - hope your tea was as good as fg's goulash.

Goulash was tasty. Hours to cook and gone in minutes! Could have done with more mash but I restrained myself. Didn't notice younger daughter holding back right enough....

Woody- Gentleman's Dining Society you behave yourself! 


Yes Pentillie, cake was a pre-dinner snack - naughty me, but needed it to help with the back pain.  Very tasty.   Dinner yet to come.

Mrs Garden, bulb planter was also tried in the grass, but land very solid and it only went in about two inches.  Not sure if it is the grass being really compacted or if you need to dig area before planting bulbs.

Will keep using the bulb planter even if I resort to using it only in the veg patch to help make holes for planting.  Will try harder next year once ground has been dug a bit more and grass area re-sown and improved

Question about the lawn - do I remove the weeds from the lawn before scarifying again as I have given it an autumn feed, or do I wait until after the scarifying?


Hmm there's a dilemma Gg, do I tell OH not to get bulb planter for birthday (I know the answer) or maybe my grass/soil is softer, and it will be later, and I really want one to play with!
Sorry can't help about grass.

Anyone know how much to cover monarda root thingys up, i.e. how deep? (see earlier post before you all arrived, oh sorry, not all, Busy was there).

Gardengirl, remove or treat the weeds before scarifying.  Just time during this warm weather to apply lawn weed killer...I'd spot weed.

Good evening forkers


star gaze lily

I had spag bol mrsgarden,  and very nice it was to. Hope you enjoyed your goulash fairygirl.  Naughty gardengirl cake before tea (he he). You all seemed to have had a busy day in the garden. I will tidy up the veg patch tomorrow and get rid of the sweetcorn. Didn't do that well with that really, but what we did have was very tasty so may have another go next year. Off to put kettle on for a cuppa, anyone want one? No cake I'm afraid but have got biscuits. 

I'm home ! Too tired to post but will bore you all tomorrow. We saw red squirrels !!