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gardengirl, I have PM'd you.


Hi there!

Have finally planted my two roses that have been waiting in large pots since Summer. Put a handfull of slow working organic fertilizer in each hole (horn shavings, don't know what that's called in English), so hope they do well. They'll get a dose of horse manure in Spring.

Hope your dinner goes smashingly well, Brumbull and that your guest give you good advice!

Fidgetbones I have PM'd you back thanks

Well done Brumbull and Swiss Sue for doing your gardening today been really wet here today

sorted out some flower seeds into the plastic pot in colour groups 


Brumbull and Swiss Sue and all  did you get anymore done in the garden?

Been nice and sunny today but feel a bit rough so stayed inside been watching rick van man on youtube

Evening Brumbull

Just been staying indoors raining out and windy today so no gardening done today other than a bit of bird watching out window

You are busy then


So excited Fidgetbones is sending parcel my way for the station of lots of goodies

It is really nice of Fidgetbones

Brumbull have you got any bulbs planted in pots?

Evening Brumbull

warm a sunny day today here been out planting up pots that needed re doing


Hi Brumbull, glad to hear you're cosy and warm.

Sounds like you've both been busy boys, , what is your article about?

Oh, and bueno appetito to you both.

it worked bb i seen it all

no need im ere

ok do i disapear then

Evening Brumbull and All

Been busy over the last couple of days with a big load of compost shifting


Thanks Brumbull it is good stuff, most of it going into the veg patch - raised beds and I get a pallet that I can keep and use some where or make something with not sure what

just a lot of lugging of the stuff down the garden

Will do, going to add rock dust from B&Q as well to help improve the soil that was already there it is said to be good stuff



Evening Brumbull

Nice to hear that you're still in contact with Tea, glad to hear that she's well. Is Dilbert still hassling her or has something finally been undertaken? Give her my regards.

Have a nice evening with your friends and don't drink too much!!


Thanks for your thoughts on the other thread Brumbull ; we intend to have a brilliant Christmas, and the little 'uns will be spoiled rotten ( as usual, of course! ).

Have a safe and enjoyable trip Saturday!


Safe journey, Brumbull and Albert, enjoy the sunshine!

Evening all

made it to the bottom of the compost bag found the pallet think I will make a planter from it looks a good one, spent a long time shovelling the compost down the garden and filling up raised beds and dug out the plants filled up the beds and re planted the flowers  

enjoy your trip Brumbull

Welcome back Brumbull