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Bev- meant to say the pic of your ginger cat looked just like the one I used to have 

I don't want to recommend what you spend your money on-I'd only get carried away!

weather pretty poor here today- heavy downpours, windy and only about  6 degrees when I got back at half 3 

Verd is very naughty Bev ...we'll just have to send him to bed with no tea...

and definitely no cake!!


Evening everyone,

No gardening today - been to Twickenham to cheer on Jonny W !  He looked amazingly diddy amongst his teammates (have since learnt he is 6'1" and 15 stone - so I guess it was his teammates that were v big!).  Nice day out.

Frost last night has turned my big magnolia a pinky shade - by tomorrow it will be properly brown .  Reckon we get a good show from it 1 year in 3 - the frost spoils the rest.  But GH plants all seemed to weather the storm.

Work tomorrow - roll on next Friday - when the weekend will stretch to 3 whole days - yippee


Evening everyone

Gardengirl, couldn't get an agapanthus today , they only had 3 there which were in poor condition, will be getting some more in about 3 weeks so will go back and buy one then. The breakfast was delicious though 

TT will buy a wholesale size of shampoo, decant it into smaller bottles and post them out, will make a killing lol!

Apart from stuffing myself at the GC Ive been busy in the greenhouse. Done some more sowing, pricking out etc, out for about 6 hours, pure bliss.

2 chickens escaped so spent 20 mins chasing them around nextdoors garden then enticing them back into their run. The dog thought it was a game and tried to join in too. Was like a comedy sketch. 

Forget to get meat out of freezer so no roast this evening.....will have to be a 'dirty' tea ( something quick and unhealthy) , see you later.....


Gardening Grandma

Eveing all. Made a steak pie for lunch. Delish - but pastry doesn't really agree with me so I'm paying now!

Slept this afternoon instead of getting in garden and then it started to rain. All I did was water my large family of seedlings, which I still haven't photographed - but it is coming when they are looking beautiful enough! Scabious have now started coming through. most of them aren't going to be big enough to plant for quite a while, so I've got some hardy annuals to plant in the new borders this year to fill gaps. Never used them before, being an enthusiast of herbaceous perennials, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try. 

Trying to watch Endeavour and concentrate on this forum. It isn't working. No clue what Endeavour is about and probably writing rubbish on the forum. What's new?  


hollie hock

Hello everyone, good day had here, great to be outside.Gardengirl, lovely big clumps, not really looked at that thread but will do

Had a quick trip to the local nursery got some compost and some more aubriettas as bare roots...........that's it no more


I'm feeling very snoozy now, so I'll say goodnight folks - sweet dreams - see you in the morning 


Night Dove 

GG- I'm watching Endeavour too-never really liked Morse-loved Lewis. Bit tired- was awake at half 5 this morning.

Could do with that catapult for the brats that keep cutting through my garden..

Just wait till I get the fence and the jaggy hedge..

Was very good when I was out today- no breakfasts Woo...and no plants either-just necessary items.. for a change!

And groceries 

GG-the butler did it..


hi all not a bad day walked to allotment (two miles) down hill watered all the seedlings that were up picked some rhubarb wailked over the cliffs to town got a few boring bits then walked home,am cream crackered now. night night 


Night night chica. Think I'm off too.

Catch up with you all tomorrow.

Sleep tight all.

Evening All

Me just been resting today checking seeds in plastic greenhouse

Anyone been doing anything garden wise?


had busy day on sunday . made a small rock garden .and sown some off tomorrow morning will get stuck in . still cold in manchester.frost tonight ? make sure cold frame doors are shut . just checked mine and there were open . must be my age . 


Evening Gardengirl.  Bit lonely here isn't it.  No garden for me today. Been resting my aching bones.  Did finish off son's accounts so now my brain, what there is of it, is aching.  How can the automatic calculation, a calculator and me all get different answers to all the columns.  Need some tutoring on spreadsheets. Gardening is so much easier and more fulfilling.

Perhaps all the others are worn out.

Evening Archiepen.  You weren't here when I started posting.  Hope you have enjoyed your day. Been chilly here in the SE, although sunny.


hollie hock

Evening  everyone, finally did some proper pricking out and potting on today and a general potter about. So good to be seeing everything growing. The sun was shining and it was almost t shirt weather


Evening Tina, holly, archiepen, gardengirl....who all beat me to it today. Hope you all had good day. EveniNg to everyeNe else to come

Its been glorious today...Blue sky all day and now.

I think it will be cool tonight so will have to delay plantIng beans out.  Will do so later in the week though cos its  nearly May




Evenin all. Just had dinner. Lots done in garden this afternoon despite the wind. Got all my plants out for a bit more hardening off- difficult to get them some shelter from wind but tomorrow to be better so I might even think about putting the sweet peas in a container and seeing if they survive! Been putting them out for at least a couple of weeks now so might be ok..

Put my Carex evergolds in the new long tom pots I got on Sat so they look smart. Might have to secure them to a fence so they don't blow over

Washing dried quickly so that was a bonus!

Tina you've been slogging for days so don't feel guilty about having a break!

Gardening Grandma

Evening all.   Lovely afternoon in the garden, planting and weeding, mostly gone-over hyacinths that may or may not survive but also a centaurea and a lovely hellebore called Silver Lace with lime green leaves and flowers.

Thiink I'm the only one on this thread at the moment. Its so empty there's an echo when I speak! Helloooo -ooooo!


Evening everyone

As its a work day the nearest I got to gardening was checking the greenhouse when I got home but OH did some digging for an hour whilst I made tea. He's fleeced one of the veggie beds as we've got frost predicted for the next few nights

One of the nice things about my work is that I visit people in their homes so get to have a nose at their gardens and get some great ideas/info. I just love to chat about gardening  with them, usually over a cuppa whilst I'm doing their treatment, time just whizzes away

Take care all and rest those aching muscles when needed!

Evening all again nice to read what peps be doing - is a bit quite on here tonight

The potty gardener

Evening all. Another beautiful day here. never mind t shirt weather I've been wearing a strappy summer dress for the last week.

I just potted up my ferns then sat reading in the sunshine.

Mind you when I went out to water when the sun wasn't in the garden I put a cardi on. I never manage to water the plants without soaking myself.