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Know it's the wrong time of day Verdun but I googled about the history of Cornwall last night, like I do, and was interested in what I read. All happened long before my time!!

People who judge others by where they come from are ignorant themselves, but there's a lot of them about, unfortunately.

Cornwall has the highest proportion of mental institues to cope with all the cousins

Hey joslow I resemble that remark!

Ill have you know I'm as sane as my invisible friend

Have good day joslow


bev poundsett - krynaun.. the picture you requested charlie age 10 she is coming up to 13


Good evening forkers

Didnt really get any time in the garden but cut off flowered stems on my hellebores.  Two it creates space for my perennials growIng alongside to fill out and, two, it enables my plants to build up strength for even better flowering next year.

This is an exciting time ...this transitional time between spring flowers that have gone over and those that will soon....because it enables me to see exactly where my (masses of ) tender perennials will go.

Probably I will plant out some annuals in pots over the weekend......mild enough now I think overnight for that.

Be good everyone

Gardening Grandma

Evening Forkers! Hope everyone had a good day. We took elderly sister in law to Dyffryn Gardens, just taken over by the National Trust, so did more looking than gardening. lovely place! SIL has alzheimers and talks delightful nonsense, thinking everything is as it was 50 years ago, and she loves a laugh, so it was rather fun. Took her to see her even older sister afterwards, where they proceeded to talk amiably at complete cross-purposes until we took her back to the residential home for tea! Surreal!

Watered the pots and plotted what to do in the garden tomorrow. Lovely!


Evening.  Done very litle today except sit in the sun. Did put some solar lights out and just tidied up and put things back in the shed which I didn't get round to yesterday.  Tree still standing!

Have experience of Alzheimers GG.  MIL suffered.  I can now look back and laugh at some of the things she got up to but it wasn't funny at the time.  I did find it funny though when she and another sufferer at the home trotted around, both of them chatting at 19 to the dozen but not about the same thing.  They seemed to understand each other!


cloudy day here in north manchester warm and windy . bit of a let down  after yesterday . got some free timber out a skip . i love to receycle things. forecast is good  weather. but this is manchester . 

The potty gardener

Another scorcher here. Did far too much sitting in the sun. Did get to plant three clematis out. I'm supposed to be going away for weekend- wonder if I can trust son to water my plants?


no  chance . offer a small present on on your return ..i surgest one alys fowlers books

Hey Verdun, I fly the Cornish flag from my allotment shed - when it first went up a few of the old boys were scratching their heads; most of them fly the Union Flag, and I took great pleasure in educating them in the ways of us strange Celts!


i fly the union flag and the cross of st george . born here and iam a celt , slan


now then missletoe  can you grow it



Lawksamussey!  Will we need our passports when we visit Cornwall later this month? Will it help us get a visa if we say we know Verdun?

Will it help if we bring cake 

Woodgreen wonderboy

After 2 full days weeding and cutting new edges to the bed/lawn edge I am having a gardening holiday this weekend. Hilliers garden tomorrow with great niece Phoebe, who is only a few weeks old ( start them appreciating gardens young I say), trip to see alpines at Kew on Sunday, and plant fair at Longstock ( John Lewis Nursery) on Monday. Weather forecast is good. Happy bunny.



What a lovely weekend you have planned WW - enjoy 

I'm heading up the wooden hill now - sweet dreams everyone - see you in the morning.

Yes it will help you to enter the try try of Cornwall if you bring cake.  The more cake the longer you may stay

Nice one pentillie.  

We went to the scarecrow fair in Wray this evening. Started off as a get together and meal at a local curry house in town. Un be knowing to me, the person booking said it was my birthday, it won't be for a few weeks yet. Free drinks and a nice ice cream cake with sparkler came with the order .

I was driving and so suggested we went out of town after the meal, someone else wanted to go to Wray and a local village pub. The scarecrow fair is on for a week every year, all the Wray villagers usually take part and have scarecrows in their gardens, best one wins a prize, there's different stuff going on each day, the weekend is usually the high light, with a very serious fell run on Monday. 

Well worth a visit if anyone is in the area over the weekend.