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Beth Greenfingers!!

Thanks to fairygirl and Gardening Grandma for your welcome!!!

Beth Greenfingers!!

Gab82 like the sounds of your veg growing for this year!!

We are going to try out some Kale, a purple variety, mmmmm, and trying out some purple mangetout, i've gone all purple coloured in the veggie section, hehehe!!!

Any tips for chilli growing, do you grow from seed? Havnt got a greenhouse, but south facing windowsill-any good??!!!

The potty gardener

Welcome Gab and Beth. What a wonderful day we had. It has been so dry I had to get the hose out to water the front. Trouble was I forgot it just spurted water straight away and left the end in the hallway whilst I went to turn the tap on. Soaking wet carpet!! Still plants had a nice water.

Been to the races, not at all like you see it on the telly. A 1st and 2 seconds helped make the day memorable. Romped home 2nd in the National with an each way bet.

On the way home had a meal and cocktails in Ormskirk.

tattianna - The Red Arrows once flew over an afternoon bar-be-cue, I went to on a NATO base in Dusseldorf to welcome the troops back, if I remember correctly,  from Kuwait and then joined the bar-b-cue after landing, another memorable day. 



Hello beth south facing windowsill is good for growing chilli I start my tomatoes peppers and chilli on our window sill. I start early......which people dont agree with but it works for me! They are easy to grow they just need a while to get going. I grew mine last year in the conservatory because they like to be hot. But think you will be fine. Purple sounds funky....something interesting
There is a how to about growing chillies from seed on the forum. Its easy, I just use cheap wilko propagator lids .

Had to search for this.

Had a great day but am paying for it.  Also made the mistake of saying I would cook roast beef and by the time I started I was already kn...ered.  No dishwasher, so now have all the pots and pans to do.  Didn't enjoy it either. 

And, to add insult to injury, son and girlfriend still not returned.

Should be in the Rant thread. 

Visited big brother this morning. He's had his spuds in the GH for weeks and they were romping away, so on the strength of that, bit the bullet and planted the first spuds of the year, two bags are tucked up now in the GH. Onions also went out with a small space left for leeks.

Potted up lots of seedlings and planted out cornflowers which were begining to get a bit pot bound. Very productive day.   

Well done zoomer.
Once I get started I won't stop....hopefully next week. So much to do.....summer veg sowing, ESP
Lettuce to go out, shallots in, peas growing. Always a slight sense of panic in April when so much still to do

Potted up all my windowsill seedlings today - spent a very happy couple of hours in the greenhouse.  Also did the windowsill/GH/coldframe/outdoors shuffle - a dance move that will continue til the end of May!  Also now have to pay a nightly visit to GH to make sure fleece/propagator lids etc etc are all in place - but at least it is now light when I get home from work, so don't have to make the journey with a torch

The potty gardener

This is more like it. Another sunny day. I even sat out reading for a while. Have been feeding with fish, blood and bone (is that the order?). Then mulching with manure. Have got about half my pots done.Then watered back managing not to flood indoors today.

Fingers crossed that this weather continues


This morning the under-gardener emptied one compost bin and turned the full bin into the now empty one - he has been well rewarded with gammon, carrots, leeks and parsley sauce 

This afternoon we went to see an exhibition and bumped into a special friend we'd kept in touch with but for one reason and another, not seen for a few years - a series of real coincidences  led to us bumping into one another today, as he's usually flying around the globe or living in London - but he's just bought a weekend place in Norfolk so we'll be seeing more of him and his family at last 

And I just have to tell you about my pots of crocuses - I planted them two years ago; this is their second spring, and they're just amazing - I've posted photos on the Spring Sweethearts thread 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good friends took me to local plant sale where I bought some specials...sedums for my alpine collection, trilliums  and pulmonarias for a shady border. Then went on shopping spree in other local GCs/nurseries. Nice lunch too. Found some of last year's Roseclear3, which is much better value than the new formulation, in a small nursery. So I am happy. The owners of the various nurseries have had a rough time of it lately and it was good to get out to try to make sure they are still here next year!!

Came home and dismantled a cloche to give to my friends, plus loads of old pots which I was storing for no good reason. ( Shall we start a new thread to see who has the most old plant pots in storage?) I must have hundreds. My friend took about 100 without making even a small dent in my collection

Weather forecast, although not brilliant means we can at least think about starting the catch-up process. At last.....

Nearly fotgot, my first tulips appeared today. A dwarf mix variety, some have three flowers, not at all like traditional tulips, quite dainty and ever so nice. Will check out the Spring Sweethearts thread and make it my mission this year to learn how to post pics.  



Evenin' all. Just had my dinner. I could do with some of your pots WW! Had to clear loads of stuff out when I moved and just didn't have room at the house I was renting. It's a pain having to buy stuff now!

I got some pulsatillas at the nursery today which are very pretty and will go in a pot as I have nowhere for them just now and a white broom (cytisus) which I love  Couldn't resist them-my winnings from the National yesterday paid for them! The hellebore looks lovely. Brum-all that talk about them...I thought I was very restrained only buying 1 as there were tons of different ones. Hostas fact it was a hosta/hellebore heaven!



Zoomer glad you had a good day at the races yesterday 

We've finally finished the decorating...thank heaven!

Put my begonia plugs out in the garden today to harden off a bit went to bring them in earlier to find two of them missing...OH reckons it's the birds that took them??? Well if they're goning to pinch my plants I wont bother feeding them and see how they like that then 

Gardening Grandma

Evening all! (Quick burst of 'Maybe its because I'm a Londoner'.)

Glad you all had a lovely day. Its great to get out into the garden! Managed to pot up my bare root plants while the dogs had a great romp through the borders!

To those who have to go to work tomorrow, my commiserations. Have a good week everyone.

Wood green Wonderboy - at our allotment we have a 'pot exchange', where you can dump all your pots ( plastic, earthenware or whatever) and it is kept relatively tidy, and people help themselves to anything they need. I've had,over the last year or two, about a dozen very large pots, in which I grow my greenhouse tomatoes, several very large plastic window box troughs (in which I grow early carrots and parsnips - no carrot fly or canker! ), and also various wire baskets which are handy to cover young plants. Also salvaged some lovely decorative earthenware pots, which with their nice,aged patina, look lovely on the patio when full of New Guinea impatiens.Can understand people leaving plastic pots, which, like you, we all accumulate by the score, but most of the stuff I have rescued would have cost a tidy sum from the garden centre!

Falling asleep now and it's w**k in the morning, so I'd better say goodnight - have a good day tomorrow everyone