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Been a hot one but a good day in the garden, been potting on and got old greenhouse fettled. Toms re-potted & over wintering  plants re-potted or topped up. Had to have hose out as soil in some beds cracking, the joy of clay.

In front of myself with the peas and courgettes, wanted a head start but peas now size to go in garden, but daren't, so trying to slow them down a bit by leaving them outside tonight, supposed to be double figures, they are in a sheltered spot.

Still no sign of the runners as yet. I've grow sweet peas in toilet roll middles for first time, what a faff, they keep drying out and falling over. Another time they'll go in a pot and have to have shorter roots!

Fairy..don't you be hurting yourself digging holes and mixing concrete.

Dove new plants sound good, I love getting new "babies".

Had a "Greek" salad for tea..I so want tomatoes that taste of something.

Right off for a well earned glass or two and then bed, don't care if it's only half eight.

Jess.dines wrote (see)

Evening all.

its been interesting reading the posts. This is my first posting so I hope not to bore you all. We have recently moved to a nehose use with a nice sized garden. It is laid to lawn which is very mossy. We've scarified & treated it and its looking better. There is much to do, all of the shrubs are overgrown and need cutting right back. 

Im so looking forward to getting this done.

Welcome Jess - nice to meet new people on here  If you're talking about gardening (or even cake) you're highly unlikely to bore us 

Looking forward to finding out more about your garden.

Welcome to the forum jess.

Exciting times to come in your new garden

hollie hock

Evening everyone, sunny and productive day here lots of potting on and sown some more seeds. Great to be outside at all long last.


Gardening Grandma

Evening all, and welcome, Jess.

It is now official. I am a genius!  Unaided (almost - OH's wrist is stronger than mine), I managed to set up an automatic watering system. OH was not willing to do it and solemnly warned me that I would fail. He is now rather impressed! I'm just self-satisfied.

It has been a glorious day - the first of many, I hope. It was wonderful to be in the open air all day.

Hope everyone else had a good day, too. Even if they could not quite manage my level of genius!





Congratulations GG, True genius.

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

 This morning, on the way to visit Nutcutlet, we stopped off in Market Deeping at a roadside plant stall to beat all roadside plant stalls - within a few minutes the owner was showing me around her back garden, introducing me to her cats and finding special shadelovers for my garden - as the car was almost full to bursting I only bought one plant, a Lamium orvala with lovely crushed raspberry coloured flowers but I shall be calling in again next time we visit MIL.  The owner even offered to water my plants when we go away on holiday - until she discovered we live 80 miles away.  She had hundreds of pots of cuttings and seedlings, some very choice plants at bargain prices - anyone in the area should visit - it's near Tescos in Market Deeping.



Hello Dove

I went there to blue bell cottage garden last year when on holiday tarporley near  Chester lovely garden had to buy a few plants as well and nice scones too

Evening all as well

Today been planting up train station were I volunteer and the ground where it has been dry was a bit solid to dig and also watering lots of plants at home and taking cuttings of euronymous

Here's a picture of my false sunflower from Hollie hock

It was very hot today mad sure I had a hat on, going to leave the plastic greenhouse open tonight as think it will be hot tomorrow and I filled the bird feeders up too


Hi Jess. In new too!

well folks I think a couple of teeny tiny potato sprouts are coming up! These are the potatoes my dear old Dad thought would be a good idea to plant in mid Feb and have been subject to Arctic conditions ever since.. It's a miracle!

GG you are a better woman than I. Can't even get the hose attachment to work!

Gardening Grandma

Thanks. II'm deeply impressed with myself, Ali! Before today, I did not even know how to connect a hose. Now, I have automatic watering pipes going to some of the pots and a seep hose along the border that goes underneath the covered pergola. Congratulations on the potatoes, btw.

Well done, Gg, too. Keep up the good work!


Welcome all newbies 

GG-award yourself a prize of your choice..

Just watched the prog about the Hebrides...if any of you can get a chance to see it (i player?) as it's on BBC Scotland- I'd urge you to try. Narrated by Ewan McGregor and featuring the most stunning camera work I've seen in a long time it shows our bleak, beautiful,challenging and undeniably stunning country at it's magnificent best. Quite breathtaking.

Off to bed now...night all!  


Good evening all, well I'm definately not first on tonight!

Been weeding (again), digging up the mole tunnels found in flower beds, edging and have planted out some nicotiana, snapdragons and agastache. Prepared place for penstemons which are still hardening off.

Kef, peas are hardy, I plant mine straight in the ground early April. They are up now.

The potty gardener

Well done GG.

After advise on here I tool my old watering system apart and started a new version using 13mm tubes for the main part with 4mm tubes running off. I just got it started and now realise I must get it finished. I left on Sat in the rain but everything is already so dry. So job 1 for tomorrow already sorted.

Well night all.

Hope you are starting to feel better tomorrow Matty.


I just have to say I am in awe of all of you.  You are so knowledgable and really into your gardening.  As for you GG, I think you definitely deserve a medal.

I enjoy what I do, just pottering but am not in the same class as you. The only good thing is that I now take note of what I buy which I never did before I started posting on gardening forums. 

FG, noted about the cress.  Got a pot of grandson's in the kitchen.  Do you think he will notice it's gone missing!

Stick with this lot Jess.  You will learn so much.

Night all.


KEF, I did the same with my sweet peas this year and agree that next time it will be pots!!!

FG I would send you some eggs but fear they wouldn't get to you unscrambled!

Dove, sounds like you've had a wonderful time, bet it was lovely to meet up with Nut 

Matty, glad to hear you're a bit better

Jess dines, hi and welcome

well time for my bed, see you tomorrow

Sleep well

Hi All,
I am always pleased with my roses, in fact one current climbing rose has over two hundred blooms on it, each year it seems to have more. However my mother in law imformed me that I should be dead heading them all, I usually do this for the bush roses but the climbers would be quite a task. Is she right?
From info from other letters I always spray regularily and fertilize well and cut back any dead growth. Wellcome any info on the dead heading. Thanks

Hi wildifewarden,
It's a known fact that all and any growth is all thanks to the root system,
When it comes to climbing rose, if you let the rose grow to high you'll have less blooms at the top as the roots are providing all it's strength in the growth rather than the bloom,

Good regular feeding and dead heading is all thats needed for a long flowering period for rose's,

I have a wistera growing all over the front of our gite, during april/may the complete front of the house is just covered with flowers from the wisteria,
as soon as it's finished flowering the complete wisteria is clipped back, and by august/september we have a second flowering. After this second flowering again the complete wisteria is again clipped ready for the winter and next springs flowering.

The point im making is dont over work the root system by allowing to much
green growth and you'll find the roots will provide more blooms,
The same goes for dead heading the rose's, remove all dead heads as you would any dead wood and the root system will only have to look after the growing parts of the plant.
Regards Punpun


Evening all

Just in and had dinner- been digging and concreting - so have 5 holes done and 3 posts in. 

Knackered. Needed the pickaxe for the holes as the kerb footings were in the way a bit. Might need a short nap...

Woo I like a bit of scrambled egg..

Tina- he'll never notice the water cress...


No gardening today - unless watering the GH counts !  Glorious again, but (dare I say it) we could do with some rain!

Plants in the garden seem to have doubled in size the last weekend.  Last week I was worried I had planted everything too sparsely - today i can't find places between the plants to step !

Watch out with that pickaxe, FG !


I've had a fair bit of practice with it Chick 

Won't get any done tomorrow as the rain's coming back tonight...I'll send you some..