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It is a tulip brought for bulb company de jager fringed type called swan wings


That's rather nice. 

hollie hock

Hello everyone, I know what you mean wonderboy, it is amazing and I love it Everything is just growing.

Gardengirl, it's looking good. thought the tulip looked a bit furry, maybe a iris?



Oh, what a shame. It's English cake Verdun.


Evening Forkers..

I had a strange day today, which turned out nice, my manager instructed me to take some toil, I had a cancelled appointment later in the day, she said I put in enough time at work and what isn't done will wait till tomorrow...... talk about mood swings I'm normally getting into trouble for what isn't done... ...ddn't need telling twice though, had a rather pampered afternoon. Got in at the hair dressers, then mowed the lawn, which took all of 10mins and did my nails whilst sat in the garden. Was going to go clothes shopping but by then it was 5pm and the traffic was heavy.



Who said they wanted cake? Will this do? It's my favourite


- gooey chocolate. It's a bit late now, but I had a slice instead of a mug of hot chocolatebefore bed.




im drooling buzy lizzie,oooh i want some.not been a bad day potted on some seedlings marked dont knows,then cats protection phoned me and ask will i hand rear four two week old kittys someone dumped them,as im a foster carer for themso not much sleep for me have to bottle feed them every two hours.cant stop thinking about the cake.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I think the village hall will be serving cream teas when the gardens are open. The hall has beautiful wall murals depicting the village and the actual villagers in 1933... 80 years ago this year. Well worth a visit, even if garden is rubbish.  Sorry for delay in answering this vital question but only just back from pub quiz where we came last. We get to choose a subject for next week... as we won't be there we chose "nuclear physics".


easy peezy woodgreen

Cream teas sound nice so might pop in but would like a nice non chocolate victoria sponge cake thanks for the reply woodgreen wonderboy 

just sorting out sweet pea seeds to sow

The potty gardener

Busy-Lizzie could you just mail me some of that cake?

Verdun- does my daughter need her passport then? She works in Cornwall  but lives in Devon.So has to cross the border to get to work

Well I'm off tobed now. Night all.

Highland Jeannie

S'pose I'm too late for the cake then??

Presumably I'm first on here tonight as the rest of you are enjoying the sunshine today??

Well up here it's been horrible; tomorrow it's supposed to be horrible too - might even get sleet!!    Spring has sprung & the grass needs a cut, but it feels more like early March today.


I'm off to my country dancing class to warm up!!


Hello folks - haven't been around much the past few days - bizzy bizzy bizzy - and then today I went out and emptied M&S then met up with foodie friends and had a really delicious lunch - I am not going to eat again for a fortnight - but I  didn't say anything about not having a G&T

Just been reading back on the Morning Forkers thread   Gilly L has a tortoise!!!  Can we have a picture please!!!  What is his/her name???  Can we share - virtually?



Hi all..yes Jeannie the rain caught me later today but got a bit done outside. Hope you don't get the snow that's being forecast for Saturday.. Think I might just miss it here- fingers crossed. Cold and miserable now.

Dove- don't make me jealous- yummy lunches haven't featured in my life for a while!

Cake- that's what's needed here- might have to make one tomorrow....

Will send you some Jeannie!

Gardening Grandma

Expect I'm alone on here tonight, too, with everyone still in the garden. It has been a fabulous day and I've moved all my seedlings from the conservatory to the summerhouse, which is pretty light and well-insulated. Had a brainwave, when wondering where to put them for my friend to water when we go away again in a week.


Oh has set out stones for new path and started digging new borders.

 I'm really pleased with it and plan to surround it with borders and flowering plants, doing away with the lawn altogether.

 Spent all day doing garden jobs and now feeling the glow of virtue, but absolutely kna***red and can't do any more! 


Evening all......

Laid up with sciatica since out in the garden this afternoon for a slow limp around!!!

I discovered this walking on the top of the soil amongst my strawberries & pine-berries.

I have posted on the problem forum.

Have a good evening to watch a bit of footie until Masterchef starts.


Hi everyone - old and new

Just had to water all my pots and newly  planted plants, which were looking a bit droopy.  Been a glorious day here today (sorry Jeannie) - made the most of the evening by going for a bike ride (and then exercising my electoral privelege on the way home).

Time for tea now ....


PS GG - love the path.  Looks great now, but I think you are right, it will look fantastic surrounded by plants and borders.  Lots of space to fill with new goodies