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GG your pics look amazing, your garden is lovely. I thought about you today whilst I was gardening. After having an extension built we have started our front garden from scratch. We've had low stone walls built and a new pathway and I'm gradually filling in the border which isn't always easy as I'm a relatively novice gardener and not always sure what to put where. I put in a couple more shrubs today and my acers and hostas are filling out nicely. I stood back and had a moment of satisfaction at the result and it was then that I thought of you and all the work you have been doing. So you're certainly not boring, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it 

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable day and the weather has been as lovely as it has been here.

Went to the GC this morning to buy some screening and just had to have an agapanthus 'luly', also spotted an epimedium which went in the trolley too, I'd admired one at one of my patients gardens so was pleased to get one today. From there we went to a local gardening shop and bought a couple of blue delphiniums.

Ive had such an enjoyable and yet tiring day, shame the forecast isn't good for tomorrow. Must go now and wake OH, I can hear him snoring in the bath !!!!


Just put my ear to the wall in the bedroom dormer. Bats are on the move but not out yet. I suggested getting up early tonite as there are thousands of insects out there in the last rays of the sun. They must be hungry after the weather we've been having. Fantastic today though


Nooooo GG.  Time to park the pinney. Cooking for 7 is too much.  I told mine that if they wanted a meal, then just let me know what time to turn up.  You get past it.

I have lots of solar lights GG and intend getting more. Some fancy ones I think. 

Oh, how I would love to fall asleep in the bath Woo.   Those were the days. 

Looks like the South is in for reasonable weather tomorrow.  So sorry that many of you are in for a horrible day.  I am sincere about that.  I know how blooming awful it must be.


I always used to fall asleep in the bath Woo - every book I had ended up twice the size after I dropped it in while I snored! That's why I stick to showers now..

Used to prop my book behind the taps til my eyesight deteriorated, now can't see the book never mind the writing ..... On that note I've taken the plunge and booked to have laser eye surgery in July, watch this space!



That's very brave Woo. 

Or stupid  Nut !.......My sister had it done a couple of years ago and hasn't looked back (excuse the pun). It doesn't bother me wearing glasses for tv, driving etc because I was still able to read without taking them off but now I'm pushing them up and down my nozzle to focus, gets annoying 


I have a solution to that Woo. I had a catarract in one eye. I was fitted with a lens that focusses at 76feet, (or whatever the numberplate reading distance is). My other eye is still shortsighted and can read. Works very well. Specs to bring the shortsighted eye up to scratch for driving. No specs sliding down my nose when gardening


Before I had my kids, on a Saturday afternoon, I used to take a book and a pot of tea for my nice long soak!  That was my treat after a hard week's work and before I drank too much on my night out.  All stopped when they came along. Those were the days.



Those were the days TT. I hope we appreciated them at the time 

Funny you should say that Nut, the consultant did mention having just one eye treated was an option, as depending on the task required the relevant eye would send the message to the brain, fascinating isn't it!

Evening all

I am knackered me today was trying to sort out putting up my bean canes which was very tricky - as I have those round cane circles to make wigwam shape, every time I tried to put canes into a wigwam shape or push some into the raised bed the bits of the circle came apart so took a long time - very hard to do - would of been easier to just use a bit of string, did not think it would be that tricky.

Well finally done and have sowed French beans- blue lake, cherokee trails of tears, lazy housewife and gold rush, Runners beans - white emergo, red rum and enorma, that's a lot of small wigwams oh and a borlotti bean as well

I watched the last programme of Chelsea as well today nice to see the highlights shame it is the end for now like watching gardening programmes on TV, I will watch some bits again on iplayer and need to watch A to Z of TV gardening and beechgrove on iplayer yet for today as missed enjoy them both.

Watched country file and they had a nice bit about wild flowers will be growing loads this year.

Weather on forecast for Southampton is meant to be dry tomorrow, think I will need to rest a bit more still bit ill - maybe I will sit in garden see how much sun some areas get in the day like Alan Titchmarsh did on A to Z last week

Nutcutlet sure I spotted a bat a week ago while in the garden late flying about were lots of starlings about today fighting over the feeder


It is fascinating Woo. I wondered if it would be a problem having odd eyes but it isn't. I think it's commonly done like that. My have been like it for a good 10 years now and I don't think about it

Sorry TT, just missed you there! I used to enjoy a long soak with a nice glass of wine. Unfortunately these days only one glass gets me sozzled, so that combined with the heat of the bath could be fatal for me...... I blame my age related hormones


You must have been feeling better today Ggirl!

I'm off now as I have work tomorrow  

Night all 


Fairygirl did feel a bit better but now feel worse cold air got me later on and arms and back aching should be resting really it was a bit sunny so wanted to be outside

Night all me off too


GG thanks for showing us the photos of your lovely garden. I was hoping for one of your hair after your comments last night!

Gardening Grandma

BL Tonged it yesterday morning but had to spend the rest of the evening on Saturday with it looking ridiculous. It scored with my grandkids, though - finding me virtually naked (not quite!) and with a mad hairdo confirmed their opinion that I am wildly eccentric and therefore the right sort of grandma. They told me last night that there is a book called 'Gangster Granny' and that I fit the bill exactly!

'But not your other granny?' I asked innocently, wanting to hear the comparison with my son's MIL.

'Oh no! SHE wouldn't make much of a gangster!' they replied.

I'm not entirely sure why I should be gratified by being a better gangster than their other granny, but I felt a glow of gratification. She may be richer, more beautiful, posher and more cultured, but I'd make a better gangster!


GG - you should change your forum name!!

... and I have odd eyes too - works a treat !

Sorry, wrong thread for this time of day but I am playing catch up. So much Chelsea watching to do this week I have had little time for anything else involving a square screen.  Will have withdrawal symptoms now.  CB's garden was definitely the best - so glad he won the People's award. I kept having to go back for "one more look"

... And did I ever mention that I met him last year? Such a nice,genuine character.