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Night chick. To be milder here tonight too.

archie.. It's all that work you're doing - making you confused!

Evening all

Nice and sunny today done a bit of seed sowing - first of my veg started - crimson broad beans sown direct in raised bed and in a tray cosmos purity seeds.

Lots of seed sowing to go and pricking out seedlings was also playing merry go round with the seed trays

I think we should have more pics on this forum


You're right Gardengirl, more pics, I'll see if I have anything.


Gardengirl, I thought you said we should have more pigs on this forum - I like pigs 


I did a bit of mowing. Sorry Dove, all the pig pics are on the old computer. 




Nut, that's not a garden, that's an estate. Have you got a sit on mower?  If not, you deserve one. 

Am having another early night.  Don't know what's wrong with me.  Must be getting old. Night all.


She doesn't need a sit on mower - she needs sheep (but they don't do stripes )


Night Tina 

I cut my grass the other day and it was strange-took 15 mins. At last house it took 2 hours with two of us doing it! Kept me fit if nothing else 

What trees are in the pic nut?

Zebras do stripes......I'll get my coat.....


TT you're right, that's not a garden. It's more of a home for wildlife. Mowing that corner to corner strip does make it look really big though doesn't it 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have 10 Jacob's sheep on a 2 acre paddock... they belong to my neighbour and he has some more including 11 lambs (aaah) and 3 pigs elsewhere in the village. It's his hobby although they all eventually end up on sale in the local village shop where I volunteer. The meat sells out in no time, and is delicious.

Today I eventually finished potting on my dahlias... there are around 150 to go in plus more which are in larger pots permanently. Most appeared to have survived the harsh winter. I might leave them in the ground next year, to cut down on the work involved. The show they put on is very beautiful, a kaliedoscope of colour from June to frost.

Now that that job is done , they can look after themselves for now, apart from watering, and I can get on with tidying up the garden, for the summer opening.


fairygirl, there's an ash rightish in front and field maples to the left.

Over at the back are a mixture of hawthorns, hornbeams, wild berberis, a bird cherry. Tried to get a good mix in. Mostly natives I grew from seed so nothing more than 20 years old. The hornbeams and a few oaks were here when we came but tiny. 

The lump on the left is a laurel, good windbreak but I've seriously gone off laurel.


Thats a whole lot of colour you got coming this summer.

I used to call on ssomeone  whose passion was dahlia's.....nothiNg but dahlias front and back.  Stunning colour


WW - 150!!  I found it hard to keep 10 on the go - I gave up eventually

You'll have to let us know when your garden is open - the New Forest is just a stone's throw away (I grew up in Dibden Purlieu!)  - I'd love to come and see what 150 dahlias look like en masse ....

Nut - love your meadow.  Remember seeing pictures of it last year that made me green with envy.

Night all


Woodgreen wonderboy

Chicky... Woodgreen village gardens open on 16 June , although that is probably a bit early for best of the dahlias after the late spring...that's my excuse anyway. Look forward to seeing you. Nearby Hale gardens open on 12 May...acid soils so lots of rhodis etc.


BL-no,no.... Verdun's got a duffel coat... like Jonathon Creek...

Nut- that's a really lovely mix of  trees. Great for wildlife too. I'm very fond of hornbeam and I know what you mean about laurel- not keen on it either