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You missed a very important sunday evening event Dove. What was in the glass?

Mine was sauvignon blanc. I feel quite weary now. Nothing to do with the wine, all about the gardening. Fantastic day. 17C. A lot of sun. Not much wind. Might almost be spring


dry broken  sunshine . warm . most of the day in the garden . weeded the grandaughters little garden .planted more pea and beans wigwams everywhere  in all the flower beds .,cool beer now  and  backache .  a great day  cheers  everyone 


Did anyone else look at the Chelsea Flower show preview today? first impressions?


dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , forgot  to record it 

What a lovely day it's been, all afternoon spent in the garden, heaven. Planted some shrubs out and prepared the beds for the peas and beans,cut  the grass and sat making more plans of whats to come. Popped down to the shops to buy some milk and had to turn the car around in a side street that I've never used before and lo and behold I found a new gardening shop tucked away! It's a small independant place, like a warren with nooks and crannies everywhere, what a gem! Already have a mental shopping list, good job I only had a fiver tucked in my pocket as I dread to think what I would have brought home . Am definately popping down there next week.

Dove, hope you have a lovely holiday

GG glad you enjoyed yours, don't envy you the washing but what a lovely list of plants!

Andy and wife, congratulations on your prize winners

Hi to all, hope you've had a lovely weekend 



Evening all

Busy, busy today. Spent majority of time in garden, cooking 2 dinners in between times.  Have finished sifting and bagging the rubble and today I spent most of the time trying to dig out what I thought was buttercups but is in fact Celandine. Going to be a mamoth task but I may resort to using weedkiller and use it very carefully.  Far too much for me to try and get out.  Was stupid to let it get such a hold. 

It's been lovely weather this weekend. Makes you feel good.


Nut - Beaujolas Villages  

Now going to doze some more   See you in the morning folks.  Sweet dreams.


TT if you want to weed kill those celandines you'll need to do it soon. They don't hang about long.

Night Dove

Gardening Grandma

It has been a lovely day, weather wise. Haven't done much gardening, but it was lovely to get outside in the sun and start tidying things up. OH will start digging up the lawn tomorrow and then I get to do the ladylike bits - digging in some rotted compost and planting. In view of the hard work TT and others have done, I feel a bit ashamed - but not ashamed enough to dig it myself. 


GG, if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.  I have to admit that it was a lot more hard toil than I anticipated and at one point was reduced to tears (poor little woman) as I really thought I would never win through.  Sons and neighbours are in awe of me. Didn't offer to help though. I've always been like that. Won't be beaten.

Dove, yes, I know they will disappear very soon.  Never usually quite so much.  They have gone mad this year. I have pulled a lot of the top stuff off which leaves the root showing.  Will it be OK to spray that bit now, or have I left it too late.  Could kick myself for leaving them for so long. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Holly Hock, no, not NGS but 16 gardens in village open on 16 June for charity and local Hortisoc. will post better details nearer the time.

Pennine Petal

I watched Chelsea Gilly, enjoyed it. Some nice interviews with the garden designers. I usually record the progs as they tend to repeat clips quite a lot. Easier then to fast forward past them.  I like the red button option though.


Sorry Nut, Totally read your post wrong and thought it was Dove.  Thanks for the advice re the dreaded weed.

Out in the garden today, a little rainy but not too bad.  Jetwashed several plastic bottles to use as plant protectors for veg plug plants.  Will add pics later. 

Watched Chelsea and liked the Decades garden - the modern one with the remote control lawnmower looked good.  The push/pull lawnmower looked interesting - very much like hard work though. 

Yesterday went to local fair and ended up buying loads of plants which were planted out.

Today also sawed some branches off a tree that was overhanging the raised bed I intend to use for runner beans so it had to go. 

Off to bed now after long day.   Night all.




Saw the Chelsea programme, liked Chris Beardshaw's garden, liked Chris Beardshaw too!


Watched Chelsea too - but I was at Stamford Bridge! 

This thread is getting paranoid.  It's sister...."morning FORKERS" getting all the attention so I'm restoring the balance and cheering up the evening one!

So....good evening FORKERS.

Hope you all had a good day.  Did painting today....sanding,.preparation and painting. Still did another area of blue linum and Yellow Voltage osteospermums early this morning. Oh, and a couple of veronicastrums went in

Been dry warm but not a lot of sun....good for painting!  

was going to have a nice healthy salad but decided instead to go for fish n chips.  I'll have a healthy eating day tomorrow!

Have nice evening folks


Can't beat fish n chips from the place in carbis bay, after a good day's diving out of penzance

The potty gardener

Evening all. Back from Mums so taking a bit of time trying to catch up on here whilst watching Chelsea.Everyone seemed to get so much done this weekend.

I bought a few bits- a lovely Fuchsia- think it was started as a standard but then side shoots left, a few got broken off in transport  They called it Fuchsia on stem.

 Also got a Chrysanthumum, Sweet Candy Saba, fell in love with the colour

 My mum then took me to a nursery which specialises in Fuchsia- what a wonderful place, It had over 100 Fuchsia growing in baskets, pots and borders so you can see how each grows. Then had them for sale from 99p for a cutting upwards. I got 3 whips togrow standards just 99p each.

A Thalia

 A Snowcap

A Celadore- the bottom is a bit wonky but I just loved the flowers on this one

 I will be going back there when I next visit Mum.



Hello folks Trust my laptop to start playing up just as I'm trying to do last minute organising for our holiday - if I don't appear on here much for a while it's because if I can't fix my laptop it'll have to visit my son in law in Ipswich, and I'm not sure when we can get it to him (he's an IT tech) so for the time being I'm on OH's laptop when he doesn't need it.