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I haven't looked at woodlice or children yet!

My daughter is a Primary school teacher near Poitiers and she begged a patch of land from the village council and taught her class how to grow easy flowers and veg in it. She had them growing things like French beans and nasturtiums in pots and then they planted them out in the bed they made.

Woodgreen wonderboy

schoolchildren 13  woodlice  8   This happy bunny now off up the wooden hill.



Good evening everyone,cold wet day here in the South West,but brightened up by a plant sale in the village hall.

The potty gardener

Evening. What did you get Gilly?

It was very nice out here. Breezy but warm.

All I did was plant up the hanging baskets but my arms are aching- wish I knew what I'd done to them.



Hello Bev

I got some trailing lobelia(I,m growing some from seed but it is very slow to get going).brachyscombe and sanvitalia


Evening ladies.  Not been a pleasant day at all.  Have had heating on all day.  Done absolutely nothing except find programmes to watch, eat and snooze.  Am building myself up for arrival of grandchildren.  They won't be any trouble as if they don't want to watch BGT with me, they can go upstairs to watch son's huuuuge TV.  One of those you have to move your head so you can watch all the screen at one time.  Ostentatious object.

Saw your bubble burying GillyL. I remember my grandson burying some rainbow sweets for the same reason.  Aahh, bless.

You still not well Bev? 


Still remember the disappointment of the bubble burying incident although it was 50+ years ago.


Evening sunshine has just  appeared, first sight of sun all day.


Bev, hope you soon feel better.


Been quite a nice day today.  Did some gardening....not much though

Visited local nursery to find she has got plants I suggested last autumn.  Doubled her stock.  Got plant for free for my "help"!!   Even my local GC has got some new stock in  and looks so tempting.  But prices have is cheaper for me to buy online and pay postage



Potted up all my seedlings - they take up so much more space in their own pots that I am running out of room !

Been grotty all day, but lovely and sunny now


Evening all. Had my tea - leftovers! Going to watch G's World as I was watching the programme about Verdi- fell asleep and missed that too...just as well I skyplussed it 

Sun has at last showed it's face here too GillyL. Weather awful today. Hopefully get something more exciting done tomorrow than ironing etc 

It's doing those baskets Bev-that's wot's done for you..


My greenhouses both full of pots and seed trays,have taken over part of husbands workshed and also some in the conservatory,will be glad when it is warm enough to put some outside.,hopefully before they invade the house!.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Hello, e-friends, home from Malvern trip... what a great show and thank you to everyone who had a hand in laying it on. If I was only allowed out once each year to see and buy plants this is where I would unhesitatingly go. This is the show for everyman. No royalty, celebs or other hangers on, just genuine gardeners.

I also went to Pershore to the Alpine Garden Society garden and HQ... signed up there and then, with the help of the Director no less. Lovely people. Alpines are my new obsession, lots to learn but lovely little gems much underated. They are inexpensive, very pretty and easy to display. What more do we gardeners want of our efforts?

When I got home I could see a real difference in the growth of everything and I was only away for 4 days!! 

All in all an inspirational trip.. now down to work.  If you are in the vicinity of the village of Hale, Hampshire on Sunday,10 gardens are open. Park at the village hall and you can buy tickets (£6) there or in the gardens themselves ( under 14 free). Teas in the Hall, live music too. SP6 2NE for your satnav. See you there


Hi not a lot done today just carrots brocolli and beetroot sown.

Thought i'd share a few pics these are some of the nieghbors

And a couple of trees added this year

 Thing about Ireland it rains a lot but thats why so many rainbows

Hope the rest of my garden catches up. Both trees got a good dose of blood fish and bone and were planted a little high so the roots won't drown.


Looks idyllic, blackest - love the rainbow !

The potty gardener

Beautiful pics Blackest. I do so much enjoy seeing everyones pictures on here.

I know its only the afternoon but im very tired and may fall sleep in my dinner. Have spent the morning at allotment mostly digging, it never gets easier does it? Finally put potatoes in and some carrot, radish and beetroot seeds in. Picked the first asparagus, absolutely delishous. Picked washed cooked and eaten in 30 minutes.

Going to Sidmouth on tuesday to the donkey sanctuary, really excited, how sad am i? i love the donkeys. The weather forcast is rain but we will enjoy ourselves.