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Gardening Grandma

Starts slowly in the evening, doesn't it Gardengirl? Hope you had a nice day. I was pretty lazy, refusing to go out with the family and conserving my energy for the cooking involved. Childminding tonight while son and DIL go to see 'The Great Gatsby.'

Evening FORKERS.  Wet from lunchtime to early evening here.  And I mean WET. It's now dry, no wind and the sun is trying to make an appearance.  

I hope dove is enjoying her holiday down here....2 lovely warm days and one very miserable one, plus cold nights.  

Slightly disappointed....Cornwall lost the rugby county championship final at Twickenham yesterday.  Aaaaaaah!

Have nice evening everyone.


Cleared up here too Verdun but not warm at all. Rain was constant and heavy all day. 

Nothing done out side  but the rain meant I didn't have to water anything!

Hope others have had better luck.

No rain here so had to water a lot of seedlings but did get cooler earlier on so may rain tomorrow.Was a little windy out today

I was looking around garden today and my white campion has come out pale pink I know that wiggly wigglers were having to wait a while to get the plant in stock for me, have the one I got a year before from them is white

I was thinking every one was still out enjoying the weather

Thought I would watch gardening on iplayer but not working at min beechgrove or a to z not fair not much on TV at min with no Chelsea



Onlythe ducks would have enjoyed the weather here today Gardengirl!

Hope you're feeling better today 

me still feeling tired from yesterday, think I must of been build a climbing frame not just one for french and runner bean

was there that much water?


Oooh yes! Very very rainy rain!

I'm watching 'Hebrides' which is only on up here in Scotland but I hope it's shown nationwide so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful landscape. The photography is quite stunning.

I've recorded it too so that if I fall asleep I can still watch it 

Thanks for the reminder I forgot about that programme but can't watch now as iplayer not working, say if there is any good bits on there worth watching I did like the underwater bits on the first one before. I did watch a bit of spring watch on tv this evening.

Very quite on this thread tonight maybe everyone nodded off early

Evening all.

much cooler here today but stayed dry until this evening. The skip is now full and I have a lot more garden back. OH is hoping to start turning the area over next weekend, weather permitting, and will be constructing a compost bin and a couple of raised veggie beds. I'm as excited as a kiddy in a sweetshop  We are both suffering with aching backs and shoulders today so will be taking it easy for a couple of days. We are both back to work tomorrow so won't have time to over exert ourselves anyway. 

I was a bit naughty today, went to shops to get milk and popped in to gardening shop.....the 2 mini bay trees that I've been admiring on my last few visits just leapt into may arms.... They obviously wanted to go to a loving buyer, how could I refuse 

Now I'll have to buy 2 nice pots!


Nearly nodded off Gg. Serious work with the flymo this afternoon. Various bits of me ache. 

Woo2 - thats what plants do when I go to the GC they say buy me you have been busy

Nutcutlet was that the lawnmower or strimmer? you been busy too

Fairygirl're very naughty....

but you've earned it...

nut-what have you rewarded yourself with....cake???

or just a hot bath!

FG, it's good to be naughty sometimes


Gg, it's an ancient hover type mower. Never really been aware of much hovering but it does the job. Known as the forestry flymo as I run it over anything amongst trees and over sticks. Does a good job on weeds.

Fg, shower, then wine.


Gardengirl, we must have exceptional hearing!


Woo, you're right. Be naughty often 


But Woo- did you get the milk.....??

FG wouldn't have dared come home without it!

Gardening Grandma

Evening Forkers. Looks like I'm the first tonight. Too wet for gardening today, but the gardens did desperately need the rain.

Went to Swansea with family and bought lunch at the Toby, so NO COOKING TONIGHT! (Quick burst of the hallelujah chorus!) Am now shattered and broke, but it was a nice day.