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hollie hock

That's loads BL I sowed some more seeds and then came indoors, it's very wet here.....even the cats aren't going out

Woodgreen wonderboy

BizLiz  when you sow Parsnips do you sow 2 or 3 seeds per station. This helps as germination is often sporadic. You can thin as necessary.

Evening all

Did a quick bird feeder fill up then check greenhouse seedlings then back inside as been very wet all day and windy been inside cleaning as well and taking lots of cuttings the water butts - I have are full and I even empty out some into plastic bottles to help save more rain water.

Woodgreen wonderboy - maybe we could do a plant swap as I would like to visit your garden on the open day or if you do not want to swap - I could bring you a plant for your garden just say if there is any plant you would like and I will see if I have it in the garden or take cuttings of it I do have quite a few things around

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hello Gardening Girl. My garden is stuffed full but at the moment I am planting shade lovers and small alpines. Does that help?

Woodgreen wonderboy - Is that what you would like shade plants for your garden?


Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes please if that is possible, you are very kind. Hope you will find something here to please you too.


Hello folks - I'm home and the butts are a bit fuller than they were - just going out to get the tomatoes in - then I feel as if I'm going to fall asleep 


Sweet dreams Bev 

We just went out to bring the tomato plants in from the little greenhouse, and saw a hedgehog busy snuffling about in the herb bed - then she realised we were there and she did a runner over to the Shady Bank.  Last summer the hedgehogs were only visiting our garden and didn't arrive until past our bedtime most nights, but now we appear to have one 'in residence' we may well have to curtail our activities in the garden in the dark so we don't disturb her 


That's exciting Dove


There was a lot of grunting and snuffling coming from one of the hedgehog houses about 6am this morning 


Dove- exactly what activities are you curtailing in the dark......

I'll get me coat....

Nighty night!  



Slug and vine weevil hunting  amongst other things 


Sleep tight 


Lucky you Dove, have they helped get rid of the slugs?

WW, I sow parsnips fairly thickly in a row and usually enough come up for me to have to thin them out a bit, but this spring the carrots are up but no parsnips.

Woodgreen wonderboy

BizLiz...parsnips are shy germinators, that's why the ol' boys advised 3 seeds per station. I don't grow them, but have had failures in the past. I think a bit of warmth might help too 



Where are we all?  Anyone about?  I'm just going out to get the baby tomatoes in.

The potty gardener

well I've just comein and I suppose that is where everyone else is. Watching Apprentice kindergarten


Just want to give them a slapping - not very appropriate for a social worker  


Evening everyone,not sure whats gone wrong here,but we have had a beautiful day.Blue skies and sunshine.(at least I think thats what it was,big orange round thing in the sky)

Washing dried

Big flower bed weeded

More potting up done.

Sorry for anyone who has had the snow/gales,it will probably be our turn tomorrow,




It's been overcast, cool and windy here most of the day, but this evening the sun came out for a couple of hours, and we had a beautiful sunset - Red sky at night ....