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star gaze lily

Did you see them in your garden chicky? Or have you been somewhere nice today

Thanks v.
Night all.
Lily - just back from a weekend break in Jersey ....

Night MrsGarden

me just going to watch Under the dome on channel 5 strange but interesting to watch

then bed time


star gaze lily

How lovely,  hope you had a great time chicky. 


Hello folks!  Had a late visit to say goodbye to a young lady in her supported living - she'd got me a retirement present - Nat. Garden Centre Vouchers!  Bless her, she wants me to plant something in my garden to remind me of her - I gave her the choice of a pink rose or a purple clematis (she used to be keen on pink but now she's growing up she's redesigning her bedroom in purple)  She decided I should spend the vouchers on a purple clematis - that's my Daniel Deronda for the front garden paid for then - Bless her 

Dove - lost for words ...

Hi all. 

Just in from an evening of Tapas with some friends. Was delish (apart from the calamari! Never had it before, didn't think I would like it. It wasn't chewy or rubbery, just bleugh!) 

Pentile, your strength is apparent. Glad you find help in your garden.

Mrs G, and Gg, persist with the bulb planter. I struggled last year but gave it another go this year and loved it. Was difficult to begin with, but think I had enough dampness in the ground to get it in. Couldn't do what they did on TV and get the earth out straight away, had to use the next plug of earth to push the earlier one out, but that was ok. Somehow ended up with spare plugs of earth  

Dove.....well, you're obviously appreciated there   Think you may well be sorely missed when you retire

Woodgreen wonderboy

First night in pub with new landlords... heaving with people, 40+ for dinner, and very good too, chicken stuffed with haggis, rhubarb and apple crumble, Very good omens for the future. They didn't make any excuses for any little issues caused by first night opening... just got on with it...Great!! Everyone v. happy. Home safe and sound , now off to bed, night, night.


What happened when you watered the TV? Hope it didn't explode!

star gaze lily

Lol I was tired! Meant watched,  will blame spell check!!! And I was going to tease you for using evening and not morning thread!! Busyliz

star gaze lily

Evening everyone, what a beautiful day, hope its like this tomorrow.  Fairy are you sure they said you could get snow tomorrow nite? How far away do you live?


Evening all,  star gaze lily - like your comment from last night

4thPanda - today used bulb planter in raised bed it worked there must like that soil/ compost as some camassia bulbs arrived today

planted out anemone bulbs in a pot after soaking them over night,

Woodgreen wonderboy - sounds like the pub a success and pud sounds nice 

Chicky - so how was Jersey

what you all been up to?


Evening everyone.Lovely day here but in the last couple of hours started to get very cold. They say it may drop to 4C tonight so have just brought the echiverias and aeoniums in.

Evening all.
Looking forward to hearing about chicky s red squirrels.

Scotland lily. I'm in the west - the snow is forecast for the north east - the Cairngorms will get it. They often get snow at this time of year.Western hills get it later usually, although even further south where I am we can get snow in October. 

Just been outside for some herbs and it's only 9 degrees. Chilly right enough.

I take it the tv's grown overnight after it's watering?


Snap. I took all the tender plants in to the greenhouse. Then  I ordered a tripod ladder and another 200 bulbs. A parcel of bulbs arrived, and I potted up eremurus until the area they are going in is clear.

I had a young fox with a limp on the lawn earlier. I threw some dog biscuits out but  it scarpered and the magpie had them all instead. The foxes have been very shy this year.