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Well done GG, it looks lovely. Your own little Kew Gardens! I like curves in a garden.

Gardening Grandma

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm doing my best with what I have.

WW, you are right about risky topics. The killing was tragic and shocking and we all send our sympathy to his family. I am sure. I can't imagine how it must feel for his mother to know how her son died. Congratulations on your result in the quiz. You must be good! (I'm totally useless because I can't remember names and know nothing about pop music or sport. )



I've only taken part in one of those quizzes and we won the booby( )prize. Some people took it so seriously and we kept getting dirty looks as we laughed all the way through it.  Useless at every subject.

GG, you have done wonders with your garden.  I am very impressed.  Looks great, so much more interesting than before you started.  Give yourself a gold star.

WW. You little

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, TT. Most kind!

I never stay up til this time! I'm off to bed. Night, all.

GG your garden is looking lovely, well done, the hard work was definitely worth it.

Congrats on your quiz results WW!

Hope everyone is well, haven't been able to get on here much this week, would love to say it was because I'm busy in the garden, alas just lots of work on !

Am hoping for a dry weekend as only have to work on Saturday morning so looking forward to more time gardening


Evening all! 

No gardening done today - too much sleet, hail, rain and wind ....

and ate too much cake with Tina....

I've got a cheek- I'm about to have dinner now...

No got any gardening done today so sitting here with my knitting and waiting for Paul Ogrady to appear. On the telly of course. Dont i sound old. i do waer slippers but no pipe ae yet.


Would have spent the day eating cake too if I,d managed to get some

Evening All  

Fairygirl me going to eat cake soon nice cream tea

GG like your garden great pics

Yesterday I brought a garden shredder - second hand and got some free pea plant as well which was nice also checking plants at the station looking OK

Here's a pic have not used it yet

Today I was out sowing dwarf beans direct then suddenly it hale stones on me - not nice and cold

Later sorted out planting out a few plants variegated honesty from seeds that nutcutlet sent me and a few I brought from the fair up the road last weekend

started raining again brought online plug plants from GW mag - lavender and ended up buying a dwarf honeysuckle as Chelsea showed someone yesterday wanting to know how to shape plants and said something about wire - so thought I might have a go with that if I can


Yes, cake Verdun.  Shame you missed it.  It was delish.

Depends on what kind of slippers you wear Maud. Love Paul O'Grady programme.  Almost makes me want a dog - almost.


Here you go - share some of the flowers I picked from the garden today red campion



The potty gardener

Lovely flowers Gardengirl. I envy you the shredder, would really like one.

You cruel fairy Fairygirl.   Looks like it was very nice indeed.

Talking of slippers because I'm always wearimg out my socks my niece bought,me a pair of slippers.  I,used to go out in the garden sometimes in my socks......I should be in a home,really! I often,garden in my slippers.  They are,wearing out you think I could,take,them,back for a refund due to excessive wear? 


Did some weeding and planted out 20 gazanias in a bed which has shallow soil and is always a bit dry in summer. Hope it works. Planted up another trough and a big pot. It was cold and windy.


No Verd...they'll cart you off to the funny farm 

Better get your coat...

we haven't really eaten all the cake...not yet anyway

They're talking hellebores on Beechgrove just now Verdi. It's a garden near Loch Melfort which is a lovely place.