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Bev I spotted an add in the back of the local Daily Echo some one selling it under garden section and thought maybe I could do with one of those to help  


Nothing except taking thing in and out of greenhouse. Loved my time on sofa Tina, Pringles next time please.

Fairy have you given away all the cake ? it would have saved..looking at weather tomoz I could have driven up for a slice.

Buzy..I feel for you all that plot and all wet through.

In fact I feel sorry for all of us, keen, ready, plants on standby and such weather..let's all do a warm weather dance,,can't think of a song but sure someone will.

Always forget Beachgrove.  Thanks Fairygirl I'll tune in on Sunday for the repeat.


I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more now Verd- didn't use to... it made me laugh a couple of weeks back cos they called Chris Beardshaw 'the boy'...


I always forget Beechgrove too. Only seen two. Saw Chelsea though. Like Chris Beardshaw, but I expect everyone knows that now.  Probably old enough to be his mother!


Gardening Grandma

BL, I like Alan Titchmarsh and I'm not old enough to be his mother.

Evening all

Not feeling well today so no gardening except watching Chelsea on TV and having a look at my GW mag that came in the post - Fairygirl famous in this one

Nice and windy and wet out anyway and will be watching more Chelsea later as well


Evening Gardengirl.  Sorry to hear you're under the weather today, not that you could have done much if your weather is anything like mine has been. 

Let's hope tomorrow is better.


Thanks Gardengirl- hadn't got round to opening mag !

Hope you're better tomorrow- at least you weren't missing much if you were getting the horrible weather. Here's some cake....



Frustrating sort of day. Every time I went outside to garden it poured, then stopped when I went indoors.

Thanks Tina and Fairygirl - I think I will save the cake for later when I feel bit better at least watching the gardening is a rest and gives me ideas


Well, the topsoil arrived and looks like excellent stuff, much better than expected so am well happy.  Also got the raised bed completed in between showers, so will be spending a few hours with the wheelbarrow and shovel tomorrow.  Better check the stocks of cake and tea (and maybe back pain relief cream!)

Someone mention cake?

Good evening FORKERS.

 Sorry you're poorly garden girl.  Better weather this weekend to cheer you up.

Been lucky rain at all but some parts around here did.  In fact it's been sunny albeit cold.  

Planted top part of my garden delphinium and lupins there but added echinaceas, bonariensis, and cosmos.  It's a blue part.....geranium Orion and black beauty, ceratostigma, blue salvias, linum perenne, caryopteris sterling silver, etc.....but have cannas and crocosmia Lucifer as well as some shrubs so will hopefully give nice colour.  

Had echinacea Tiki Torch there last year but the wet winter finished them off..fed up with that.  Loved those plants.

Enjoy evening folks

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Potted on echinaceas, verbascums and perennial geraniums today, with enormous satisfaction. Also planted two more named agapanthus, moved two of the heucheras I planted on Monday because I realised they would be in too much sun (bit of a joke) and replaced them with salvias. It even got reasonably warm in the garden.

Pretty lonely here on forum - everyone is watching Chelsea. I've got it on in the background but am slightly bored by it tonight. Don't really do veg gardening, so perhaps that's why. Also had THREE phone calls between 7.30 and 8, so missed BBC1's coverage.

I expect everyone will be on later and I'll miss the fun - again!

GardenI g grandma

What salvias did ??ou plant?  Any named echinaceas ?  which geraniums?  All cos I is nosey!

Very satisfying though when plantIng up this time of the year



Looks as though no one's been on later, so, GG, you didn't miss any fun after all.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Excited about Chelsea trip on Saturday.. hoping it won't be too crowded or spoiled by today's weather. Visited Water Perry Gardens today as a stopover, but increasing amounts of rain meant visit limited to lunch and museum, which was v. good. Gardens can wait until later, as am told they are excellent. Will report on Big C. later.

Hopefully rain at home to bed in new plants and wash in fertiliser added to paddock tp increase grass for Jacob's sheep. They are getting hungry,,,,

Gardening Grandma

Glad I didn't miss too much, BL. Mind you, the curfew is no longer being observed on Morning Frokers (frokers?) so maybe the fun was over there!

Verdun, thanks for being interested. The things I potted on were grown from seed by moi. Hence the sense of satisfaction. The salvias were African Sky, Caradonna and Rubecca. I have lots more seedlings but they are growing quite slowly because of the cold and poor light - they are now hardened off and outside, since they are mostly hardy perennials. I'm letting them fill their modules before potting on. I sound almost like a real gardener, eh?

WW, enjoy Chelsea! Bring me back a plant.

Off to bed now. Sweet dreams, everyone.

To grow from seed is very satisfying.  I'm a very impatient gardener and take the quicker route via cuttings usually.  

GG those small plants will grow very fast with warmer weather....slightly warmer here so ahead of you but plants are filling their pots or growing in garden faster over past 10 days than they were a month ago.