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Evening all. Am I first?

Been out pretty much all day and made good progress with fence. Weary now. Daughter helped and is now getting quite good with the spirit level!

Will need to get more wood but will do a few pix and put them on in next few days.

Dug out a little rowan sapling and also found two hostas which were battling the odds in the bone dry soil under the big conifer at back gate. Have got them in some water to rehydrate. More pots needed now!

Work tomorrow- I'll be glad of the rest...


Evening.  Being good and posting on right thread.

FG, have just heard that David won't be available to help with rubble as he is having a well earned rest in Ibezia. Well, we know where his priorities lay.

Definitely going to cut the vine down.

You wouldn't have been first if I hadn't stopped to open door for son.

Hiya everyone.

Been pretty warm down here in most places I think.

Cold last night though and again tonight so temps aren't really what they should be.

Got,another couple of dahlias in and a large salvia leucanthemum.  Often sold as a spring plant but best cut back hard and potted up into large pots and then imto the ground.  Then they will grow to 6' and flower from mid summer to the frosts.  Hardy down here. planted verbena Rigida, geum tangerine dream and some white cosmos.

Cut lawns...supposed to rain tomorrow....


Tina- I dare say Cleggy would be available...I'm sure he'd do it for a fish supper and a pack of fags.

Did you catch Beechgrove Verd or were you too busy enjoying the sun? It's to rain here tomorrow too. I've partially covered the concrete on the new posts as it was threatening it just when we were doing the last one. Sun's splitting the trees now of course.


Hello everyone,

Fairygirl. you sound as if you have been very busy with your fence,thats too much like hard work.

Verdun.have also planted out my white cosmos and verbena,this is the first year I have grown cosmos,and it has been one of my most sucessful germinations,with so many plants I have been able to give some away to my lovely neighbour(not the one with the 5 cats).

Neighbours with the cats have decorated their new planters with assorted solar lights,a kind of paper lantern,wind chimes on a pole and a meer cats statue,no accounting for taste.



I,ve got to ask what is Beechgrove?


Oh dear Gilly, you wouln't approve of my garden then.  Have a variety of solar lights and wind chimes but draw the line at the statue.  I'm into fairies. Thinking of getting a dog statue.  Thought it might deter my cat visitors. 

Hiya Fairygirl forgot again.  May be recorded though.  Will check.  Hope you had good day.

Gilly, I have solar lights in my garden.  Just a few....they highlight my grasses, etc. But they are cheapos..small but big on,light.  Chimes?  Too noisy.  Statues?  Yep got a couple of those too.....

I'm going to be stuffed when I peg it and placed amongst my hellebores.  Natural statues are best, dont ??ou think?


Gilly the neighbours at the house I rented had a nice meerkat family in their garden. It did make us laugh. They were nice people though!


Ok I give in ,it seems I am in the minority ,won,t mention it again


Just to add we do get on well with our cat neighbours.

Gardening Grandma



 Just a few photos of the estate, taken from my armchair in the garden this afternoon. I retreated there to recover after feeding the visitors and amused myself taking photos before I dropped off, exhausted. I used to feed them every Sunday but am not used to the hard work any more!

It has been a beautiful day - summer at last, though still cold in the mornings and evenings. And yes, I do know that I am being boring about my half a metre or so of garden. I just don't care! Thick skinned and thick skulled but well-intentioned. Think I'll have 'She meant well' inscribed on my tombstone.


I'd rather gnaw off my own arm than have a meerkat statue in the garden...unless it was a real one I suppose....probably be worse than rabbits though!

Beechgrove Garden...Scottish gardening programme now available nationwide on Sundays! They've drafted in Chris Beardshaw so that there's a bit of eye candy for us ladies Gilly....when you see the other presenters you'll understand why....


no meer cats here although they sold really well when I was working in a gc. Actually just got a few solar lights yesterday 2 tiny japanese looking lanterns and a colour changing butterfly which could float if it wasnt in a window box. I am thinking of using the solar lanterns to make a miniture japanese style garden with perhaps a trickle of a water feature



Thnks Fairygirl,will look out for Beechgrove Garden next week,I love Chris Beardshaw, I  was thrilled when his garden won peoples choice at Chelsea,but disappointed he was,nt there to collect the award.Don,t know how has coped all these years with arthritis as bad as he has.



GG, your not boring at all and I like seeing the progress you have made in such a short time. Looks lovely.

Know how you feel about cooking for all the visitors when you have got used to just 2. I gave up doing that years ago. Just can't cope. Don't like cooking anyway.

I'm going to get more lights.  Love them. 


Gilly it's on Sunday mornings along with the A-Z prog although they keep changing the times. We get it on Thursdays up here and they do have a factsheet which you can sign up to. He isn't always on it - and certainly not while he was at Chelsea but I think they're trying to have a familiar face so that the rest of Britain takes a look at it! It's had very positive feedback on here.

Gardening Grandma

Beechgrove is like GW used to be - practical and varied, with some good advice and a bit of a family feel. I like GW, too.

Thanks for the comments, TT. I'm beginning to feel that I'm a bit old for the effort of cooking all their meals, since there are five of them, though it could just be that I've worked hard in the garden this week and I'm tired. Two weeks of camping with them in the summer! It is no joke cooking for seven in a small caravan.

Are you getting solar garden lights? I like them, too, but have found that the cheaper ones soon fall apart.


GG - your garden looks terrific- you should be really proud of it. Your post with the pics wasn't there when I replied to Gilly- we must have posted at same time. I agree with Tina too- you've done your bit - if family want food - let them organise it themselves. Cooking for seven in a nice state of the art kitchen's bad enough let alone doing it in a caravan!

I have pre - warned my two on several occasions...

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, FG. It is hard to complain about the cooking when DIL has rheumatoid arthritis. I like cooking - just getting older.