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Wow Bev those fuchsia look lovely!

Dove hope you get your lappy sorted soon, am not very techno minded but am lost if ever without one!

Evening everyone!


Does anyone think we should just have one social thread? Is evening and morning forkers getting too complicated? Should it be just Hello Forkers or Good Day Forkers?

The potty gardener

Sorry GG forgot to say hope you had a great holiday. Of course everyone always wants a list of what you got and pics if you can too.


Meant to say - lovely photos Bev.

Foul weather today, rain again 10°. 

Going to bed, Goodnight.

The potty gardener

It may well be best just to have Good day Forkers Lizzie. We keep swapping from Morning to Evening and it can get complicated. Lets see what others think. Night.


I would prefer just the evening forkers as then I can say what has been done and not what I want to do.   Also if it is only one there would be too many threads to read again.  Can't spend all my time on the computer reading through messages, need to spend time gardening.


I forgot to close the greenhouse, so ran up just before it got dark. Walking back down I picked 11 slugs off one coreopsis plant. Time for the slug pubs. I've put out some half melon skins to see what I find in the morning.

The potty gardener

I think Lizzie means a Good Day thread to replace both Good Morning and Good Evening so it would be one less thread

Today I sowed a lot of seeds, pricked out others and then filled the garden waste bin with branches from a tree that was lopped at the weekend.

Here are the promised pics from the other day - the bottles hanging on the line and then in place in the bed with the lettuces in them.


Perhaps we could have 'End of week summary forkers', and come up with what, if anything, has been achieved. Only problem is that the postings would probably seem more like essays!


Bev, that is just what I meant. One thread instead of two. Simples.

I just meant that more post to read as others post on morning forkers different to evening forkers

I do enjoy reading all that others have done in the day

night all time for bed

Maybe it's nice to keep both threads going.....opinions?  We don't always have to post on both or either every day.  It means we can spontaneously post when we feel like it. If one thread isn't supported it will die out.  If both survive it means we like both! 

Agree with you Verdun  

Woodgreen wonderboy

I am beginning to quite like my bunch of new evening friends. It's so very friendly and relaxed with no pressure to get up and at 'em in the garden. Let's leave it as it is?



Can't we just leave things as they are.  It has worked well up till now. 

Woody has said it very well. And gardening grandma and even

Im glad others like this social part of the forum too



Scuse me Verdun, what's with the 'even Tina' bit. Cheek.


That's fine, only suggested it because of things people had said. Go with the flow!