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Good evening forkers.

Its been very pleasant today....sunny all day.  I had to travel just 6 miles eastwards today and there the weather was not so sunny.  That's Cornwall for you

At foodbank it was most hectic day so far.  Slightly tiring but worth it.

Going to put in couple more plants....the "jigsaw" is now taking shape.  

I posted another new thread today....prob stir a little but I get so miffed when I see what tiny plantlets....plugs....they get for their money. A neighbour just had a delivery of perennial plugs that I doubt will do anything for her for 12 months or more and she has planted them out to create little green dots in a sea of brown earth!!!!  The weeds are bigger than they are..........?

Gardening Grandma

Verdun, quite agree about the plugs - and also many of the shrubs, which aren't much more than rooted cuttings.


Oh yes, the shrubs. They arrive looking like dead sticks and stay that way

All that garden porn (catalogues full of wonderful looking plants) , just a big let down in the end.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone ... rained all day so went on garden shopping trip. I have a white border and following my Chelsea trip I am going to make a slight change by adding a few purple notes... so I bought some scabious, verbenas, veronicas and salvias. Also some annual verbenas for a hot spot in sunny bed, purple and red. Also a few more bits and pieces for borders as I dig over and prepare for the open day and find gaps to fill. Dry tomorrow hopefully so can get on with it.

Also bought orchid compost for my new pleionies for the alpine house. Beautiful little gems.




Evening.  Done absolutely nothing, except go to see grandson who was 8 today.  Had coffee and cake and a good time with 2 of my offspring, DIL , 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs.  Actually, it was mayhem. Couldn't do that too often these days. Used to peace and quiet.  What tickled me most of all was grandson asking me to tell son who wasn't there that the birthday card he sent was 'the bestest card' he had ever had.  Was absolutely thrilled with it. So much for the exhorbitant football kit and state of the art headphones son and I had bought him! The card was £4.  


Gardening Grandma

Glad you had a good time, TT. DIL reading to grandkids so I have some peace and quiet. I love them to bits, but like you I'm not used to the noise and activity any more and find it exhausting. I'm a bit shocked by how exhausted I'm actually feeling. Could it be that I really am getting old and that old woman I see in the mirror really is me? I thought it was my mother! How will I survive two weeks of it in August?  Yet I'd hate not to see them, so I'd better just be thankful.

I do agree that the catalogues are a bit misleading, not just because of the perfect pictures of these plants in full bloom and expertly grown, but because the catalogues give inadequate information for anyone inexperienced to make a good decision.



I have to agree GG- but it shows how good advertising must be when so many people fall for the hype...gardeners are no different to anyone else!

Gald you had a good day Tina. I went to get more sand and wood....

Would much rather have been eating cake ...

I had my girls late so that when they have sprogs of their own I'll be safely tucked up in a home somewhere and unavailable for babysitting....I'm not daft...


Not a chance Fairy you'll be on fence maintenance at the home!

TT..this eating & liking cake is getting to be regular...

GG I've no kids but my nephew 9 & niece 13 ( late starters in this family ) absolutely do me in..2hrs and I wish I was still at work. If the dog comes as well...can't bear to think.


Awful weather all day,tonight is cold and grey and once again the heating is back on.

Spent the day baking,rice pudding,scones,chicken pie and a couple of casseroles for the freezer.

Fairygirl..found Beechgrove and timed to record next Sunday,thanks for the info.



I've had my dinner Gilly and now I'm any scones left?

You have to eat them on the day you make them you know...they just go 'off'....

KEF- I'll make sure it's a home with a hedge!!!

No that won't work...they'll give me the hedgetrimmer!


GG, I think it's just what you get used to. Up until just under 3 years ago, I was still caring for my eldest grandson and it was such a relief when he left school and his Dad took over again.  Felt I had done my bit.  I think you have taken an awful lot on, catering, etc, for an extra 5.  I just wouldn't want to do that any more. You must put your feet up as much as you can. As for catering or 7 in a caravan, you need a medal.

FG, son and DIL, two sons between them 18 and 13, are having another baby in September.  My first words, after offering congratulations,  were, I will not be available for babysitting.  Done my bit and do not want to care for babies and toddlers any more.  Don't wish to be unkind, but it's their choice and they must sort themselves out. 

Kef, I love cake, biscuits, Belgium Buns (my favourite), chocolate, sweets,  anything and everything. Knew I had a hiatus hernia and it was starting to protest at what I was eating. I just could not stand the pain I was having every night which kept me awake for hours and realised I had to change my diet.  That's the first piece of cake I have had since early December.  I eat very bland food these days and very small meals.  Feel tons better and have lost 21lb. 


Much as I love the grand daughters I'm not sorry they live too far away for regular duties


Let's just all have a walk into the kitchen open the fridge & cupboards and see there isn't anything yummy to eat..sit down for 10 mins and burns calories off and in the end you go bed and dream about Maltesers...still raining here!


Nut, I don't mind my 8 and 11 year old grandchildren coming round anymore as they are 'self-sufficient'. Granddaughter can do lunch and make tea and coffee.  Lovely jubbly.  Will be here tomorrow, so I can sit and put my feet up and be waited on.


Tina- You're right. When offspring decide to have children it's their choice- not yours. I never had help with mine as my parents were older so never got used to relying on other people and  I feel sorry for the grandparents trailing after young children when they should be getting a bit of time to themselves. A lot of young parents out there  just seem to expect free childminding from their parents not the odd bit of babysitting. I know times are hard but there is an alternative- they could look after them themselves and do without some 'stuff'!!

Kef- no...didn't work...


The potty gardener

Evening all. last night i just about managed to catch up on here then internet stopped working.

Had a lovely day today- daughter over from Quatar. So both sons and I were treated for the day. Got two beautiful hardy Gerbera.

The weather was wonderful Sun and Mon but then poured for most of the day today.

Evening all. a lot of rain here today bet the water butts are filling up more, watched starlings feeding there younger ones cute and fluffy looking on my new feeding area nearer the house and they were fighting over the feeders and I have been doing more seed swapping on the other thread nothing much in garden as too wet.


didn't do a lot today but I did buy a budlea  bush to eventually help out as a wind break (if its two foot now i'm exaggerating. Still a plant that likes neglect and will grow in a crack in concrete. It should do well. Not really much of a fan  of shrubs not tiny ones thats for sure, however I need to do something about the wind and create some shelter


Yawn, yawn , yawn.......long day at work today and got drenched at least twice as it hasn't stopped raining!

Nothing to report gardening wise But just wanted to day 'hello'.

Another long day work wise tomorrow so will trawl through your posts when I get home. 


Poor old Woo.  Your time will come. Hope weather better for you tomorrow.