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I AM Jonathon creek.

Dahlias aren't really my thing but I have quite a number of them now,incl the bishop, twynings after this....a few of the Bishops Children, Honka which I love, and few bought from the national collection based down here.  They are growing on me


Verd I saw a nice euphorbia at GC the other day which  you might like- 'Craigieburn' I think it was called - dark plummy red foliage and little acidic bracts. Very nice 

Off to bed- night all 

Thanks it.  For me it's better minus those flowers

Night folks.

Gardening Grandma

Evening! Where has everybody been! It is 20 past 6, you know!

Been a lovely day here and - after the funeral  and a lunch out that we could not really afford - I had a productive and contented day messing about in the garden. Off to keep a newly widowed friend company now, so have a lovely evening without me!


I'm here!  Sat too long in the sun today and now have a headache.  Mustn't grumble though.

Never got to B&Q or GC.  Nuff said.  Going tomorrow now. Once again, I'm not holding my breath. 

Have completed my 'behind the shed', project (sounds a bit naughty doesn't it).  Feel much happier now. Need some new plants and have to take a clematis back to GC.  This will be the second time.  Bought it 2 years ago. It's a Montana which should be spread all over my 6ft fence trellis, but is just a dead twig. If it was a cheapo from Morrisons, I wouldn't bother but it was £10. 

Hope everyone has had a good day and weather.



Evening all! Been out all afternoon tidying up front garden and now watching programme about Maria Callas and eating Cottage Pie so all's well in myworld 

Tina-bet you're fuming...


Woodgreen wonderboy

I shouldn't be amazed but I am, but have you seen how everything in the garden is taking off like a rocket now that there is a bit of warmth. Every year we worry that things won't get started and then ...pow!! Cut the grass today and that always makes everything look better even if I still have loads to do to tidy up in the flower beds. Uplifting.


Maria Callas ate Cottage Pie! Wow, the things you learn on this forum.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

Maria Callas ate Cottage Pie! Wow, the things you learn on this forum.

Why do you think she had such a great voice Tina...

The power of the pie....

Well hello and good evening FORKERS.

Been hectic day but got some work done  in the garden too......carrots sown,  beetroot and spring onions.  

Been glorious most places I expect.....and bees everywhere.  On ribes, wallflowers, heathers ....everywhere.  More bees today than I saw last summer I think.

Tina hope you didnt burn too much in the guys up north aren't used to seeing the sun, are you?..........oops!


Verdun, unless I am being stupid, which has been known, I don't live in the North.  I live in Kent, the Garden of England.  Sounds like the sun's got to you today.

WW, I felt the same tonight when looking at the garden.  A week ago, I felt quite downhearted, but now, with everything greening up and my heavy job done, I feel grand.  It's a lovely feeling isn't it.



Great day. Been sorting out the nursery which is (over)full ot things waiting for me to plant them. But first I have to prepare the sites. This is going to be a long job.

The potty gardener

Evening all. Stupid computer wouldn't connect to internet at all last night.

Another lovely day here. Saw my first butterfly of the year, then saw 2 more different ones.

Also got 3 Lampranthus in flower. I didn't realise they flowered this early.

It seems everyone is now able to get out into their gardens.I expect many of you are still out enjoying a warm evening.


Tina, everywheres north to us Cornish.  You live in England ...we live in Cornwall. Another country!


I see you had a blue butterfly Bev. I haven't seen one of those yet, or an orange tip. Those are usually around with the hedge garlic and the cuckoo flowers.

The swallows have got here though



We haven't seen swallows yet, but hope to see some around Upwell and Outwell on our journey to Lincs on Saturday evening.  There are probably some here down by the marshes, but I've not had a chance to go down there lately.  Quite a few 'white' butterflies around the gardens at work, and lots of solitary bees (sounds like a contradiction in terms 

Evening all

Been busy at the train station volunteering lots of pruning of shrubs - wrist still sore though, here is some pictures of bits of the station


Tulips in flower now

Well at home taking photos and filling the garden waste wheelie bin lots of twigs and checking out seedlings - Photos

Plug plants in my window sill propagator from Marshalls

Dwarf tulips in flower

A white tulip from the white area

Woodgreen Wonderboy - would be nice to come see your garden not that far away from Southampton - Do you serve cake on your open day?



Did someone say cake?


Gardengirl - lovely pix! Particularly like that little white tulip 


Is that really a tulip? It looks like something more exotic than that