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Verdun, Fairygirl, thank you feeling much better now

Blackest, those pics are very impressive!

I will bid you all goodnight, see you on the morning thread tomorrow.....any news from Brumball yet?

No woo.  

Maybe he's away

blackest wrote (see)

 My new edible bed (well probably not the lavender)

parsley, sage, rosemary ,thyme, heather , mint , chives, oregano, curry plant,

 Cloche starting to be planted.

 Starting to plant the front half two the ground is full of blue flower seeds so should get interesting after the tete-i-tete die back, nice for 40 cents of bulbs.

Loads more to go in yet.

Hi Blackest, looking good, but I think you might have to clean your camera lens, pics are a bit blurred.

The potty gardener

Evening all.

I'm not sure I like all the talk of housework on the morning forkers thread!

Rained early on then quite nice but black clouds which made me think it was going to rain again. As a result I will have to get out tomorrow and get started on some of the jobs which really need doing.

Anyone got anything fun planned for this weekend?

Evening all going to the local sports shop with a letter from the headteacher for a price for 11 pair boys age 11 football shorts 20 tracksuits 30 of each age 5,8&11 waterproof jackets hope to get a good deal for the kids. Then down to the local GC for a bag of each sand,grit & perlite plus some compost then back home and get the garden working clothes on. Got 4 tray of seedlings to single out and 2tray of each onions and leeks to plant into veg patch a new 6ft plastic coated metal gate to hang at the back garden 4 hanging baskets to pot up and put in greenhouse for a few weeks ready to go out.So busy weekend then back to work on Monday for a rest  and see my family 250 happy kids. 



Bev I just read your post from last night-yes my 'pants' were fine...

Plants too...

Andy.....are you on something? 

And if you are...can I have some!!! 

I'm exhausted just listening to how much you do!


Hi everyone - just back from the first bike ride of the season - won't be able to sit down tomorrow

Got some plants to pot on tomorrow (just covered them up, just in case the frost materialises - and it made me realise just how big they had got).

Was also planning to cut back my penstemmon - is that a good idea if its going to get colder ??  Should I leave it til next weekend ~?? .... probably should start a thread

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you have planned

Evening peeps

Well we've had sunshine, hail, rain, more hail then sunshine , what a mixture today has been.Managed to get an hour in the greenhouse, have discarded a few plants that  had what I think was a fungus all over the compost, didn't want to risk leaving it and it spreading.

Bev, no housework spoken of here either, it will get done when its too wet outside but will concede to do a spot of ironing [ only what is absolutely necessary]

Have quite a lot of work on tomorrow but weather permitting I will be gardening on Sunday and may sneak a visit in to the GC

Speak later!


You too Chicky!


Evening all.  We are small in number. No done anything since I hoovered (sorry for lowering the tone of the thread).  Grandchildren came after school and didn't leave until 7 so it was just tea and watching TV.  Have to admit to following Emmerdale and Corrie.  Why, I don't know.

Was moving one of my solar lights and somehow the glazed ball fell off and it smashed on the patio.  Couldn't have fallen off on the grass could it.  Will try the manufacturers to see if they can send me a spare. 

Andy, you are like a whirlwind. Best rest tomorrow.

Going to watch last episode of The Syndicate now and then to bed. 


Hello folks!  I'm here and it's the weekend 


dug over again today added compost planted a few plants for starters and a lot of seed a rake in mix of red flowers.

 This corner bed has been done a while i added in a pink surfinia which i hope will cascade over the retaining wall.

there you go swiss sue now with added focus



Hi Dove! Hi Tina! Hi chicky! Hi Woo!

Hi everyone! 



Hi all. Anyone want my cough? I've treated it with Sauvignon blanc but it hasn't cured it.




But then I might fall over Dove. 



I've got a cough of my own thanks 

Tried chocolate...didn't work but will try again tomorrow in case it was off...


Thought I might try chardonnay tomorrow, see if it works better. Choc no good, or red wine, they keep me awake and twitching all night.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

But then I might fall over Dove. 

Only if you stand up - stay sitting and you'll be fine 


No sign of Verdun today? 


Booked a day's holiday today and got a lot done in the garden, but ran out of 3" pots while potting things on and had to waste an hour going out to buy more.  Couldn't resist the 2-for-a-fiver offer on clematis while I was there though!  Proper April weather here too - showers, sun, hail, sun etc.  Had 24x70l bags of compost and a dozen 80l bags of bark to shift too, but as it was supposed to be a holiday I've left that until tomorrow..  Plan is to get the spuds in this weekend, too..  Work on Monday will probably seem more like a holiday than my 3 days off!