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evening all been windy here in paignton fed up with the red soil want brown soil,hubby built me a four foot long planter looks like a coffin so ive been chucking snails over the field,then potted up some cabbages.over allotment tomorrow to see if anything is doing,listening to capital gold remembering the sixties.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Spent a very pleasant morning planting out Malvern purchases, mostly woodlanders and alpines( Erythroniums, epimediums, lamium,trilliums including a double, dark blue agapanthus, rhodohypoxis, uvularia,). Later on filled old and broken wheelbarrow with potting compost and filled with pansies. Dug up some leeks and carrots for tomorrow's dinner. Tomorrow likely to be wet all day so will try to do washing and cleaning jobs saved up for when gardening not feasible. Ho, Hum.

hollie hock

Mr McGregor and the Hedbides sounds a lovely time Fairygirl.

Same here with the hailstones, no runner beans germinated here. I though we had some more....... but we only bought 7


Hello folks  we've had a lovely sunny day followed by a burst of very heavy rain for the past couple of hours - hopefully the butts are brimming   The lovely deep rose tulips on the shady bank are drooping, but now the sun's coming out again and there's an apricot and violet sunset happening  

I've just booked an overnight stop at Amesbury on our way down to Cornwall - OH doesn't drive (bit of an 'absent-minded professor' and starts thinking about more important things than the traffic) so I do all the driving.

 Usually when we go on our hols to Cornwall we go down in one day, and break the journey on our way back - but this time he's insisted that I must only drive halfway in one day 

Anyway, hotel is booked, supper is eaten (Bolognese ragu with tripolini) and a couple of glasses of Soave taken, so any typos this evening aren't my fault 

If I concentrate hard I might upload some photos of the garden today


Nothing much done today, planted some gazania plugs out and moved a few tomato pots into the sun. Am catching up on all the posts and looking up all the plants you all mention with latin names for ideas for next year. Watching a repeat of Saturdays BGT on the side.



potted on some of the dozens, no that should be hundreds, of aquilegias I grew from Touchwood seeds over winter. I lost all my best colours over the years, a very hot summer finished off some (not last year) and the colour choice was shrinking. I ordered a bit of everything and every5thing germinated. Much potting on still to be done and then there's all the others to deal with. Sometimes I say 'I think I'll have a year off seed growing next year'. Maybe one day I will

Evening all pricked out lots of lobelia seedlings into lots of cell trays and later planted out few plants and moved seed trays around in the greenhouse.

Also took some cuttings and still more to do

Just watched on iplayer Hebrides thanks to Fairygirl like the under water parts and all those birds sitting on the wire


Nut, I think I need some advice on aquilegias. Why haven't they germinated, Nora Barlow? I sowed them in a tray in the GH in a propagater in March. They've been in the GH ever since. I've kept them damp and when it was sunny I took the propagater lid off so they wouldn't get baked. Is the GH too hot? Should I have sown them in a seed bed outside? The instructions said "under glass". My penstemons had the same treatment and I've now got lots of little plants that I've been planting out.


Too much warmth B-L. Mine were sown in January in a cold GH, germinated in March. Give them a chilling in the fridge for some weeks and then outside in a cool palce and see what happens.

Most of the Ranunculaceae are cold germinators. penstemons like a bit more warmth. I sow those in the cold GH about end March (ish)



Thank you, may be easier now weather has gone chilly!


There have to be some benefits from all this cold. It's only 5C outside now and I expect it will drop further. 

Hiya fairygirl

Yes I am doing my volunteering remembered.   Aaah    Am expecting it to be hectic again.  Some people have very little ..

Ecky thump!  Nearly 12.  Fairygirl will turn me into a frog if I don't turn in......hey!  Rivet, rivet, rivet 


Apols for posting early. Worn out, back aching and just about to eat..comfort food in May ! Swede & spud mash, garlic cabbage and sausages just great !

Then a read at my book and bet I'm asleep by 9pm.

Soz haven't answered some direct posts. Will do tomoz as rain for day forecast.

Tina hope you feel well tomoz..get to bed earlier

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi. everyone. i managed to plant out a couple of plants before the rain started, so at least they should be happy. Rest of day on cleaning and washing....which I save up for wet days like this. Emails now, as shop committee meeting tomorrow and we all leave things to the last moment.

Evening everyone

Weather is now very windy and wet...changed dramatically.  And it's cold. And grey. 

I promised everyone we will have a good summer....well...........


We still will.................


Hope your right Verdun we must be due a really good one well up here in Scotland anyway but we will just have to take what nature gives us at the end of the day.


Just having dinner-chicken stroganoff. Comfort food right enough!

I promise I won't turn you into a frog later Verd- unless you misbehave....

Andy - nature's a right b***** sometimes though!!!!! Is it Stonehouse Show this weekend? I think we did do the rosettes for it. Hope your wife does well- nothing less than a red rosette will do you know 

Gardengirl- glad you enjoyed 'Hebrides'- really beautiful isn't it?

Just had mince & tatties for dinner one of my fav dinners must say.

Fairygirl yes Stonehouse show  this Sat no doubt she will get some red ones but will it be enough to win the cup time will tell just hope weather is good for the show.


I will cross my fingers Andy!


I'm knackered, more weeding and planting in the flower garden (it's over an acre, 8 beds, one about 20 metres long), planted out runner beans, French beans, resowed parsnips (wonder if it will work this time), sowed more peas. Did a load of washing, means ironing tonight or tomorrow, about to cook salmon, leeks and potatoes.