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hollie hock

Looks really good, thanks for the link

No AA normal batteries they are meant to last for a month - depends on user interval program as 10 sec and 30 sec the camera can't sleep in between but the other setting it can so saves battery power and you can set start and finish times. prob will get some of those batteries later on

Like the camera Gg.

Didn't do alot in the garden today. Put out trays of seedlings this morning and bit the bullet this evening by leaving a tray with the biggest seedlings in the GH overnight. 

Now after embarrassing myself!!!! I am in the right place (I THINK LOL), today as soon to be moving house I have took my sheds down, Still been to see to my plants especially the ones I am taking with me in the move and any of the plants and flowers I do leave behind I want to make sure they are looked after in the hope the next people in the property will look after them to,!!!!


Evening everyone.

Matty I hope you're feeling a little better and you've taken it easy today

Niviac, good luck with the move, when do you go, are you moving far? Exciting to start on a new garden

No gardening for me today, am one of the unfortunates who have had to work...sob sob, but that's 2 bank hols that I have worked so far so no more for the rest of the year, my quota done

Our chickens are laying every day now so are beginning to earn their keep. Have just spent a while with them in the garden, neighbours must think I'm a looney as I chat away to them. Have given them all names, Maud, Mabel, Mildrid and Millicent, they're just great. Maisie ( the dog ) is a tad jealous!

Hope you have all enjoyed the glorious weekend, just off to do some watering, catch up later.....

Woo hoo....just realised I was the first one on here 



I work bank hols too 

The chickens sound great and how lovely to have fresh eggs. Hope you don't get troubled by foxes. We had planned to have chickens at last house but the hen house would have needed blitzed or they would have disappeared overnight.

Just about to have dinner- first bit of home grown lettuce - then will go outside and start digging holes for fence posts. Now that I have my wheelbarrow back I can mix the concrete and get some in tomorrow as it's to be dry.

Dag nam it....beaten by    Greetings everyone 

Hope you are well Matty

It has been hot today....23 at lunchtime. Not much gardenIng...too darn hot....but planted out convolvulous cneorum, geum tangerine dream, agastache black adder, and some regale lilies.  tempted to plant tomatoes too but....well, just was too lazy!

Niviac, settled in yet?  

...and beaten by Fairygirl too.   Wots happening?


FG, my next door neighbour put concrete in the post hole and then added water.  Made it look easy, well easier than mixing it.

Ended up having to clean pond pump and filters - again.  It's getting clogged with all the blanketweed so I will treat it tomorrow.  Was going to do it tonight but chatted for too long.  Did water what was necessary. Was very hot today.

Let's hope for another good day tomorrow.


It'll be good for my bingo wings TT...

Have you tried putting a bit of water cress in your pond for the blanket weed? It helps clear it. 


Hello, we're home .

OH has just mowed the front lawn, and I've just potted up some shade-lovers donated by Nutcutlet - I've totally forgotten the names except one was a hardy geranium and one had a flower a bit like a reflexed borage, and the other was woodruff.  I've also got some lovely ' very specials' including a baby 'Molly the Witch' .  

Yesterday we went to a scarecrow festival in the very pretty village of Uffington, and of course there was a plant stall so I caved in and bought a Hosta variegata undulata (which I shall keep in a pot) and an Echinops Veitch's Blue for the bees.

 This morning, on the way to visit Nutcutlet, we stopped off in Market Deeping at a roadside plant stall to beat all roadside plant stalls - within a few minutes the owner was showing me around her back garden, introducing me to her cats and finding special shadelovers for my garden - as the car was almost full to bursting I only bought one plant, a Lamium orvala with lovely crushed raspberry coloured flowers but I shall be calling in again next time we visit MIL.  The owner even offered to water my plants when we go away on holiday - until she discovered we live 80 miles away.  She had hundreds of pots of cuttings and seedlings, some very choice plants at bargain prices - anyone in the area should visit - it's near Tescos in Market Deeping.


Evening all.

its been interesting reading the posts. This is my first posting so I hope not to bore you all. We have recently moved to a nehose use with a nice sized garden. It is laid to lawn which is very mossy. We've scarified & treated it and its looking better. There is much to do, all of the shrubs are overgrown and need cutting right back. 

Im so looking forward to getting this done.



work am but sat yes  sat in the garden all pm . but made mental notes of next winters big jobs . had  lunch outside and drank cool beer. and yep sunnny and hot in north manchester  

The potty gardener

Evening all. Been away for a couple of days so trying to catch up a bit. The time lapse camera sounds great GG.Istill need to look back and do some more catching up.

Went to a couple of lovely nurseries whilst away. Also ate far too much and walked round some lovely gardens.


Bev all part of going away-eating too much 



Thanks all - feeling a bit more chipper than this morning - now have this aggravating cough.

Have done virtually nothing Strict OH orders. We did put the fountain pump on - quite a novelty to have it working. Potted on one begonia (I'll get them done one day) and potted up one of those new foxglove illumination - that's it.

OH wrapped solar light string round the crossed arches as well, have to wait till dark to see of it's OK

Then we had a BBQ and next door neighbour passed his jet washer over fence ( didn't ask) so that's a job for tomorrow 



Glad you're feeling better Matty. A little relaxation will have done you good