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B&Q have got buy 1 get 1 free on bedding this weekend and other offers if you are member of their club. I bought some reduced hostas 60p each in Poundstretchers this week and all have sprouted really strongly. They looked a bit sickly in the bag so I was quite surprised when i went into the greenhouse today. I am going back tomorrow to see what else they have reduced


Have looked at the forecast for next week and the week after when we're on our hols - it's not going to be hot and sunny here in the east - I think I'll put all the seedlings and baby plants - toms, courgettes etc, in the studio - they'l get bright sunlight in the mornings but be in shade the rest of the day - if I water them before we go and do the wick thing I think they'll be safer than left to the tender mercies of an untried neighbour 

 Here's a photo of the Azalea that's going to the show tomorrow first plant i have grow for wife to show happy with it.

Evening all

Had a nice delivery or some veg plugs yesterday still need to sort out yet and spent a lot of yesterday with nice weather planting plants up the train station more areas looking more like a flower bed.

Today doing a lot of painting of my raised beds ready for the plug plants as weather bit dryer still bit overcast

Barleywood blue

Autumn red



Looking good Garden Girl !

Hope you enjoy the show tomorrow Andy - your azalea looks like a prize winner to me.

Love your pots Bev

Looking forward to a weekend of gardening (amongst the showers) - some plants to get in the ground, some mulching to do, and some weeding and bed edging to tackle.  Can't wait.  Best get some beauty sleep in preparation


night all - I'm  off too 


No gardening today. Been too cold in Sheffield. Went for a nice walk on the moors lovely to see the lapwings and curlews are back.

On return checked the greenhouse and pleased to see some of the dahliashave started to sprout.

Torrential rain forecast for tomorrow.


trifid house, interested to hear you have a horse, so do I, but it's the busiest time of the year at the moment in the garden so she's been a bit neglected on the riding front. Don't think she minds, she's out at grass with her friends!

Gorgeous azalea Andy, good luck to both of you. Don't know how your OH managed to produce all that and work as well!

The potty gardener

well at Mums so will just be quick. Sounds like everyone has been busy- did I read the "housework" word?

Be home tomorrow so catch up then- Andy do you need my address to send a parcel?


Such a lovely day we got out all the garden furniture and washed it off,and then sat out in the sun with a glass of liquid refreshment,can,t work out why I,m so tired............


Lucky you Glly - it's been here all day - we've put the heating on this evening.  I've just been out to fill the hedgehog bowls and I think it's warmer out now than it has been all day.

Mind you, I did get a line of woolies dry 


Never mind Dove,you.ll be on holiday soon and its bound to be sunny then.


Verdun has promised wall to wall sunshine, strawberries and cream teas 


Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Just got back from holiday in Dorset in the cold to find a gorgeous day here in Wales. Had a nice time, though. Just saying a quick hi. Lots to do, including planting the 19 plants I acquired there!


Welcome home GG.  Shame about the weather, but still a lovely place to be.  Hope it was dry even though cold.

Started out warm here so I thought I really must get on with finishing off sifting the rubble.  Did two more bags of rubble and had had enough.  Had turned cold too. Came in, put the heating on and a couple of hours later, it turned warm again.  So out I went, dug up some roots of shrubs I have growing at the back and planted them elsewhere.  Not sure if they will survive, sorted shed and then had had enough.  Now ache from head to toe - again!!  Pleased with my handiwork. Don't drink, so am awarding myself a kitkat and a glass of juice.  Big deal.


!9 plants GG. Have you got 19 gaps or will something have to go?

Gardening Grandma

Taking up the lawn, Nut. Will have just paths and flower beds.


Excellent idea GG. 

I've got loads of plants waiting for spaces, planted a couple today but unfortunately found myself buying 3 more.