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never mind brumbull

we all have busy days

need't to get on with loads today

didnt happen

but got something done


Eh? Which one is Marty Mower? Corny?


Morning Brumbull, wrong thread I know! "Ignored" MM ages ago, but think we're starting to get paranoid about WUMs! How is the property search going? Anything good? What sort of property are you looking for?


Evening Forkers, hi Brumbull. Property you're looking for sounds interesting, would be great to have a big plot to redo to your own taste. I would love to live in a little thatched cottage with a cottage garden, but from what I've seen they are expensive, not to mention the insurance. Oh well, one can dream!

What are you and Alberto having for dinner tonight? OH away visiting his uncle in retirement home, so am supping on my own on a tandoori spiced chicken leg with roast potatoes and peas.

Evening Brumbull and all

what you been up to?

me still in pain a lot from jab, popped out to GC with mummy and daddy - got a few sale plants and cheap bird food feeder with food, put up in garden now just wait for birds to need food. Got a pre formed pond liner from the pond place next door -ready for the pond area lots to be done to get it into the ground first

resting now watching tv GW later


Evening all

Woodgreen Wonderboy about 15 feeder and some put away, less birds a min lots of sparrows a few doves and some blue tits and two feeders for squirrels

went around garden clearing a few tools if it does get too windy and horrible

can't get past page 80 on other thread hello forkers to read more or post

me like to go on any thread I like my choice

Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... I have been a little absent from all the threads and have come back to utter confusion and upset  Hope we are all ok here .... Have spent the dy battoning down the hatches ready for the storm 


Have a cuppa Tea. Ignore pressed.

Evening Brumbull and all

Been helping out as Sholing valley study centre with keeping the park clean of litter, got a nice bit of cake for lunch

here is a pick weather was no so bad then really wet now a small bit windy but more windy yesterday

 Here is a pick of the yellow chrysanthemum very bright nice in the back garden

 I got this one from Hilliers GC

Sounds as you have been busy


What exactly did you tell us? You are an odious man and judging by the number of people who post on your threads that has become clear to everyone

Evening Brumbull

Feeling cold and rough

Brumbull do you have a pond in the garden?

Do you like the ornamental cabbage? GC are selling them at min strange


Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi GG... love your Chrysanths... did you grow them? I wish mine were half as good. However I really dislike ornamental cabbages.  They look so artificial to me but no doubt some like them or they would not be in the GCs.

Keep up the good work in Sholing.


hi Brum threads picking up nicely now mate how are you this evening.

Evening all

WW- Chrysanths came from Hilliers GC I really like them too that is why I brought it the buds were not open much then but knew it was yellow

Still feeling rough so no gardening for me

Brumbull, would you like to play a game?

Stacey Docherty

There is an unwritten rule round here if you don't have a pumpkin out you dont knock.... With 6 is it any wonder I'm just sat by the door!!