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Evening All

donkey sanctuary sounds interesting

Yesterday went to the GC brought few plants some red verbena trailing, a common mallo and some white bacopa and got a free black grass - ophiopogon as spent a lot of money also brought lots of compost

was a bit wet there yesterday some times

Well today so far - managed to get some nice free plants after seeing an add in the local echo at the back, so after a bit potted them up into pots then it rained for a while with me out  in it trying to sort them out now indoors and dried off.

Nice pics blackest

So Evening Forkers

It is quiet on here tonight, is it nice and sunny where you are?  so you all in the garden still


Been weeding the onions! About to start making dinner, sole with chips and peas then chocolate cake.


Been potting up 40 heritage tomatoes, but I posted all about them on the Morning thread - now I've got my feet up  while supper is cooking. 

The potty gardener

Evening. Was really lovely earlier so sat out in the sun. Then planted up some gerbera. Sorted out some other bits. Then lay in beautiful hot bath for hours reading gardening mags. Was going to have to go out and water but it looks like it has rained hard enough to save me the job.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Visited 10 gardens in the neighbouring village of Hale . Hale is in the New Forest and is largely on acid soil so lots of rhodies, camellias etc. The gardens ranged from several acres of woodland wonderland (once a yellow book garden) to a vegetable garden utilising science and engineering to maximise the chance of winning prizes in the show later this year. All day there were refreshments in the Village Hall and we were entertained by the Hale Stones musical assemble ( can't think of a better description). The weather deteriorated later in the afternoon but intrepid gardeners continued to walk around determined to tick off all the boxes. All for charity and love of gardening. Next month it is the turn of Woodgreen. We shall have to buckle down to match this. I will post the details nearer the time.


raining on and off all day,managed to get outside long enough to cut down some of Mum,s rampant clematis which had decided to send tendrils out through the slate roof on her garage.

Just watched the Countryfile weather forecast for the next week,snow in the North!!can it really be May?.

Looks like woodgreen had busy day.  Keen and intrepid.

Busy morning planting out runner beans and putting out few more perennials.  Grew orange bedder wallflowers too this year and they have best scent I think of the wallflowers.  Wallflowers have grown to make very large bushes smothered with flower

When the wallflowers go over the tender perennials will go in

Enjoy your evening folks


Yes GillyL-hoping I might be far enough west and south to miss it  Not uncommon to get it at this time of year on the Munros though, and some lower hills, and Lanark County show (which is at this time of year) held on the racecourse used to get it quite often-4 seasons in one day!

Andy- Stonehouse and Strathaven not that far from me. The company I work for makes the rosettes for the Strathaven shows. Hope the wife does well this year!


That's me done for today.

Plan on a couple of glasses of vino (small)  well ish !! and will stick my nose in "Bad Luck & Trouble" the 11th Jack Reecher novel by Lee Child, read more but only just got this & remaining 3 that I haven't read.

Please don't anyone mention Tom Cruise in One Shot ..ugly dwarf..oops In My Opinion ...can't be too careful these days...not even opened the bottle yet.

Reecher is 6'5' tall, fair and fit and a bit of a kind killing machine..more like Liam Nielson..not TC.

Apols to anyone pacifist, small & and not very included. Enjoy your evening.


Am I all on my own here tonight...

Just had reading G's W and making notes for ideas in new garden. Too many to decide on 

The potty gardener

I'm here.

Son gone to football with his dad. There is me quietly watching TV and on here when sons friends knock- say could they just come in and wait for Billy? They said he has his x box. I'm just too kind as I let them come in and watch football on sky and I've come up to my bedroom. I will expect medal for best mother of friend!!!

I love planning, but with my small 7m by 4.6m paved backyard there is only so much I can do.


Liam Nielson - Lush. Has that rugged look. Did watch a film of his the other night but was very disappointed.  Can't remember now what it was called.  Just about sums me up. I'm sad. 

I am also on my own FG and loving it.  Like my own company.  Just tried to do a Tesco order but the site kept freezing on me so I have given up. 

Been a strange day weatherwise, one minute blowing a gale, then brilliant sunshine.  Think tomorrow is going to be awful, but what do the forecasters know. Eldest son supposed to be sorting the pond out tomorrow but he's full of eastern promise so will be flabergasted if he actually turns up. 


KEF you must have posted at same time as me. Don't care much for Mr Cruise either. He gives me the creeps! Paul that's different 

Bev- that's a big return favour for you now

Dishes washed for at least a week I'd say..

hollie hock

Me too, a very enjoyable day spent in my potting shed. Potted on everything I think can be potted on, thinking of sowing some more soon.

Settled in for a bit of "screaming and shouting"  aka corrie & eastenders, might have a look on The Fall on BBC 2. I love a window shop for plants Fairygirl

You get a lot of plants in that space Bev




Can't do the soap opera thing hollie- but up here we have the delightful (and home grown) Mr Ewan McGregor narrating 'Hebrides' to look forward to at 9pm. 

Might take a look at The Fall too.

Did you say plants or pants?????

Got quite a few flowers on my toms so quite pleased but could do with sowing more lettuce. At least the hailstones have stopped...for now...

Evening fFORKERS

Been lovely here today....well, dry and warm and a little sun.

Tomatoes planted in greenhouse and few more tender perennials planted out.....gradually lessening the number of plants to go out...and I'm on the MAP.

And just cut my 2 lawns....sounds grand but neither is too rain is a'coming.  Lots apparently and cooler.

Put in Gweek variegated osteospermum....lovely white flowered variegated plant...more linum perenne, osteospermum voltage yellow, agastache black adder, elymus magellanicus, and echinacea hot Papya as well as couple of hostas.  

No gardenIng tomorrow.  Be good folks


I'm waving the wand Verd so you don't get our hailstones-  but it's not working too well these days 

Have you got your volunteering tomorrow?

You are good 


Dodging heavy rain showers today - same for everyone.

Constructed a cheap garden arch and put it into veg beds for runner beans. Mind you they haven't germinated. Planted some other veg

had a shift around of plants in my new front border as I had a yellowy-green folige plant against a yellowy-green conifer and they just didn't go. So moved he foliage plant and put in  a hardy fuchsia at the front.

I was going to plant up rest of front - 2 borders - but weather wasn't with me for major digging etc. And won't have time for major work now until Thursday or Friday, weather willing, more watering pots 



Verdun,  I see you are now writing in Cornish.

You do realise that we are all getting out bags packed ready for our hols with you. Just make sure the garden is up to scratch.