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Thank you for the warm welcome back, happy gardening. I'm painting tomorrow  

Well shut computer off now back on I did try to edit my post as - computer posted not me as was not finished then I did up load all of it but then computer refreshed it all gone

Bit faster now better start again



Here's how it looks now back aching putting all the dirt back in but deep heat helped. Last few days wrist pain must of done something bad there

I will add last picture shortly struggling this computer playing up got a mind of it's own


You've been working hard gardengirl! I have trouble with my wrists too -too much diy and lifting,shovelling and building over the years! Take it easy tomorrow and have a rest 

Well Thanks Fairygirl, trying to rest

Here's the larger area with the raised bed, would like it to flower this year

hollie hock

Looks like that was a large clump, was all of that in the bed in your last pic?


The potty gardener

My stupid laptop has been playing up again and I haven't had any internet connection all evening.

Gardengirl looks like you have been busy. It will be nice to see it when they are flowering.

Zoomer good to see you back.

I hope this wine works and everyone feels better tomorrow.

The first of my seeds have sprouted- really excited.

Night night all 

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Just finished jobs for today so feeling extremely virtuous. Latest seeds (scabious) just breaking the surface of the soil. Exciting!

Gardengirl, I'm looking forward to seeing those agapanthus in flower.

Bev, my old laptop would work if physically connected to the router but not otherwise. It turned out that the router was not set properly to allow that laptop to log on remotely. I hope your problem is resolved quickly.


Night Bev- I'm off too!

Night GG!

night all....

Gardengirl, those agapanthus will look fab, wish I'd thought to dig up ours when we moved ..... Perhaps I will treat myself to one tomorrow at GC 

Hope everyone's aches and pains are tomorrows n the morning

Hi Zoomer, haven't spoken to you on here before( relatively new to site) but welcome back anyway and happy painting!

See you tomorrow all, just going to finish the last chapter of my current book then off to bed.....

NN Fairygirl!

Evening FORKERS.   He he ....first again.  I get the cake

I know time isn't 6 yet but I turned my watch forward to say 6 pm


Oh, I do hate cheaters. Get back to the end of the queue Verdun.  Sneeky. And you expect cake - fat chance. Dove has sent me a piece of Victoria Sponge, mmmmmmm, and a flask of tea.  Wasn't that good of her.  She's obviously been toning her biceps up!!


Love it.  Might invest in one so I can hit the yapping dogs on my stretch. 

Only joking.




You could get them to sit in the 'bucket' and lob them a bit further away? 


Is it that time already...

You mean one of these Dove

 Been busy planting and walling and a bit of a path



Got two rows of spuds planted (at long last!) and lots more potting-on done.  Also found spaces for another Ribes odoratum and a Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ in a long border.  No idea where I'm going to put all of the stuff still in the GH - looks like I'll be giving lots of plants away again (which is obviously why I need to keep buying pack after pack of small pots every year, now I come to think of it!)  

The potty gardener

Evening all

Blackest can that be used to send cake?

I expect many of you are still out doing your gardens. Such a lovely day here. Got lots of little things done. The forecast for the start of next week is good horray

A woman came and bought the ginger kitty for her son and a white for her daughter. The children were so excited. I was excited at the £170 she handed over. My son straight away said I should go to GC tomorrow and treat myself. Any ideas as to how I could spoil myself??

Verdun if I didn't need your advice so much I would suggest we ban you for cheating!!!


Evening all

Hollie hock - all that plant was really close together but was all there, I have sent a bit to Scotkat for Glamis Castle in Scotland.

All - will take more photos as grows

Woo2 - what colour was your Agapanthus?

Well today did a bit of volunteering of litter picking and bird feeding at Sholing study centre, wrist still hurts - not good still need to rest

Maybe could do with that catapault to move snails out of the garden

BobTheGardener you should think of buying plastic cups to use lots in a pack and cheap