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Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, have the notifications stopped or is it me?

Had good day continuing the tidying up march around my borders. Quiz in the pub tonight.. well you have to support local enterprise don't you

The potty gardener

I'm still getting notifications Wood. Good luck in the quiz tonight

Ha ha..first again.  I'm so delighted......

Oh...beaten by that tina again.

Been roasting this afternoon.  Really hot.

Tina, you mean the tornado news?  That is so terrible. ,utter devastation.  Luckily we get nothing like that.

Got,some gardening done late today.....most of the daffodil foliage now removed and more plants put in

Have nice evening everyone.


Absolutely agree Tina. I despair of the human race sometimes. For all the advances we've made- we haven't come very far.

Verd I think Tina means what happened in south London.

Having dinner now. Not done anything outside today but did plenty indoors 

Sky is jet black.


Just heard the news.  Terrorism is getting closer to us all the time



Yes, that was what I was referring to.  It seemed so unreal as if it was a horror film and there was all those people who witnessed it.  Do you think they released the 'terrorist' talking so people would see and hear exactly what had taken place?  I just can't stop thinking about it. 

The Tornado is very upsetting too Verdun, but what happened to that poor chap today is very close to where I live. Can't get my head round it.


Just back only a couple of fish and my first ever brown trout, snack sized so it went back.  Water was very clear which made for harder fishing, biggest thing i caught today was the Sun and no it didn't get away tina. Quite burnt to be honest.


I should be back in Cornwall, Verdun. Terrorism is always lurking around the corner in London unfortunately. My office in Bishopsgate was blown to bits by the IRA in the 90's, and I was on the underground train blown up at Aldgate - I was very lucky as I was at the other end of the train from the bomber. We all got used to keeping our wits about us - anything on the street or in a train that made me uneasy, or didn't look right, then I was gone. Just what is it that motivates these lunatics? If it really is religion, then the sooner we all become atheists, the better ( and apologies to all of you out there with real religious belief )


Blimey, such a lot to take in on today's posts.

Done a few routine garden jobs and then shopping, after a look in B&Q with discount card. Hubby bought screws and green wood stain and I've not been allowed in garage since..project due completion tomorrow. There's been some sawing & drilling going on. I'm not sure what materials live in roof rafters, but my pallets are still in tact down the garden. Perhaps he's building a boat as rain forecast, yet again. But if I'm banned until completion it must be for one.

Not watching Chelsea, recording it and planning on having a good long view over the weekend.


Hello folks - posting on OH's laptop as mine has gorn to laptop orspital to be made better. 

Horrific news from Woolwich - so very sad - I just hope that there isn't an anti-Islamic backlash here - my dear daughter-in-law and her family are from an ethnically Muslim area of Russia - although she is a British Citizen and speaks perfect English she has recently been targetted by someone doing Hitler salutes and calling her horrible anti-muslim names when they found out that she is 'nominally Muslim' in the way that so many people who don't attend church describe themselves as 'Christian'.  It's all very worrying and so sad.


Pentillie I believe religion is just an excuse. 

I'm glad I don't live in a town. I'd hate to work in one too and lucky that I don't have to.


Just had my grandson on the phone worrying because his journey tomorrow will take him past where the incident happened.  Told him he will be fine.

We, as a family, were all talking about the constant uneasiness we seem to live under and both sons and SIL, who work in London, admitted the threat of a terrorist attack is always there in the back of their minds as they travel on public transport, but they have no option.

Pleased you landed something Blackest, even though it was a tiddler.

I think I just spent the day trashing an undiscovered Roman ruin. Bricks, roof and floor tiles, ancient concrete, mysterious rusted metal remains, signs of burning, everything I have seen on Time Team digs. Either that or I have unearthed more builders rubble from the house's previous owner . Trying to clear a site next to the garage for a second greenhouse.



Tina I hope you're all ok. I used to know someone who worked in London and they were quite matter of fact about the constant expectation of possible bombs or attacks. It's not how we should have to live. I really don't know how you would deal with that.


I'm an expert at clearing rubble Steephill.  You name it, I bagged it. 18 bags in all.  Hard work.

FG, I know it may sound daft, but there's always that niggling thought that there may be some maniac just waiting to cause chaos, because they believe they have the right to. Not going to say anything about religion because I don't really think that's the issue.  Just hoping these were a a rogue pair with connections to no-one. 


Not daft at all Tina. The frightening thing as you say is the fine thread people can hang by - especially living in London or any of the big cities. I don't believe religion is the reason - it's just used as an excuse.

I really don't understand the motivation for this kind of atrocity.

Gardening Grandma

Evening, all. I've read the discussion tonight with interest. My only comment is that it is extremist religious minorities which do this kind of thing and it has as much to do with social identity as with religious belief. Unfortunately, every religion has its share of extremists who commit murder and torture in the name of God. They must have a very strange idea of His character!

Here are some photos of progress so far on turning the lawn into flower beds. It doesn't look much for the massive effort involved at my vast age. I'm chuffed with it, though.



 I'm hoping to grow something over an arch or beam at the bottom of the garden to obsucre the view of the houses behind, having had to take down the tree that used to be there.

You'd think it was Kew gardens the way I go on about it!


Woodgreen wonderboy

Good friends never talk about religion, politics or sex... it always ends in tears... i have my opinion on all these subjects but I will keep them to myself.

Came second in the quiz tonight. I was a team of 1, as my team-mates were ill with the lurgi. Top team had 5 members. 'nuff said.