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I'm puzzled.  Why did you suggest an amalgamated thread in the first place then Verdun?

Because it was suggested few weeks back and many seemed to want it.  When posters continued to ask for it  I asked for a sort of vote on it in an effort to resolve it ...wasn't aware of any "no's".   I had no agenda Tina.  Is it a problem?  Had Brumbull returned earlier I would not have suggested it, as my posts stated.  

Tina, I joined the forum to air and share horticultural matters.  Surprisingly......enjoyably, because it's not like this on other forums.....the subjects got to include cake, jokes, aches n pains and an understanding of, and empathy with the other guys n gals here.  

No thread is dissolved...they still remain.  I will participate still if it means continued unity 

Night Tina

Evening all

Been a long day (feel tired) went off to see the trains lots of them, walked in and around and sat in chairs even first class, nice

Had bit of their 10 year celebration cake loverly, tasty yum.

Played driver in a few trains and played with the lights and used the windscreen washers.

Woody I spotted you there

Here you are

Trip on steam train carriage at the end - long queue to get on though, got to go past the saints stadium.

At the station later planted out few more plants - wallflower and sweet williams


Evening Gg.. Glad you had a great day  I was out for the first time in a while. Jam factory (Tiptree Jam, like you get in hotels), cheap shop (crafty bits n bobs) , oh and a GC  Might have bought some more plants for the garden  

Hey Gardengirl - listened to GQT today - all about railway station gardens. Thought of you !!


Evening was a nice day just a lot of walking and standing up and needed more cake but all went quick

Here is a map of where/ what trains they have

 Pic of trains here lots on show

Thanks Chicky did listen to a small bit of GQT, not won awards this year - garden needs more plants really. sounded nice planters and great journey interesting

4th panda - GC great what sort of plants did you get - nice ones I'll bet - that is what a gc does you have a little look and plants say buy me they all look at you pic me

Night Brumbull think I am off as well

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi GG thought I would leave a clue or two that I had been there before you, probably about 1957, glad to see that it still survives after all this time.  in those days the Saints played at the Dell and I rode on my Father's shoulders, not a train., although the steam engines ran at the bottom of my road and we used to stand in the steam as they ran under the footbridge. My other name is Sooty!

star gaze lily

No rain today in sussex Brumbull,  but the forecast for the next few days here looks like its going to pour down hope there wrong!! Nite nite all

The potty gardener

Lily what part of Sussex are you? I'm in Newhaven but the site won't let me change it from Lewes .

Pleased you had a good day GG.

star gaze lily

East sussex often go to worthing to see friends.


It's so dark here it might be evening


Thought we'd left this thread to die. No answer needed.


Brum. Right matey fisty cuffs at 10.30am tomoz' or some time before lunch, always have a lie in on a Monday matter of principal,  just love being retired and no alarm clock, especially on a Monday Have a good evening.  

Just thought this thread was caput. Only here because my meal was horrible, and I made it.

Evening all, hello brumbull like your plant

been out in the garden digging out as much of pond area as I could as it all needs re-doing to a new pond

then in for a rest and food as very wet outside and I even ordered more plants online while indoors away from the rain

planted out a few plants later on after the down pour really wet then



Brum...I'm a girlie not an old chap and I retired early I'm only 27..well 55 if I tell the truth. Not a big pasta fan, but do like other Italian foods..if it wasn't for my gallbladder a nice piece of Gorgonzola would do nicely. H loves pasta so Alfred welcome anytime as you are kind sir

Brumbull, I will be the one on the far left we are all in the race together

plants I ordered from  still some for front garden ground cover -Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy' and Anemone leveillei white and blue bits

for a border in back garden Geum 'Lisanne' yellow and Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum yellow

will get pond plants (ones for around the pond) later have spotted some nice ones from CJ bird food well in the catalogue they sent me;page:107;/perennial_plants

think when go get pre made liner will see what plants I can get for the pond after a bit as think you need to leave water for a while to settle first - will be using waterbutt water that I have been saving from the waterbutts into water bottles, will carry down garden in bits then not to hurt to many muscles

Evening Brumbull and all

bit of gardening up station very windy today

eating nice apple pie and custard now for tea yummy

was wet in morning not afternoon here

star gaze lily

I'm a bit confused,  are we having 3 threads now