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Evening all.  Everyone seems to have been busy today, even if one of us has been doing a bit of retail therapy and feeding her face.

GG, that looks good and will be really great when you have all the beds done. Looks like quite a lot of work though.  Hope you, or should I say, OH, is fit.

Had to water too Chicky as plants were gasping.  Just hoping my replanted tree will be OK.  Did give it a really good soaking.

Sorry to hear about the sciatica Turfite.  Had a bout of that about 2 years ago and thought it would never go.  Very painful and debilitating. 

Just had to put the heating on as it has turned very chilly. Better than having to have it on all day though. Us OAP's must make sure we use up our winter allowance.


hello everyone,chicky thanks for telling me about the evening thread,.


Does get a bit confusing GillyL and there is one amongst us that cheats by posting early just so they can be first.  I'm not mentioning any names but he doesn't live in England........apparently.


what  a great day . frost first thing .. then clear and sunny skys . got the weekend kids and grandkids free .lots of work to to do and  bar-b que  for the  two of us and charlie our 12 year old kitten. on sunday,  clear skys in north manchester tonight make sure you cover  the little uns


who could you possibly mean!


The potty gardener

Tina you made me laugh out loud!

GG that path looks great, lots of pics as borders are dug and planted up please.

Sorry to have to say it's been another beautiful day here. I'm having to water every day.

Archiepem can we have a pic of your little Charlie please? We have two of the kittens from Lilies litter left. They are just so sweet.


Tina... He's very quiet tonight...are you in Verd?

Bev- you can have some of our rain


iI know this is probably a stupid question ,but as a newbie I would like to know what the red pepper means next to some names.

Evening everyone

What a glorious day it's been, just hoping it continues into the weekend when I'm home.

TT, sounds as if you and your son have been busy, glad that he helped with the heavy work, it must be really coming together now.

GG I  like the look of the pathway, a lot of bed/border to fill but I bet it will look lovely when it's done, you must be itching to start! 

Hi GillyL 

Gardening Grandma

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'm really looking forward to planting it up. Lots of plants coming from seed, so it may take a while to mature!





Gardening Grandma

Gilly,nice to see your post and I hope you enjoy the forum. I have no idea which red pepper you sre talking about, though.

 Been busy day one way or another.  Always try to look in on the forum to see what my friends here are saying though.

I guess it's not too seriously felt but many of us in Cornwall like to think we are indeed a country of our own...we local yokels are a bit simple!

hollie hock

Hello everyone, the sunshine is still shining here, hoping it's going to continue into the weekend.

Spotted an other Echininciea through today, very pleased as grew them from seed last year. It will match the other 2, I like odd numbers in the garden.

GG, what have you got growing? I think I can see some sweetpeas.....but can't really see the rest.


Bit like here in France, the people in Brittany are in their own country too.

The red peppers show "hot" threads, but don't know why they are hot. Perhaps Daniel the GW website editor knows.

Gardening Grandma

We Welsh are not too fussed on being described as English, either, Verd. Must be the Celtic blood we share with the Irish, Scottish and Cornish. When we were in Cornwall, I read the Cornish language version of the Lord's Prayer. Looked and sounded like a barmy version of the same prayer in Welsh. I'm not being insulting - it was like Welsh yet incomprehensible to me. You could see there was a strong connection, though.



the chilli pepper next to forum threads its hot topics.


Does the forum allow foreigners to post?  Will have go look at the rule book for guidance.  I know you all speak odd.

I will not comment on your description of being simple Verd. Not for me to judge.

Hope you all realise this was said tongue in cheek.  Don't want to upset anyone.

I was extremely pleased to have son's help today Woo. It was a long time coming! Did thank him though. Once he starts, he really enjoys it in the garden and will plod on for hours.  A good day.

The potty gardener

I think Tina the forum allows foreigners if like Busy-Lizzie they do not cheat.

I am now worried about Brumbull, he disappeared so suddenly.

Well I'm off to bed now. Hope all who have to work tomorrow have a good day.


But I'm not a foreigner! I just live abroad. They send me GW magazine (more expensive!)

Hey Tina. No you havent upset anyone.  

There is a perception that Cornish folk are bit on the simple side.   Just trying to let everyone know that we is highly eddekated and smart.  Ha ha

It good good you had your sons help....sounds nice guy!

I think the forum is open to anyone and foreigners welcome too