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Not as sunny as they promised today - but had a nice afternoon wandering around other people's gardens (open gardens weekend here).  Planning to do the same again tomorrow afternoon (too many to see in one go without getting garden fatigue).

Going out for a curry now

Gardening Grandma

Quite a nice day here, in the end, though the breeze was quite cold. We decided not to have a large party to celebrate OH's 70th but instead to have a holiday and I spent most of the afternoon booking and organising it. Wonderful - sunshine and warmth in January! All gardening plans were abandoned. Tomorrow is another day...

Pennine Petal

Evening, windy here to GG, lovely blue sky, but quite cool when the wind blows. Didn't spend long in the garden, I'm afraid. Hoping it will be better tomorrow.




nearly got all my borders made now been planting and scattering seeds and trying to remember where i have been.





lol at the moment i get to look at mud patches while most everyone else has a nice garden already :P



I get to look at last year's perennial stalks blackest, still a lot to cut down. Some nice plants have come round them though and I'm finally getting on with it.

Gardening Grandma

Just to prove I'm a show off myself,  my garden is the best it has ever been at this time of year because - for once- I actually started in Feb and cut back old growth, weeded and mulched.

Woodgreen wonderboy

What's your secret GG??... I can never get going in the cold weather, which means this year I am somewhat behind. However I am romping away now that the relative warmth has arrived.


few photo's at this link

Gardening Grandma

That's your garden, blackest? It's a lot more work than mine! But, oh, how jealous I am of the size and the setting! You bungalow looks not dissimilar to mine - but the garden!!

WW, we had a few nice days in Feb  despite the snow and this is a relatively mild part of the world. Think I was just desperate for fresh air and the sun on my face. My mild hay fever started as soon as I got near a plant, though there can't have been much pollen!!


 Thats pretty much the length of it

added this trellis and a few sweet peas plenty of seeds planted in these beds  just got to wait a while

 marcel menard is just starting to open in the corner onions cabbage and lettuce under the cloche getting a path together for access into the front beds

 Front beds are coming together path is mostly dug just need to finish the walls and gravel it (oh and plant a bit more ) seedlings are starting to show. the right hand bed got dug and sieved to remove stone and clay lumps.

So thats pretty much where i am at now, just need good weather to see how it grows

Woodgreen wonderboy

Time for bed... early start tomorrow as off to Kew on alpine GS trip.


Technically it's half of the garden. My landlord built his own house and then the cottage came up for sale so he bought it so as not to be overlooked. Think I posted a photo showing the back half before




evening all woodgreen have a lovely day ive been down allotment most of the day someone gave me celeriac to plant never had that befor,and someone else gave me an oca never heard of that either nice and sunny here in devon,got a pirate thing going on in brixham will popdown there tomorrow.

Gardening Grandma

Morning, all! Looks like I'm first this morning - unless someone else is typing at the same time as me. This ancient laptop is very slow, so if so you'll beat me onto the thread. Spilt coffee on my good laptop!

Reasonable day here, though no sun at the moment. Lots of little jobs to do - and I still haven't assembled that automatic watering system, which has to be in action by next Thursday. I'm scared of it, that's why!

Have a great day, everyone!

GardenIng grandma

No, you were LAST on the evening

Anyway have a good day.....


Fantastic day so far, sun shining, birds singing, green woodpeckers tapping away nest bulding in a willow. I shall go and weed around 'molly the witch' she's nearly out and the weeds don't improve the picture

Hi all,
Im a little early today with the write up and ive a good reason why,
Yesterday i continued to make the path from the court-yard and 45 feet across the Lawn to the pool,
I worked most of the day removing the soil/clay from one side of the now filled in path and then later planted 90 box on the one side i'd finished "ive still the opposit side to dig out & complete before the complete job is done"

But as the day came to an end and my back was telling me its time to call it a day!
I thought i'd better give these 90 box a really good watering to help settle them in,
and by around 9pm i'd watered the box and finished for the day.

Well last night we had one hell of a storm here, Lightning and then thunder and rain like ive not heard for a long time,

It was as i lay awake at 2-30am i thought thats sods law! ive spent time watering and just listern to that rain coming down.

And this morning's been no better, "But" the water butts are all getting filled ready for the next hot spell.

Well lets hope the sun shines later today and i can do some more box prep & planting.

Till this evening, cheers.